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CEO Board Governance Skills Presented by: David Smith Executive Vice President DHR International.

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1 CEO Board Governance Skills Presented by: David Smith Executive Vice President DHR International

2 Boards want a CEO who will: Build channels of information flow between all stakeholder groups. Provide unfiltered feedback to the board. Plan for future business and leadership succession. Establish “trust-based” board relationships by: o Keeping the board informed - a successful downtown CEO must keep the board informed to insure that the board is not surprised. o Plans effective board meetings and, executes board directives.

3 Board Leadership Functional Expectations: Build open channels of information flow and effective relationships with the board and individual board members. Respond to and follows through on requests and directives of the board. Anticipate questions and needs of the board. Listen to opinions of board members and helps develop consensus and forward movement.

4 Board Leadership Functional Expectations: Accountable to the board; readily admits own mistakes and shortcomings, and offers ways to address improvements. Respectfully challenges the board if it moves from governance to management matters. Use consultative selling strategies to raise funds for private economic development organizations. Provide respectful and thoughtful feedback to the board to improve its performance. Look ahead and plans for the future succession of leadership.

5 Leadership Dimensions: Managing People and Performance –Manages people to help them achieve full potential and to attain exceptional individual and team performance. Leading and Directing – Inspires and leads through clear vision and directions, organizing and enabling resources and making critical decisions. Managing and Leveraging Relationships – Invest in relationships to successfully influence and build shared goals and achieve optimal organizational solutions and results. Communication and Presenting – Shares ideas and information across diverse audiences and entities to drive organizational performance and effectiveness. Strategic Thinking – Attuned to changing dynamics facing the organization; leverages sharp organizational acumen to develop opportunities and strategies for organizational success. Analyzing and Deciding/Problem Solving – Makes sound rational decisions by thoroughly analyzing all aspects of a problem or issue.

6 Leadership Dimensions: Planning and Organizing – Plans and organizes detailed course of action that ensures successful accomplishment of organizational initiatives and objectives. Executing for Results – Drives performance through expert management and execution of organizational plans and activities. Fostering Innovation and Change – Embraces and promotes innovation and change as a way to enhance personal, team and organizational effectiveness. Maintaining Self Awareness and Impact – Maintains objectivity about own self; manages impact of self on others, and actively learns from experience to maximize positive impact. Achievement Focus – Strive to reach challenging work and career goals. Adapting to Change and Stress – Adapts and responds well to change; manages pressure effectively and copes well with setbacks. Upholding Standards – Consistently adheres to and upholds clear professional and ethical standards that complement those of the organization.

7 Descriptors that portray successful Downtown CEOs: Conceptually thinking about best use of time and resources Proficient originating new ideas and concepts Comfortable taking a strong position and defending it Comfortable sharing viewpoint and persuading others Maintaining accurate perception of priorities & managing time efficiently

8 Descriptors that portray successful Downtown CEOs: Doing the right thing without direction from others Having strong desire to compete Willing to set challenging goals & objectives Stepping up and taking charge of situations Independent thinking, may be questioning of directives from others Oriented toward big picture thinking vs. details

9 DHR and Downtowns: DHR is a proud sponsor of the IDA’s 58 th Annual Conference DHR has been IDA’s “Preferred Provider” of executive search services since 2004 DHR’s downtown search engagements have included: o The International Downtown Association (President & CEO) - Cedar Rapids, IA – Cleveland, OH – Des Moines, IA – Fort Wayne, IN – Grand Rapids, MI – Indianapolis, IN – Louisville, KY – Memphis, TN – Orlando, FL – Phoenix, AZ – Pittsburgh, PA – Roanoke, VA – St. Louis, MO – Toronto, Ontario (Canada) – Wichita, KS To request a free copy of DHR’s Top Performing Downtown CEO’s Study please contact: David P. Smith, Executive Vice President and Economic Development Sector Leader DHR International Two Gateway Center, Suite 1350 603 Stanwix Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222 T: 412-261-1492, ext. 16 F: 412-261-1702 C: 412-498-3703

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