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Tourism in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK)

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2 Tourism in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK)

3 UK’s position in World Markets UK is world no. 6 destination after US, Italy, France, Germany and Spain in terms of £ also below China in terms of arrivals lower growth rate than rivals in recent years –tourism 4% of GDP –5% of the workforce UK is world no. 4 source country after US, Germany and Japan UK tourist spend abroad 25% up 2000-2004 –Balance of payments deficit in tourism £17bn

4 Incoming Tourism Top five markets 2004 (1998) visitors m spending £bn –USA3.6(3.9) £2.4 (2.5)bn –France3.2 (3.2) £0.8 (£0.7) –Germany 2.9 (2.8) £0.7 (0.9) –Ireland2.5 (2.1) £0.7 –Netherlands1.6 (1.6)£0.6 Total27.8 (25.4)m£13(£12.5)bn Recovered after several years of decline

5 The issues for British Tourism VisitBritain report Sophisticated and well informed customers Distribution shifting to the internet Aspirations of the regions - brand confusion Weaknesses after FMD, 9:11 Proliferation of quality competition Changing short-break market due to budget airlines

6 The role of the NTO How do you market a product you don’t own? Theming and branding Promotion –Tourist promotion & information Facilitation of exchanges (Middleton) Distribution –between elements of the industry –Joint marketing campaigns Quality control and assuranceProduct training, advice and research Infrastructural improvements –Flagship projects –grants and subsidies Morgan 1996

7 VisitBritain New National Tourism Marketing body Strategic policies –price competitiveness –sustainability –partnerships and communication –quality of welcome Engage public and private stakeholders in the marketing of Britain

8 Stakeholders: Collaborative Marketing Government (Dept of Culture Media Sport) Industry representative bodies Scottish Parliament Visit Scotland 9 English Regional Tourist Boards Tourism Alliance  British Tourism Development Committee  UKinbound  British Hospitality Association Film Industry Visit Britain Diplomatic services British Council

9 Destination Image Specific Attributes Holistic image Unique Common Push factors: personal needs & motives for travel Pull factors: attractions of the destination Crompton 1979 Echtner and Ritchie (1991)


11 Marketing Strategy 27 target countries with offices Segmented by key markets, for example:

12 Sources Visit Britain: : more detailed figures on tourism in UK Travel Trends 2004 - figures for outbound tourism – Destination branding (2001) Morgan, Pritchard and Pryde Crompton, J. (1979). Motivation for pleasure vacations. Journal of Tourism Research, 6 (4) 408-429 Echtner, Charlotte M., and J. R. Brent Ritchie (1991). The Meaning and Measurement of Destination Image. Journal of Tourism Studies,2 (2): 2–12. Middleton, V (1994)Marketing for Travel and Tourism Morgan M (1996) Marketing for Leisure and Tourism

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