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10 Minute Investor Presentation Title Here

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1 10 Minute Investor Presentation Title Here
When creating a presentation for an investor or a competition, make sure to follow the 3 Cs – clear, concise, and compelling. Be sure your presentation answers the following questions: Why this? Why us? Why now? Be sure to ask yourself, “So what? Who cares?” to make sure you are conveying your value proposition, market, and revenue model efficiently and effectively. Under stand the goal of your presentation. Stick to 10 minutes. Don’t go too deeply into a topic, but have extra slides after the end of the presentation that may help in answering the investors’ or judges’ questions. Have your strongest presenter present – this person may or may not be the owner of the company. Be sure to pitch only when your company is ready – pitching too early can create a bad impression and investors/investor groups talk with each other. Do not pitch to the wrong investor – investors have investment preferences. If your type of business does not match that investor’s preferences, you are wasting everyone’s time. You must understand your exit strategy. Be sure you have a business and not just a technology/product. Understand your customers, competitors, and how the business will make money. Understand the concept of tranches – investments made in smaller “installments”. On this cover page, you should include: the company name, logo, contact information, the presenter’s name, perhaps a tag line and perhaps a date. Your Name and Company Name here – See the Notes Pages for more information about this presentation and what to include on this slide

2 The Problem Define the problem, who has the pain
Use graphs, a picture, or describe the problem Goal is for everyone to understand and “buy-in” Remember the PowerPoint rule for this whole presentation– when possible use visuals, stick to bullet points of a maximum of 5-7 words

3 The Solution Explain the solution to the problem and why it is superior to existing alternatives. Perhaps a short list of benefits/features. This is your value proposition.

4 The Technology This slide may not be necessary.
Use layman’s terms to explain your product/service (the solutions). Use photos, diagrams, etc. to help

5 To Date This slide may not be necessary
What have you done to date? What progress? What is the status of development? Proof of concept? Launch? Sales?

6 The Market & Customers This slide should demonstrate your understanding of the size and composition of the target market. Feel free to use charts, customer profiles, etc. Be sure to prioritize segments – explain which is your initial market.

7 The Competition This slide demonstrates your understanding of the competitive environment. Direct competitors? Indirect competitors?

8 Sales Strategy & Key Partners
This slide should cover how you will reach your customers. How do you sell your product? What are your channels? Who are your partners?

9 Revenue Model/Revenue Streams
This slide should cover how you will make money. Provide a diagram of your value chain/business environment and stakeholders.

10 The Management & Key Partners
This slide tells why THIS management team is the team to bring this product/service to market. Who is the team? Who are partners? Who are advisors?

11 The Financials This slide tells the cost structure. Financial projects go here.

12 The Future This slide covers next steps for the company.

13 The Offer This slide shows the ask. What are the funding requirements. If this is not an investor presentation, this slide is not necessary. This slide should cover prior funding, current ask, and how the funds will be used. It should also detail potential future rounds as well as an exit strategy.

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