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BBA Electives 2010 - 2011 Management & Organizations Department.

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1 BBA Electives 2010 - 2011 Management & Organizations Department

2 Maximizing Success in an Unstable World Marshall Goldsmith Leadershi p Odyssey coming August, 2010 Other Leadership Opportunities MO Electives Build on the RLI Workshops

3 MO Electives: Building Your Leadership Capability We teach the courses that recruiters seek in candidates: ~Interpersonal skills, Teamwork, Achieving culture fit  Leadership –Create: Visualize the Future –Collaborate: Build Relationships –Control: Structure the Process –Complete: Focus Followers Courses are experiential, action-based, and practice oriented; preparing you to lead in a global economy!

4 MO Electives: Faculty World class experts The Ross MO department consistently rated within top 3 management-leadership departments in the world! Caproni Teams Wooten Managing Human Capital Spreitzer Managing Change Baker Managing Relationships Mayer Leadership

5 MO 314: Managing Change Professor Gretchen Spreitzer This course develops the skills you will need for leading and thriving amidst change  Addresses both personal and organizational change  Leverages key skills in change management  Multimedia: video, cases, exercises, simulations, discussions, guest speakers  Final project on inspiring change agents  Excellent ratings To learn more: 5

6 MO 315 – Managing Human Capital Professor Lynn Wooten Learning Objectives  This course exposes students to the “big picture” that captures the intersection of human resource management (HRM) and the organization’s strategy.  Students will be introduced to the “core competency” areas necessary to become successful managers of human capital.  Students learn the functional tools (HR practices) as well as the broader role of HR as a strategic business partners in organizations. Course Innovations  Group Project: Video Case Study of Human Capital Management in Action  Group Project: Creation of Podcast Interviews of Human Resource Management executives  Creation of individual E- Portfolio to manage personal human capital

7 MO 324: Managing Professional Relationships Professor Wayne Baker Topics include… Building high-quality connections Dealing with corrosive connections Mapping & building your network Applying the pay-it-forward principle Using social media & social networking sites Achieving your goals depends on your social capital (resources you get through your networks) and your human capital (what you know) Benefits of building the right network… Find great jobs Higher pay, faster promotions Discover business opportunities Get venture capital Create, capitalize on new ideas Happiness & health Team challenge: Use Pay It Forward to Create Change!

8 MO 321: Leadership in Organizations Professor Dave Mayer Learning Objectives  Increase your conceptual understanding of leadership in organizations  Discover important insights into yourself as a leader and develop a self- awareness regarding your strengths and opportunities for personal growth  Enhance the skills and competencies that enable you to become an effective leader in today’s highly dynamic, diverse, and adaptive organizations  Realize that leading is about bettering yourself and others Why Would You Want to Take This Course?  You lead people now or will in the future and this class will help you become more effective.  Recruiters from top companies lament that they are looking for great leaders but that they are hard to find—so this class will help in terms of finding a job and moving up once you have one!  The class is fun as we use a combination of group work, discussion, cases, and videos—students often comment how quickly class time moves by and how much better they know themselves by the end of the term! 8

9 MO/Strategy 470: Management of Professional Service Firms Professor Lynn Wooten Learning Objectives  Knowledge, service, and experience are a critical component of a company’s competitive advantage. Professional service firms, such as consulting, provide organizations with an important means of developing, acquiring and processing the know-how for competitive advantage.  Professional service firms are strategic weapons that companies rely upon in a world characterized by globalization, organizational change, outsourcing, technological change, strategic consolidations, and hyper-competition.  Thus, this course will introduce you to the art, practice, and analytical skills of consulting in a professional service firm. Course Innovations  Stratsim Simulation: Student teams manage a professional service firm and give an automotive manufacturer consulting advice.  Target Consulting Project: Students work on a consulting project for Target as an action based learning experience.

10 M&O BBA Elective Offerings Course Descriptions: (note that the actual course schedule for the 2009-2010 academic year may change – confirm offerings pre-bidding and look for new opportunities) Please visit for more information on our BBA electives.

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