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Babysitting Safety How to Stay Safe While Caring For Others.

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1 Babysitting Safety How to Stay Safe While Caring For Others

2 Its YOUR responsibility Babysitting is a job that carries a large responsibility. DO NOT treat babysitting as just a way to earn money. Approach the job with a mature and responsible attitude.

3 Helpful Babysitting Hints It would be a good idea to take the following courses: Babysitting course (young people ages 11 years and older) First Aid/CPR course

4 Helpful Babysitting Hints…Contd Clearly state your availability, experience and the pay you consider to be fair Get specific information such as the parents names, address and phone number and references if you can. Write down all the information to avoid confusion or misunderstandings Check with your parents for their opinions on the people and the job.

5 DO NOT… Accept a job if you dont know the person calling – ask who recommended you… then check back. Ask your parents for their opinion, check the references (who recommended you to them) If in doubt, refuse. If you advertise on bulletin boards. It may solicit unwanted responses.

6 Precautions to take when babysitting Check all windows and lock all doors Do not admit anyone without prior permission from your employer Never admit on the telephone or at the door that you are the babysitter

7 What to do if a fire starts Get the children out of the home and call 9-1-1 Do not re-enter the home Keep close watch on the children so that they do not try and re-enter the home. Contact the home owner

8 Prevent Accidents Pick up toys left on the stairs, in hall or other pathways Be alert to possible child hazards (medicines in bathroom, dangerous utensils, electrical outlets)

9 Prevent Accidents…Contd Check frequently on children while they are playing Do not operate appliances or equipment, unless permission was given by your employer.

10 Street Smart If someone invites you and the children into their home or car ALWAYS say NO, unless your employer has given you permission. Do not take the children to secluded parks, woods, parking lots, or even school yards at anytime, particularly late afternoon or evening.

11 Attending after School Activities Plan the best route with your employer, avoiding unsafe/dangerous places. Stay on that route and identify your neighbourhood safe houses, businesses, or stores you can go to in an emergency.

12 Attending After School Activities… Contd Always listen to your instincts, that little voice inside that tells you when something does not feel quite right.

13 Required Information List A number where your employer can be reached The childrens routes to and from school Neighbours or friends phone numbers Emergency numbers: Poison Information Center, Police, Fire Department, and Ambulance

14 Required Information List… Contd Location of the childrens health cards Medical Background for each child: allergies, epileptic seizures, etc

15 If you were in trouble, whom would you choose to help you? Police Officer Firefighter Paramedics Neighbours Teacher Uniformed Bus Driver Store Clerks

16 While babysitting, DO NOT… Eat any food unless you have permission Open closets or drawers or read personal letters open to view Allow friends to visit you while youre babysitting Make prolonged personal phone calls

17 Information You Should Have While on the Job Leave a note with your parents as to the time you will be expected home & the phone number and address of the home you are at Ensure you have specific instructions for handling incoming calls – NEVER tell anyone who calls or visits that you are alone Know where your employer can be reached

18 Every babysitting assignment should be carefully planned to ensure the safety and well being of both child and babysitter.

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