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Cultural Tourism The Tourist as your Customer Kevin Kidney, Fáilte Ireland.

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1 Cultural Tourism The Tourist as your Customer Kevin Kidney, Fáilte Ireland

2 The Tourism Agencies Responsibilities: Supporting the tourism industry. Developing the tourism experience in Ireland. Domestic marketing. Responsibilities: Marketing and promotion of the island of Ireland overseas. Cultural Insights Initiative 2011

3 Tourism Facts 2009 and 2010 (f) 20092010 (f) Out-of-State Visitors (000s)6,5555,865 Foreign Earnings (€m)3,8793,412 Domestic Trips (000s)8,3408,000 Domestic Revenue (€m)1,3901,251 Total Tourism Earnings5,2694,663

4 Tourism Numbers 2006 – 2010(p) Where did Ireland's tourists come from? Numbers (000s) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010p Britain 3,821 3,776 3,579 3,031 2,706 Mainland Europe 2,252 2,577 2,561 2,327 1,985 Germany 417 436 456 408 368 France 360 394 412 390 332 Italy 248 265 232 276 215 Spain 198 249 243 256 214 Other Europe 1,030 1,232 1,218 996 856 North America 1,034 1,071 953 892 853 Rest of World 310 316 343 306 322 Total Overseas 7,417 7,739 7,436 6,555 5,865 Domestic Trips 7,310 7,942 8,339 8,340 8,000

5 The Role of Culture in Irish Tourism 2.9 million overseas visitors partook in cultural activities whilst in Ireland in 2010 with Mainland Europe accounting for 43% of this figure Cultural Insights Initiative 2011

6 Overseas Visitors (000s) Any cultural pursuit (historical/cultural visits/gardens/festivals/events/ genealogy) 2,900 Visitors to places of cultural/historical interest (historic houses/castles/monuments/heritage/ interpretive centres/museums/art galleries) 2,752 Attending festivals/events (arts/music/heritage/garden/sport/agriculture/ educational/food) 433 Overseas Visitors Engaging in Cultural Pursuits 2010 Source: Fáilte Ireland Survey of Overseas Travellers

7 Overseas Holiday Visitors 2010 Visiting : Source: Fáilte Ireland Survey of Overseas Travellers

8 Average Length of Stay Overseas Holiday-Makers Source: Fáilte Ireland Survey of Overseas Travellers

9 Global Perspective Cultural Tourism…. Accounts for 35-40% of all tourism worldwide (WTO) Growing at rate of 15% per annum – 3 times rate of general tourism It’s a generalist not a specialist activity Can provide context for other activities / products Visitors want innovative ways of accessing Culture & Heritage Looking for broad, themed & authentic experiences Move from observation based to more embracing and participatory experiences

10 Culture and Heritage The Irish Perspective Key differentiator & a unique element of the Irish experience Regularly cited in top 3 distinguishing factors (USPs) for Ireland (FI Visitor Attitudes Survey) Over 2 in every 3 holiday-makers visits a Cultural or Heritage site during their stay Closely aligned with Tourism Ireland’s broad destination message

11 Cultural tourists tend to: - Be highly educated - Stay longer and spend more - Be considered more ‘recession proof’ than other tourists - Be increasingly interested in learning while on holiday

12 3 key cohorts of Culture & Heritage tourists Inspired Incidental Motivated I have a strong interest in culture and sightseeing and a large part of my holiday is spent exploring cultural opportunities My holiday is built around a specific cultural element for example a Christian Heritage or garden tour I come into contact with cultural or heritage related experiences by accident without any advance planning Motivation

13 Overseas - Heritage Associations Heritage

14 Overseas - Cultural Associations Culture

15 Key Issues Lack of Awareness Ease of Accessibility Customer Experience Coherent product offering

16 The Challenge Offer Tourists better experience on the ground Increase number of tourists visiting Ireland by leveraging culture and heritage offering

17 Priorities Ensure high quality experience (both tangible and intangible elements) Support the communication of the ‘Brand Ireland’ message – raise awareness Develop industry skills set Interpretation, bringing experience to life Insights – bench-marking, best practice, monitoring and measurement Innovation in the offering, particularly in technologies

18 Communications Examine your business Set targets (customers and revenue) Set pricing – be clear about value Work with partners – tour operators, accommodation, packages Develop and optimise website Targeted PR / media campaign – tell a story Organise Events Talk to your customers Monitoring and measurement

19 So what can we do to help YOU!

20 Heritage Fund Publicity & Promotion Enhanced Internet Presence Cultural Insights Programme Business Supports 2011 Practical Help Animation Fund

21 Some useful links


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