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PCD Objective 2.02 Safety Practices Guidelines for parents or caregivers to follow.

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1 PCD Objective 2.02 Safety Practices Guidelines for parents or caregivers to follow

2 Fill in the blank Use handout to fill in your answers.

3 What kind of safety practices do you think parents need to teach their children? Physical safety, protecting children from unacceptable content, and stranger awareness.

4 What is physical safety? Being free from bodily harm.

5 Know where children are, and with whom, at all times. Teach young children their: Names Addresses Telephone #’s As well as the first and last name of their parents or caregivers. Never leave a young child alone EVEN for a short period of time. Have a recent photo of the child. Photos should be taken every few months, noting the child’s ht./wt. on the back. Help me think of facts you would teach your child about physical safety to protect them?

6 Have a specific meeting place if separated. Can you think of other guidelines?

7 Physical Safety Guidelines Never give any information over the phone especially name/address OR indicate HOME ALONE! KEEP DOORS LOCKED!! You may want to role play with children Only admit people you know or who is authorized. Police, fireman Don’t drop older children off alone at public places such as malls, arcades, or parks. Teach child about the dangers of sexual abuse.

8 Role play example…. Child: (knock, knock) “Who’s there? Stranger: “My name is John and I work with your dad, is he home?” Child: “No, but he is on his way back home, you can come in and wait for him.” WRONG!!!!!

9 Role play example…. Child: (Knock, knock) “Who’s there?” Stranger: “My name is John and I work with your dad, is he home?” Child: “He can’t come to the door right now, come back at another time.” YES!!!! MUCH BETTER!!!!

10 Physical Safety con’t... Talk to your kids about: Good touches Pat on the back Hand shake Hugs (only if they feel comfortable hugging back) Bad touches Any touch where children feel uncomfortable Private areas Talk about situation Encourage child to communicate if they have been in an uncomfortable situation Tell children they have the right to determine who can and cannot touch their bodies

11 Why should your child never give out personal information on the phone or to people on the street? For the child’s personal safety at home and his/her identification Physical Safety

12 REVIEW: WHY should I NOT drop my 13 year old child off alone at the movies this afternoon??? For the child’s personal safety Kidnapped Raped Injured Or WORSE

13 What comes to mind when you hear this statement? “Protecting children from unacceptable content?” Protection from: Media Internet TV programs NOT suitable for children

14 Here’s the FACTS!!!! According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, children are more likely to be online than adults. Personal computers are NO longer the only method used for accessing the Internet. Children can go online from personal cell phone’s, and other handheld devises. There are no censors on the Internet. Unless you monitor your child’s every MOVE! It’s up to individuals to make sure they behave in a way that's safe and appropriate.

15 As a parent, what guidelines would you have for your child watching television? Teach children critical viewing skills: Helps distinguish fact from fantasy and good from bad. Monitor child’s viewing. Restrict TV shows or movies with violence or materials not appropriate for a young child’s level of development. Watch TV with your child and discuss what they are seeing. REMINDER TO PARENTS: Spending a lot of time watching television causes children to miss out on other experiences Forming relationships with friends Getting exercise Using their imagination

16 Never accept car ride from stranger OR enter anyone’s home without parental approval. Lost/scared: Instruct them to find a mom, which generally means someone with a stroller or with a child. OR SCREAM, “FIRE!” Most people respond to this statement the fastest! Remind your children you will NEVER ask someone to pick them up without telling them first. How does a parent teach a child about strangers?

17 Review Discuss important facts about these safety practices: Physical safety Protecting children from undesirable content Stranger awareness

18 Teach your child safety practices so they can live a LONG, SAFE, and SECURE LIFE!!!!!

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