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P4 - explain how internal and external factors affect UK

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1 P4 - explain how internal and external factors affect UK
Unit 3 P4 - explain how internal and external factors affect UK inbound and domestic tourism

2 Connector Working in pairs discuss the following:
Why do you think tourists from Spain stay less time in the UK than tourists from New Zealand?

3 Objectives To understand key factors affecting the UK inbound and domestic tourism markets. To identify the difference between internal and external factors

4 Big Picture You will be introduced to the information that you need to get obtain P4, including how statistics are analysed and used.

5 In order to understand the size and scale of UK inbound and domestic tourism, every year the figures for the number of tourists arriving and the amount of revenue they generate are recorded and studied carefully by both the government and the travel and tourism industry. These figures are then compared to the statistical data for previous years to determine the trends in the market and to plan for the future

6 It is important to be able to interpret statistics accurately, establish their meaning and implications, and explore the reasons behind the trends to form conclusions on the basis of this evidence. The reasons for these trends can be caused by a wide range of factors that can affect tourism, either to encourage or discourage inbound and domestic tourists.

7 Confusing!?? OK so lets break it down so that you all understand

8 Activities Using your text books make brief notes on the following:
Length of stay Generating countries and regions Volume and value of inbound and domestic tourism Frequency of visits

9 Don’t forget! For every piece of information in your text book you will be able to find more up to date information for 2011. Make sure whenever you use statistics they are the most up to date available

10 Factors affecting the tourism market

11 Factors internal to the UK
There are a number of significant trends that are having an impact on domestic tourism. There is a strong trend towards spending money on wellbeing, including travel and tourism. You should check statistics for this!

12 Health, safety and security within the UK
The UK has expert health and safety laws so tourists can expect to be as safe, or even safer than in their home countries. You should check the Metropolitan Police Service and the Foreign Commonwealth Office websites for up to date advice for tourists.

13 Accessibility The introduction of the low cost airline has brought new routes from all over Europe. This is also beneficial when a country becomes a new member. Low cost airfares mean that the UK is more accessible for visitors from all over the world.

14 Marketing Campaigns There are many organisations responsible for marketing the UK such as Visit Britain, you should check their websites to see what is going on with their up to date campaigns.

15 Availability of products and services
Tourism in the UK subject to seasonal trends and prices vary at different times of the year. Hotel and transport prices are higher during the summer and at Christmas time. During this time rooms are less likely to be available and tourists should book ahead.

16 Quality of goods and services
Consumers these days care a lot more about the quality of the products and services they spend their money on. VisitBritain now only markets accommodation that has been quality assessed, which means it has met certain standards.

17 Factors external to the UK

18 Economic recession Economic recession in the UK and/or tourist generating countries The success of the economy depends on the amount of money that tourists spend when they get into the UK. That is why the amount of money the visitors from each country spend is measured as well as the arrivals. The recession will also have an impact on the amount of tourists travelling

19 Exchange rate The exchange rate continues to have an influence on the number of tourists to a region. You should mention the rate of the Euro – it is putting UK outbound tourists off going to Europe but Inbound tourists are getting more for their money, how is this affecting the number of tourists?

20 Travel restrictions Security related issues
People travelling by air now have a restriction on the amount of liquid they can carry in their hand luggage. What are the amounts and why is this important?

21 Customs and excise restrictions
Relate to the amount of alcohol, tobacco and gifts that you can bring into a country. Leaflets are provided for tourists who should check they are not breaking the law. What are the limits?

22 Immigration restrictions
In 2005 when many new countries joined the EU it changed immigration restrictions for residents of these EU countries – they are now free to travel without restriction. This has increased the about of Inbound visitors from Europe to the UK. By how much?

23 Emergence of new markets
You should be aware of and mention in your presentations that the UK has ‘approved destination status’ for tourists from China. What impact has this had, what steps are being made to increase the amount of Chinese tourists?

24 Competition from other destinations
The UK has to make itself more appealing to the rest of the world than other countries. How does the UK market itself to attract these tourists?

25 Effects Changes in visitor numbers Length of stay
Volume and value of inbound and domestic tourism Frequency of visits Generating countries and regions

26 What to do The effects must be explained, for example how terrorist activities can result in disinclination to travel, cancelled holidays and consequently changes in visitor numbers. You should use hard evidence in the form of recent statistical data (i.e. over the last five years) to support their explanations of the effect of at least five different factors on inbound and/or domestic tourism.

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