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BOSNIA Liam and Chet.

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1 BOSNIA Liam and Chet

2 What lies at the root of conflict
The breakup of Yugoslavia led to a conflict between Ethnic tensions between Muslims and Christians led to war The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina mostly populated by Bosniaks (Muslims) and the Army of Republika Srpska (Christians) (Yes its spelled right) This led to two major forces, the ARBiH against the VRS

3 What form does this conflict take?
Religious tension Discrimination State sanctioned Open Violence Ethnic cleansing

4 Spatial Extent

5 How long as there been tension/conflict?
April Septemeber 1995

6 How many people affected
100,000 dead (66% Bosniaks) Up to 50,000 women raped 90% war crimes committed by the Serbs 2.2 million people fled their homes (largest displacement of people in Europe since WWII)

7 Examples of how this conflict presents itself
Another example of Muslim and Christian violence, especially on the part of the Christians Shows how international forces such as the U.N. and NATO intervening can effect the outcome of a conflict Shows how the deterioration of governments can lead to conflict within former countries Shows that borders drawn on paper do not always represent ethnic realities

8 Thanks for Watching 

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