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Project Title GIST [City, Country] [Month, Year] Team/Company Name Pitch Presentation Template CRDF Global – The GIST Initiative.

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1 Project Title GIST [City, Country] [Month, Year] Team/Company Name Pitch Presentation Template CRDF Global – The GIST Initiative

2 Notes (Do not include this slide) Short: maximum 10 slides Few words on each slide –Use keywords and phrases, not whole sentences Simple language (avoid technical terms) Diagrams, pictures, graphs when helpful Content only, avoid transitions/animations Use a professional look (font, background) Visually readable

3 Slide 1 - Summary Introduce the project Why is it important Timeline and key milestones Expected business & financial results Funding requested (total amount)

4 Slide 2 – The Business Problem State the problem in business terms –Business problems: production, cost, competitiveness, product, service, delivery etc Define the market opportunity –No. buyers in the first 18-24 months, value in sales Name/identify target customers –May be team’s company partner or other customers Why the customers care

5 Slide 3 – The Solution How you solve the problem for the customer’s perspective The specific value in your proposition Specific benefits to the customer (non financial) Financial benefits (estimates) to the customer

6 Slide 4 – Business Model How will money be made or saved? –How will the science team earn income? –How will the company team earn income? –What is the margin, profit, or savings? Is the company-partner the end-user? Manufacturer? Seller? How will the product/service be delivered to the customer(s)? –Will the product/service be sold through other companies or directly to end-users? –Product or service? Sold by contract?

7 Slide 5 – Technical Advantage State the special or key aspect of technology in “translated” into common terms –What are the intellectual property plans (if any)? –What stage of development is the technology currently in (again in common terms such as early, mid, late)? –How much time and funding is needed to finish the technology? THIS IS THE ONLY TECHNOLOGY SLIDE –Only the key technology element that relates directly to the key business advantage matters!

8 Slide 6 - Competition What alternatives exist to your solution? –Including do nothing (low risk, cost estimate) Who else is trying to solve the problem? –Current competitors and substitutes –How large/profitable are they? –Are they ahead or behind? –Matrix of features and value NEVER SAY “There is no competition”

9 Slide 7 – Sales & Marketing How will your team (or company partner) reach the customer? How long will each sale take to close (the sales cycle)? What is the role of 3 rd party partners in marketing, distributing, and selling? Will you sell directly, through others, or both? How will your team inexpensively inform customers (promotion, advertising)? –By word of mouth, call them, advertise (where?, how much cost?)

10 Slide 8 – The Team (Company team) Experience in the industry with customers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers (Science team) Experience in technology field Management and operations –Company team: production, delivery –Science team (when relevant): project management, technology development Sales & marketing experience –Industry partners and resources Outside partners needed –Okay if you don’t have them yet; important to state gaps)

11 Slide 9 - Financials Simple budget table for project Simple budget table for marketing & sales (if applicable) Key metrics –People, revenues, gross profit (margin), expenses, number of customers, average selling price, etc. When (how fast) will you spend and earn money?

12 Slide 10 – Road Map (Where you have been and where you are going) Accomplishments to date Major accomplishments planned and when –Technology development –Business (production, sales, marketing, distribution)

13 Always Remember (Do not include this slide) It’s about the business, not the technology –That’s why there is only 1 technology slide Why does this project make business sense? –Business people are not commonly as technical as you. They may have a specialist check your technology. But otherwise, they want to know how your project will improve their business financially, for how much cost and when (return-on-investment).

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