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The Mongol Empire Chapter 12 section 3.

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1 The Mongol Empire Chapter 12 section 3

2 Key Terms Kublai Khan Marco Polo

3 Kublai Khan Becomes Emperor
Armies overwhelmed the Chinese 1279 Had fought invasions of northern nomads First time a foreigner ruled the whole country Founded the Yuan Dynasty

4 Beginning a New Dynasty
Lasted less than a century United chins for first time in 300 years Considered one of the greatest emperors Opened china to more foreign trade Made few changes in culture or government

5 Beginning a New Dynasty
Abandoned the Asian steppes foe China Lived a luxurious life Built new square walled capitol in Beijing Previous Khans ruled from Mongolia Move was for Kublai to mark his mark on China

6 Failure to Conquer Japan
Tried in 1274 and 1281 Sent huge fleets Mongols forced Koreans to build the boats Task almost ruined Korea Second fleet carried 150,000 warriors

7 Failure to Conquer Japan
Largest seaborne invasion prior to World War II Fought for 53 days Typhoon destroyed their navy Kamikaze- divine wind

8 Mongol Rule in China “One can conquer on horseback, but cannot govern on horseback” Few Mongols in China Made use of Chinese officials

9 The Mongols and the Chinese
Little in common with the Chinese Kept separate identity Kept Chines out of the high government jobs Went to Mongols or foreigners Restored Grand Canal and extended it 135 miles

10 The Mongols and the Chinese
Built paved highway 1100 miles Land and water routes provided the North with grain and goods

11 Foreign Trade Increased under Kublai Khan Due to Mongol Peace
Caravans traded silk and porcelain Called the Silk Roads Inventions Gunpowder, compass, playing cards, paper currency

12 Foreign Trade Invited foreigners merchants to China
Most were Muslims from India European traders and travelers Christian missionaries

13 Marco Polo at the Mongol Court
Venetian trader Most famous visitor Traveled by caravan with his uncles Khan sent him on government missions Served Khan for 17 years Left China 1292

14 Marco Polo at the Mongol Court
Polo was captured during a war Told his story in prison Spoke of china’s cities of coal (burning black stones) Recorded workings of Kublai Khan’s government

15 The End of Mongol Rule Tried to expand empire Suffered defeats
Heavy spending on public works, luxuries burdened the treasury Created resentment from overtaxed Chinese

16 Yuan Dynasty Overthrown
Khan died in 1294 Four different rulers in 8 years Rebellions broke out Fueled by famine, flood, and disease 1368 Chinese rebels overthrew the Mongols

17 Decline of the Mongol Empire
Entire Mongol empire disintegrated Ilkhanate in Persia fell apart in 1330’s Chagatai rule central Asia till 1370 Golden Horde ruled Russia for 250 years Ivan freed Russia in 1480

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