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The Wild Side of Scotland Caroline Warburton Manager, Wild Scotland.

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1 The Wild Side of Scotland Caroline Warburton Manager, Wild Scotland



4 WHAT’S IN A NAME? Activity Tourism Adventure Tourism Ecotourism Nature Tourism Nature-Based Tourism Outdoor Activities Wildlife Tourism

5 Survey of 128 adventure travel companies in 2007 Top 5 activities offered by adventure travel companies were: (quoted in ATTA, 2009) DEFINING ADVENTURE TOURISM Hiking/walking (81%) Cultural activities (68%) Trekking (55%) Wildlife/Nature (54%) National Parks (53%)

6 6 “Today’s adventure traveller seeks experiences beyond high- adrenaline sports. Adventure provides a mix of activities that enable authentic, un-manufactured experiences.” Adventure Travel Trade Association definition: “any trip that has 2 out of the 3 aspects: –physical activity, –interaction with nature, –cultural learning/exchange ” Adventure travel not just “young & physical” Higher importance on: exploring new places, enjoying nature, meeting and engaging with local cultures. DEFINING ADVENTURE TOURISM

7 Most relevant to the adventure tourism sector (including Scotland) are: Walking/Climbing: mountain walks/treks, shorter walks, long distance trails, rock climbing & mountaineering Cycling/Biking: cycle touring & mountain-biking River Activities: canoeing, kayaking, rafting & canyoning Marine Activities: sailing, kayaking, surfing & diving Wildlife/Nature Watching: boat and vehicle excursions & walking Snow Activities: skiing, snowboard, ski-touring, snow- shoeing, ice-climbing

8 THE VALUE OF OUTDOOR TOURISM ACTIVITIES Holiday trips (Thousands) Spend (£m)Avg spend per trip Walking1798520£289 Watching wildlife429159£371 Adventure sports25366£264 Mountain biking9814£142 UK Visitor Activities undertaken in Scotland 2008

9 A BROADENING MARKET Growing interest in adventure: 200% increase in adventure / eco-friendly / ethical holiday (You Gov). Changing motivations: focus on ‘experiences’ not just ‘collecting’ views. –Like to explore new places, enjoy nature, engage with local cultures –“Want to be” with aspirations to fulfil Broader market: not just rich, young, male and single! –Gen Y + Gen X (incl. single professionals, particularly females) –Baby Boomer (inquisitive 50+ males and females) –Affluent active families –Overseas visitors

10 UK Market Affluent Southern Explorers (W1): ‘outdoor activities and golf’ Young Domestic Explorers (W2): ‘like to be active on holiday’ Mature Devotees (W3): ‘tour and watch wildlife from car’ Affluent Active Devotees (W4): ‘active pursuits’ Overseas Markets France: walking/hiking Germany: walking/hiking The Netherlands: exploring the scenery and walking Spain: exploring scenery and walking Sweden: exploring scenery and walking Italy: exploring the scenery VISITSCOTLAND SEGMENTATION

11 People are increasingly looking for: –Ease of booking (online) –Shorter booking period –Access to information / local knowledge –Sustainability (green travel) –Packaging of activities –Reassurance on safety issues –Meeting like minded people / sharing an experience –Acceptable and safe solo travel –Adventure by night, comfort by day MEETING EXPECTATIONS Adventure = Challenge (physical, intellectual or spiritual) Authenticity / Unique or Unusual / Memorable

12 To make Scotland a destination of first choice for Adventure Travel Adventure Travel: The Opportunity

13 1.Internationally Recognised Scenery and Iconic Wildlife 2.Broad Range of Experiences Available Across the Country 3.Access all Areas 4.Professionalism of Guides 5.Unique Culture and History Scotland’s Strengths

14 So, What Do We Do Now? 1.Build on What We Have 2.Speak with One Voice 3.Collaboration & Co-ordination 4.Get The Industry Engaged: Year of Active / ATWS 2011

15 WILD SCOTLAND Scottish Wildlife & Nature Tourism Operators Assoc. Est. 2003 Scottish Activity Providers Assoc. Est. 1987 SCOTTISH WILDLIFE & ADVENTURE TOURISM OPERATORS ASSOC.

16 Scottish Wildlife & Adventure Tourism Operators Association

17 WHAT WE DO Trade association for the wildlife and adventure tourism sector Raise the profile of Scotland’s adventure and wildlife tourism sector Assist the sector to deliver a quality experience Support & encourage professional & responsible tourism Speak for the sector with one voice

18 WILD SCOTLAND’S ROLE Single point of contact Ear to the ground Collective opportunities for businesses Champion sustainable tourism / best practice Liaison with public agencies & industry groups National representation Recognition as a credible industry

19 To make Scotland a destination of first choice for Adventure Travel Adventure Travel: The Opportunity

20 Wild Scotland The Wild Side of Scotland

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