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Giulia,Monia and Alessandro

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1 Giulia,Monia and Alessandro
Finland Giulia,Monia and Alessandro

2 Where is Finland? Finland is in the northern hemisphere and in north/east of Europe. It is quite a small country! It borders with Norway to the north, with Sweden to the west, Russia to the east and with the Baltic Sea to the south.

3 Borders It is bordered by Sweden on the west, Norway on the north and Russia on the east, while Estonia lies to its south across the Gulf of Finland. THIS SLIDE IS A REPETITION OF SLIDE 1

4 General data The flag of Finland is a blue cross on a white background
Its capital city is Helsinki It has got 5,414 inhabitants Its total area is 338,424 km² and it is about the size of Italy Its population density is 66,44 Finland is a parlamentary republic The Finnish are Protestant Finland is part of the EU and its currency is the euro

5 Physical aspect In the central part there is a large plain and there is a large coast (?) in the south. There are some low hills and mountains in the north and there are many lakes in the south.

6 Landscape Finland is mostly flat with few hills and mountains. Its highest point is the Halti mountain at 1,324 metres in the extreme north. Agricultural land 7,4% woods 73.9% grazing land 0,1% waste land 18,6%.

7 Lakes Finland is known as the “land of a thousand lakes” because there are between 60,000 and 200,000 lakes. The largest lake is Lake Saimaa. Other lakes are: Lake Paijanne Lake Vesijarvi Lake Tampare

8 Mean annual temperature
Climate Describe the climate of Finland Use some of the following words: Nouns: winter, summer, spring, autumn, temperature, snowfall, elevation, sea, distance, rain, frost, wind, drought Adjectives: temperate, continental, dry, mild, wet, damp, cold, hot, warm, extreme, abundant . Adverbs: rarely, often, seldom, sometimes orts/climate/Finland.htm Mean annual temperature

9 Where do Finnish people live?

10 Helsinki Helsinki is the capital city of Finland and there are  inhabitants. The official languages are Swedish and Finnish. It is the financial and commercial centre of the country. Helsinki is also a cultural centre because there is l'Academy Finnish delle Scienze and Museum dell'Architecture,della city planning and del design. (?)

11 Other cities Insert a map with other important cities and find some pictures

12 Social demographic data
Find the following data in your textbook and compare them with Italy and the EU: Life expectancy, urban population, family members, child mortality rate

13 Economy data Which are the products of Finnish agriculture?
Where are the main industrial areas? Which are the most important industrial products? Where are the most important areas for tourism? What would you like to visit (=vorresti visitare) in Finland? The products of Finnish agriculture are: barley,oats, …..

14 Economy data The Finnish GNP is ...$ per person.
Write short paragraphs explaining these data The Finnish GNP is ...$ per person. ......% of the population work in , and it is more/less than in

15 What is KELO Are there many forests in Finland?
in this site you can find what kelo wood is This is another site

16 Timber rafting
Here you can find what timber rafting is. Insert pictures

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