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Clover Park School District Board of Directors 1.

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1 Clover Park School District Board of Directors 1

2 Functions of Board The boards number one objective is to represent the educational needs of each child in the district. To hire the superintendent and conduct annual assessments Adopts the districts budget and monitors its fiscal soundness. School board members are policy makers who set district strategy and long term goals and objectives. 2

3 Functions of Board School board members are directors. The heart of the boards work is providing direction to the Superintendent regarding board goals and priorities for the district. The board governs the district---it does not operate it. The boards function is that of representing the values of the communitythe beliefs, vision, priorities, and policiesby which the education system operates. Board members serve as a link between the district and community. 3

4 Functions of Board As a group of elected officials, the Board of Directors is primarily responsible for setting direction, establishing policy and responding to the community in the area of governance. School board members work together to balance the education wishes and desires of the community with the resources, strategies, and timeframes necessary to implement them. School board members maintain written governing policies describing big picture issues such as board process, board and superintendent authority, district benefits, and outcomes measured in terms of cost vs. effect. 4

5 Functions of Board The function of the board is to represent the community in determining the polices and priorities by which the district operates. The boards function is that of representing the values of the communitythe beliefs, vision, priorities, and policiesby which the education system operates. 5

6 Functions of Board Conduct regular board self-assessments. Participate in professional development. Attendance to regular board meetings, agenda reviews, state, and national conferences. Adhere to board standard operating procedures. 6

7 Standard Operating Procedures To function as a team: Make decisions as a team; Strive to minimize surprises the team at board meetings with unexpected agenda items; Agree that the spokesperson for the team shall be the President. To be professional in our conduct: Courtesy and respect toward all is modeled; Confidentiality is a legal responsibility; Differences are expected; cooperation promoted; The reputation of the district is protected; The chain of command is honored; Accountability is expected; Ongoing professional development is encouraged; and WSSDA governance codes followed. 7

8 Board Goals and Priorities The following originated from listening to our community Goals Improve Student Achievement in Elementary and Secondary Schools; Engage Parents and Other Community Stakeholders; Communicate Fiscal Responsibility and Effective Resource Stewardship; Emphasize Student Conduct to Create a Supportive Learning Environment for Students and Employees; and Improve Staff Retention, Recruitment and Performance Priorities Student Achievement ; Secondary Schools; Community Engagement; Supportive Learning Environment/Student Conduct; and Communication/Public Relations. 8

9 Role of Board President Facilitate board directives into action. Ensure board goals and priorities are addressed. Know Parliamentary procedures. Lead board meetings in an effective and orderly manner. Maintain priority leadership focus. Help board focus upon values and priorities Ensure board policies are carried out. Collaborate with Superintendent. Keep board priorities before Superintendent and keep board informed on interactions with Superintendent. 9

10 Role of Board President Understand all issues before the school board takes action. Ensure board understanding. Uphold Board Standard Operating Procedures Including governance laws and principles. Remain aware of board dynamics and work to ensure a spirit of collaboration and unity. Help board to work as one voice. Prepare effective meeting agendas Ensure that meeting agendas are collective agendas and not individual agendas. Manage meeting time. 10

11 Role of Board President Lead board in annual priority evaluations and align board work with goals and outcomes Ensure alignment with board priorities, goals and district actions and outcomes. Lead board in self-evaluation. A formal evaluation should occur annually. Ensure that regular superintendent evaluations take place. Lead board to update policies as needed. Establish balance between appropriate school board oversight and inappropriate micromanagement. 11

12 Role of Board President Provide vision. Ensure that the school board is future-focused is moving in a unified direction. Ensure that district work and school board goals are in alignment and focus on student achievement. Ensure that the school board is responsive to all stakeholders and timely feedback is given. Promote high achievement for all students. Ensure that all school board members are involved in the work and vision of the board. 12

13 Role of Vice President Fulfill the responsibilities of the board president when the president is absent. Lead school board in conducting superintendent evaluations. Lead board in conducting superintendent search when needed. 13

14 Role of Legislative Rep Represent board at legislative meetings: WSSDA/WASA Legislative Conference in Olympia (February) WSSDA Legislative Assembly in Wenatchee WA. (September) Represent board at impact aid meeting (at minimum once annually): National Association of Federally Impacted Schools (Spring & Fall) Fulfill role of board president when both president and vice president are unavailable. 14

15 The Board Pledge The board of directors pledges to devote its full energies to its unique governance responsibilities and create an environment in which the superintendent and employees of the district know and understand what the community expects of them and vigorously pursue those expectations to the very best of their abilities. 15

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