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Nationalism & Sectionalism

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1 Nationalism & Sectionalism

2 Regional Economies cause Divide
How did the Economic and social issues of America lead to sectionalism & Nationalism?

3 Industrial Revolution (Blame it on the Gin, the Cotton Gin Eli Whitney
Occurs in Great Britain & shifts to America. The Industrial Revolution was a Soc. & Eco. Reorganization that took place as machines replaced hand tools & large scale factory production took place Examples; Ford=Cars Dell=Computers Samuel Slater’s Factory=thread Fill in blanks- Nokia=________ Sony=_________

4 The Industrial North New England Industrializes
Primary source of income after the war was international trade Industrial Rev causes New England to shift to Production. Lowell Mill- Young women flock to town to work in factories Strict rules were put in place; long hrs 12-16hrs/day, curfew, social

5 How were factories powered?

6 Inside a power loom factory

7 Eli Whitney Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin set south on a separate course. Cotton easy to grow, but hard to clean Invention of cotton gin-> can clean cotton faster->South needs more slaves to pick cotton.

8 Slavery on the Incline During the American Rev. slave trade declined.
After the war of 1812 slave trade increased The amount of slaves owned directly correlates with the amount of cotton produced.

9 Henry Clay’s American System
North & South developed different economies Congress/Pres./Clay want to unify the US

10 Goal’s of American System
Goal 1- Unite Regional Economies Goal 2- Create Strong stable US economy Goal 3- Make the US self-sufficient Why is this important?

11 3 Major Parts of the American System
I. Develop transportation systems & other internal improvements II. Establish Protective Tariff III. Resurrect the national bank- influence reduced under Jefferson.

12 How would it Unite the Country?
North produces manufactured goods that farmers from the S. & W. would buy. The S. & W. would produce the grain, meat, & cotton needed in the N. A nationally accepted currency & improved transportation network would facilitate the exchange of goods America would no longer be economically dependent on Britain & other European Nations.

13 Improvements in Transportation
National Road Construction Links Midwest with the east coast Erie Canal-”big ditch,” took 8 yrs. to dig. Connects the great lakes to the Hudson River Why is this important?

14 Tariff of 1816 & what caused it?
B/c British goods stockpiled during War of 1812-> price dropped->sold cheaper than American goods Placing a tariff on imports would increase the cost of foreign goods->eliminates price advantage

15 Tariff cont. The revenue earned from tariff would be used for internal improvements Roads, canals, etc. Northerners loved the idea b/c more pple would buy American goods Southerners hated the idea b/c it increase price of goods.

16 Group assignment Create a poster including all of the following, but not limited to: 5 facts about topic Must be colorful At least 2 pictures. Use more than 1 source i.e., textbook, internet, teacher, etc

17 Assignment cont. Topics: Eli Whitney/cotton gin Industrial Revolution
American system Erie canal National road Tariff of 1816 Factory system Lowell Mill “Cotton is King”

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