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1 Maddalena,Sofia,Sebastian,Martino
Denmark Maddalena,Sofia,Sebastian,Martino

2 Where is Denmark? Denmark is the southern country of the Scandinavian Peninsula and it is in Northern Europe. It is a large peninsula surrounded by the North Sea to the west and by the Baltic Sea to the east. Denmark is a small island (??).

3 Borders Denmark borders with Germany to the south, the North Sea to the west, and the Baltic Sea to the east. INSERT A MAP, PLEASE!

4 General data Queen Margaret II King Frederick IX
This is the flag of Denmark. The background is red with a white cross. Queen Margaret II King Frederick IX The capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen. It has 5,550,142 inhabitants. The total area of Denmark is 43,094 km², the area of Italy is  km². So, Italy is……times Denmark. The density of the population of Denmark is 129 inhab. / Km ². Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and a community of three autonomous regions: Denmark in northern Europe, the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean and Greenland in North America. Danish people have religious freedom, which together with freedom of speech, is one of the main pillars of social life in Denmark. The people believes in god. (??) Denmark is part of the European Union and the Danish krone is its official currency. The currency of Denmark is the euro (??)

5 Physical aspect In Denmark there is a large plain but there aren’t any mountains. It is a peninsula. Denmark was formed by glaciers. The rivers are short and not so long. The main lakes are: Nissun Bredning, Ringkobing fjord (? a fjord is not a lake). Denmark general coastline is much shorter. (??) In Denmark there are about 406 islands. 

6 landscape agricultural land 53% wood 12% grazing land 8%
waste land 27% 100% plains

7 Mean annual temperature
Climate The climate is oceanic with ordinary weather conditions. In the winter the average temperature is cold and rainfall is limited. In the summer the average temperature is warm and the rainfall is quite abundant. It often rains but rarely (?) snows. Mean annual temperature

8 Where do the Danes live? Copenhagen is the most populated city in Denmark. Denmark has got about 5.5 million inhabitants. Frederiksshvn, Holstebro and Nykobing are less populated cities in Denmark.

9 Copenhagen Copenaghen is the capital city of Denmark and has got about 500,000 inhabitants. Copenhagen is located in the eastern part of Denmark, on the coast.

10 Other cities write their names, please.

11 Social demographic data
Denmark is a state of the European Union. The life expenctancy in Denmark is 78.6 years, and there is one doctor for every 294 people. Denmark has a universal health care system, finance by taxes and not by social contributions. The Danish education system provides access to primary school, secondary school and higher education. Find the graphs in your textbook (“L’Inviato speciale” 2) and compare them to Italy and the EU: Life expectancy, urban population, family members, child mortality rate In Denmark, life expectancy is higher/lower for men than for women. The number of family members is higher/lower than in Italy and in the EU and infant mortality rate is higher/lower The urban population is .... Danish people are mostly ....

12 Economy data The main products of Danish agriculture are potatoes, ……….. and ……... The most important industrial areas are around Copenhagen and Kolding. The most important industrial products are beer and potatoes. (Are potatoes industrial products??) The most important turistic area is along the north-east coast. I would like to visit Copenhagen.

13 Economy data The Norwegian GNP is 57 261$ per person.
76,3 % of the population work in the tertiary sector, and it is more than in Italy and Europe. 20,8% of the population work in the secondary sector, and it is less than in Italy and Europe 2,9% of the population work in the primary sector and it is less than in Italy and Europe.

14 Hans Christian Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author and poet, famous for his fairy tales. A few titles are The Princess and the Pea (1835), Thumbelina (1835), The Little Mermaid (1837), The Snow Queen (1844), The Tin Soldier, The Ugly Duckling and The Little Match Girl (1845) .

15 The little mermaid The Little Mermaid lives at the bottom of the sea with his father, Poseidon, and five sisters. One day, Ariel is swimming and sees a prince. She and suddenly falls in love with him. To be with him she asks her father to get her legs and she does not allow him to escape. When she is alone there is a great enemy called Ursula. After having fought and saved the father of them popping game and lived happily with the prince. (??)

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