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MLA Format MLA.

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1 MLA Format MLA

2 What is MLA? MLA stands for Modern Language Association.
Most common style for writing papers within the liberal arts & humanities (i.e., English) with respect to: Formatting & page layout Stylistic technicalities (quotations, abbreviations) Citing secondary sources Creating the Works Cited page

3 MLA—Why do we need it? MLA makes it easy for your reader to navigate your paper/essay because a universal format is used. MLA standards allows YOU to: Give readers structure so they can follow your ideas and topics. Keep your reader’s attention by not distracting them with unfamiliar formatting. Maintain “neatness in your paper.” Organize secondary sources & prevent plagiarism. Present sources for follow-up.

4 Miss Havisham Introduces the Sections
General Rules & Formatting Paper In-text Citations Works Cited Page From Great Expectations.

5 Basic Guidelines Font: Times New Roman Font Size: 12 point (always)
Margins: 1” on all four sides Title: center of paper Spacing: Double space throughout Page number: upper right hand corner last name followed by page number Title of books: italicized always Paragraph: press TAB button to indent first line of each paragraph by .5” Title pages are forbidden.

6 Page Numbers Click on the Insert Tab in the tool bar.
Find the Header Icon. Choose the 1st choice…blank. Type in your last name.

7 Page Numbers Go back to the Home tab. Right align your name.
Go to Header and Footer Design tab. Click on Page Number icon. Choose current position and then plain number.

8 Formatting/Setting up first page
On the upper left hand corner of the page type: Student’s name Teacher’s name Course name Date *Double space. *From this order, do not stray because…

Charles Dickens

10 Title of Document After setting up the first four lines on the upper left hand side of your paper, press enter and press the center align button. Type the title of your paper. No bold No underline No quotation marks No italics No larger fonts Press enter and tab once to begin typing first paragraph.

11 Your first page 1” Name, Teacher, Class & Date Page # & last name
title Indent 1st line 1” 1” 1” Last sentence is thesis.

12 In-text citations Using Microsoft Word, click on the Reference Tab in the tool bar. Find the Style Option. Choose most current edition of MLA.

13 Insert Citations Using Microsoft Word, click on the Reference tab in the tool bar. Choose Insert Citation. Choose Add New Source.

14 Add New Source Choose the appropriate type of source.
Fill in as much information as possible.

15 Works Cited Page Go to the Insert Tab. Choose Page Break.

16 Works Cited Center Title.  Works Cited Go back to the Reference Tab.
Choose Bibliography. Insert Bibliography (last choice in drop down).

17 BEWARE: MLA FORMAT is a REQUIRMENT in ALL English Classes.
Scrooge from A Christmas Carol

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