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Besnike,Federica,Valeria,Gabriele G.

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1 Besnike,Federica,Valeria,Gabriele G.
Sweden Besnike,Federica,Valeria,Gabriele G.

2 Where is Sweden? Sweden is in Northern Europe
and it is in the northern hemisphere.  Sweden is the third-largest country in the European Union by area, with a total population of about 9.6 million.

3 Borders Sweden borders with Norway to the west, Finland to the north east, the …. Sea and the… Sea to the east and to the south-west.

4 General data The population density is 21.5km.
You can find the following information in your Geography book and the pictures on the web. The flag of sweden has got a yellow cros and a blue background. The capital city is Stockholm. It has got 9,658,301 inhabitants. The total area is 449,964 km2. The population density is 21.5km. Swedish people are muslim, catholic, protestant, orthodox, and lutheran. Is it part of the EU? Currency. (WHO IS THIS MAN IN THE PHOTO?)

5 Physical aspect Insert a pysical map and describe Sweden.
Some words to help you: Nouns: mountain, plain, coast, range, river, island, peninsula, hill, lake. Adjectives: high, low, large, mountainous, hilly, rocky

6 Landscape Draw two pie charts with the following data:
mountains 29%, plains 36%, hills 35 % Agricultural land 6,6% woods 67% grazing land 1,3% waste land 25%

7 Mean annual temperature
Climate The climate is continental with ordinary weather conditions. In the winter the average temperature is freezing and precipitation is abundant. It often rains but sometimes snows (??). FIND A GRAPH OF PRECIPITATION ON THE INTERNET Mean annual temperature

8 Malmo and Kiruna temperatures
The paragraphs represent the temerature of two cities in the months of the year. Malmo is in the ….. and Kiruna is in the….. We can see that in Malmo it is warm all year round (?) instead Kiruna is hot (?) in summer and cold (?) in winter.

9 Where do Swedish people live?
People live in the south because it is warmer. The majority of the population lives close to the main cities.

10 Stockholm Find out some information and insert pictures

11 Other cities Insert a map with other important cities and find some pictures

12 Social demographic data
Write short paragraphs explaining these data In Sweden, life expectancy is lower for men than for women. The number of family members is higher/lower than in Italy and in the EU and infant mortality rate is higher/lower.

13 Social demographic data
Write short paragraphs explaining these data The urban population is higher/lower than in Italy and in the EU. Swedish people are mostly protestant (86,5%).

14 Economy data The products of Swedish agriculture are allevamento di bovini e suini, legname, barbabietole, frumento e orzo. (??) The main industrial areas are in the cities: Lulea, Kiruna, Härnösand, Sundsvall, Falun, Gävle, Uppsala, Västeräs, Karlstad, Ӧrebro, Lincöping, Trollhättan, Göteborg, Boras, Jönköping, Helsingborg, Karlskrona, Kristianstad and Malmö. The most important industrial products are ferro and acciaio. (??) The most important areas for tourism are Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Karlskrona, Karlstad, Stockholm, Uppsala, Falun. In Sweden, I would like to visit the Stadshuset. (What is it?)

15 Economy data Write short paragraphs explaining these data The Swedish GNP is higher than in Europe and Italy with 455,319 ml. $. 76% of the population work in the tertiary sector, and it is more than in Italy and Europe. 47,5 % of the working population are women. Compared to Italy and the EU it is higher/lower. Unemployment is higher/lower than in , with % of the population.

16 Swedish railways and roads
Are there many roads? Where especially?

17 Famous Swedish trademarks
IKEA is a multinational company founded by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden, it produces house forniture and items. VOLVO produces vehicles for example cars, trucks…

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