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Regional Economies Create Differences

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1 Regional Economies Create Differences
Chapter 7 Section 1 HW: Read Ch. 7, Sect. 2,

2 Who was the inventor of interchangeable parts?
Interchangeable parts led to the development of ____ production. Henry Clay advocated a system of banks, roads and tariffs called the ____________? The canal connecting the Hudson and the Great Lakes is called the ______ Canal. The _______ Road was constructed in 1811, starting from Cumberland, MD.

3 American Industrialization
Eli Whitney invents “interchangeable parts,” sparking a semi-mechanized factory revolution. Mass production now becomes possible, lowering cost of production, making cheaper goods available INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Replaces hand production by large-scale mechanized means of production



6 Causes of Industrialization
Embargo of 1807 &War of 1812 prevent Americans from trading with Europe New England develops industries to make products no longer available from Europe Unemployed New Englanders, esp. women, flock to textile mills in New England, ex. Lowell, MASS

7 Two Agricultural Systems: North and South
NORTH: Farmers in the Old Northwest develop small farms with cash crops (corn, wheat)  do not require extensive labor  DECLINE OF SLAVERY SOUTH: Cotton Gin spurs agricultural industrialization in the South  “Cotton Kingdom” in LA, MI, & AL  EXPANSION OF SLAVERY & SLAVE TRADE

8 “The American System” CREATORS: Pres. Madison & Henry Clay
Strong Bank  available credit and unified currency $ 2. Protective Tariff  encourage manufacturing AND pay for canals and roads Tariff of 1816 = first protective tariff in US history, 20-25% on imported goods Canals and Roads  connect and integrate the growing country’s economy by building National Road (Cumberland, MD-Vandalia, IL) and Erie Canal (Great Lakes w/ Hudson and the Atlantic)

9 Map: U.S. Manufacturing Employment, 1820 and 1850

10 Map: Major Roads, Canals, and Railroads, 1850

11 Map: Railroad Growth, Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

12 The American System

13 The American System


15 Era of Good Feelings – Really?
Election of 1816: Republicans crush Federalists, 183 to 34 (see James Monroe is 5th President of the United States Monroe is the ambassador of Nationalism Monroe’s administration was called the “Era of Good Feelings” WHY? ANSWER: With no Federalists, the US seemed united

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