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Terra Dominguez May 5, 2014 NC-SIS PowerSchool EOY Expectations.

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1 Terra Dominguez May 5, 2014 NC-SIS PowerSchool EOY Expectations

2 Audience LEA / Charter NC-SIS PowerSchool coordinators Tech Directors

3 Purpose Describe End of Year (EOY) Define LEA, DPI and Pearson responsibilities Discuss resources and support Identify next steps Answer questions

4 What is End of Year (EOY)? Function similar to NC WISE that promotes students to the next year school and next year grade at the end of a school year Run at each LEA for all schools Shut-down window similar to NC WISE YET – All PowerSchool instances will be shut-down prior to running EOY in late June and remain unavailable through first week in July

5 More About EOY Three processes that occur at the LEA level –Validation: most reports and clean up can be executed by school staff –EOY: performed on all schools in the LEA at the same time –Post-EOY: most tasks may be completed by school staff Current year (SY 13/14) data must be corrected prior to EOY –EOY will not complete if validation fails If using PowerScheduler, SY 14/15 schedules must be committed prior to EOY (HS, MS) EOY must be run during shut-down window

6 Who Does What? - Responsibility 1.LEA – Validate data 2.LEA – Communicate completion 3.DPI – Verify validation is complete for all LEAs 4.DPI / Pearson – Shut-down (Pearson back-up systems in place) 5.LEA or DPI – Run EOY (this part’s easy) during shut-down 6.DPI / Pearson – Re-connect and initiate PowerSchool Instances (ODS) 7.DPI – Complete year end processes for state’s integrated/dependent systems 8.DPI – Communicate systems up 9.LEA – Begin Post-EOY (SIS review, updates and local system integration)

7 LEA - Validate Begin now Use PowerTools reports (School level, can run for SY 13/14) –Section Enrollment Audit –School Enrollment Audit Also located: Start > Reports (System) Run validations on End-of-Year Process screen –LEA User: DO NOT RUN EOY process until DPI shut-down has been communicated Correct at LEA and school level

8 Read Everything First – End-of-year process Screen Path

9 Validate Only DPI will provide the appropriate entry and exit codes

10 Lather, Rinse, Repeat Begin validation and correction now Continue to run validation and correct data until DPI shut-down window EOY validation tools can be used all year long

11 Validation Support Weekly technical webinars Home Base Support Center (HBSC) available to answer validation questions –Does your technical staff need more help? Log that too Documentation on NC-SIS site Articles on PowerSource –Some articles only accessible to LEA Technical contact

12 LEA - Communicate Respond to DPI survey by Friday, May 9th Provide contact in survey –EOY requires 24/7 LEA contact Be prepared to run EOY by XXXX

13 Integration and Dependency Integrated systems* are dependent on the completion of EOY for all LEAs, however; no LEA may begin EOY function before DPI shut-down communication –ODS (Repository) –CFNC –CECAS –SchoolNet –Open Class –Test Nav –TNL – NCEES *Examples

14 DPI – Verify Validation Check-points will be established to assist LEAs/Charters EOY will not be run until all LEAs/Charters have completed validations LEAs/Charters are encouraged to run EOY –a.k.a. ‘Push the button’

15 LEA / DPI – Run EOY Wait…You want me to ‘Push the Button’? EOY is run after DPI shut-down is communicated LEA encouraged to run EOY –‘Pushing the button’ starts with a drop-down and ends with Submit –In some cases, this may provide LEAs more time for data clean-up If data is correct EOY function will run If process does halt, DPI 24/7 resource available Complete the survey by Friday, May 9 th

16 DPI - Shut-down Window Back-ups taken by Pearson Hosting 24/7 support for DPI from Pearson 24/7 support for LEAs/Charters from DPI More detail pending on when to ‘push the button’ –Large LEAs will begin EOY first

17 Isn’t There More? Yes but we are learning with you so we will update the EOY webpages Tips and Tricks document specific to NC Tuesday Tech webinars DPI can establish meetings for technical staff for in-depth questions

18 DPI – Connect, Complete, Communicate Pearson to re-connect ODS DPI / vendors complete end of year processes for integrated systems Post-EOY validation tasks –Individual contact with LEAs/Charters as needed Communicate completion to state

19 LEA – Begin Post-EOY Post EOY- tasks –System and data review –Integrate local systems if needed First day of SY 14/15 is 6/27/2014

20 Next Steps 1.Review NC-SIS EOY pages for validation procedures and support documents 2.Determine participation – will you ‘push the button’ 3.Begin validation 4.Respond to survey by Friday May 9, 2014 5.Register for weekly Tuesday state-wide Tech Webinars

21 Burning Questions EOY required activities –Optional, Recommended and Required tasks are defined in the support documents Next grade, next school –Students transferring out –Charter Schools –Program Schools Scheduling

22 Thank you Home Base Support Center Available: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Phone: 919-807-4357 Email: (Please do not send an email to this address unless you are a designated school official authorized to submit service desk tickets to Home Base Support Center)

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