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Copyright 2006 South-Western/Thomson Learning Chapter 10 Reports.

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1 Copyright 2006 South-Western/Thomson Learning Chapter 10 Reports

2 Slide 2 Report A document that gives facts, ideas, or opinions about one or more topics Examples –Book report –Article summary –Field trip report Lesson 84 Reports may be written by a group or team

3 Slide 3 Standard Report Report parts –The title tells what the report is about –The body is the paragraphs of the report Formatting –Use default margin settings –Tap ENTER to place the title at about 2 inches from the top –Use Line Spacing 2 (double spacing) Lesson 84

4 Slide 4 Standard Report Lesson 84 Default side margins 2"2" Center title in ALL CAPS Indent paragraphs 0.5"

5 Slide 5 Paragraph Alignment A paragraph is any amount of text keyed before tapping ENTER Paragraph alignment can be set Lesson 84 Align Left CenterAlign Right Justify

6 Slide 6 Line Spacing Feature that sets the amount of space between lines of text Click the Line Spacing button on the Formatting toolbar to change the setting Lesson 84

7 Slide 7 Fonts A font is a style of letters used in documents Select a font name from the font list on the Formatting toolbar Lesson 85

8 Slide 8 Font Size Size is measured in points For most reports and letters, a 12-point font is appropriate Select a font size from the font list on the Formatting toolbar Lesson 85

9 Slide 9 Font Color and Formats Select font color on the Formatting toolbar Lesson 85 Select font effects (bold, underline, italic) on the Formatting toolbar BoldItalicUnderline

10 Slide 10 Header Information that appears at the top of pages Used to display page numbers in reports To insert a header –Choose View on the menu bar –Choose Headers and Footers Lesson 85 Page number in header

11 Slide 11 Footer Information that appears at the bottom of pages To insert a footer –Choose View on the menu bar –Choose Headers and Footers –Click the Switch Between Header and Footer button Lesson 85 Student name in footer

12 Slide 12 Outline Document that gives the main points and subpoints of a subject Helpful in planning and organizing a report Margins and spacing should match the report body Tabs are set to indent outline levels Lesson 86

13 Slide 13 Outline for MLA Report Lesson 86 1" side margins Center title Indent outline levels 1"1" Line Spacing 2

14 Slide 14 Margins Margins are the white space between text and the edge of the page Settings are indicated on the Ruler Default side margins are 1.25" Lesson 86 Right margin marker Left margin marker Click and drag a margin marker to change margins

15 Slide 15 Tabs Tabs are set locations at which text can be placed Default tabs are set every 0.5" on the Ruler Choose Format, Tabs to change settings Lesson 86

16 Slide 16 Spelling Check Feature used to check text for spelling errors Possible errors are highlighted User can ignore or change the word To begin, click the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar Lesson 86

17 Slide 17 MLA Report Lesson 86 All margins 1" Center title Indent paragraphs 0.5" Heading lines Line Spacing 2 Writer’s name and page number in header

18 Slide 18 Report Citations Lesson 87 Notes placed in a report to mark material taken from other sources Include the author’s name and page number of the material in parentheses Long quote In-text citation

19 Slide 19 MLA Works Cited Page Lesson 87 All margins 1" Center title 0.5" hanging indent for paragraphs Line Spacing 2 References are listed on a separate page at the end of the report

20 Slide 20 Hanging Indent Lesson 87 Begins all lines except the first one away from the left margin Choose Format, Paragraphs to set indents Choose Hanging under Special Select 0.5"

21 Slide 21 Lists Lesson 88 Use a bulleted list when items can be in any order Use a numbered list when items should be in a specific order Options for bulleted lists Options for numbered lists

22 Slide 22 Proofreaders’ Marks Lesson 88 Letters and symbols used to mark changes in a document

23 Slide 23 Title Page Lesson 89 Includes these parts –Report title –Subtitle, if needed –Writer’s name –Teacher’s name and course –Current date Supplying More Water by Betsy Pringle Mrs. Helen Roth Environmental Science 23 April 20-- Center all lines Place title about 4" from top of page

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