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Got Paper? Thinking about going paperless or at least as paperless as possible? NAMVBC-2013.

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1 Got Paper? Thinking about going paperless or at least as paperless as possible? NAMVBC-2013

2 From paper files to electronic document management This presentation will focus on how we transformed paper files into a electronic document management system started in 2005. NAMVBC-2013

3 How to get all that paper into the computer for retrieval Around 2005 the agency looked at some easier ways to access dealer licensing forms, documents, and many types of correspondence that relate to our primary functions and responsibilities. New technologies at the time included reliable and faster scanners that had better accuracy optical character recognition (OCR). This feature allowed documents to be tied to an index field so the document could be retrieved. Like a label on a file folder. NAMVBC-2013

4 Decisions??? Some Technical Considerations Equipment/Networking Good Quality Scanner Dedicated Desktop Network Connectivity Database Connectivity Backup Server Scanning Software After research and vendor discussions we choose Teleform 2005-2013 Moving to a new system 2013 Maintenance License (a must) for Tech support and software upgrades Software Developers for customization (archival process) NAMVBC-2013

5 The Details- Implementation and Logistics Equipment and Software Installation Software Customization and Design (document import, templates, archive and retrieval – connecting to the database Process of scanning the “Dealer Folders” Transition – Staffing, work environment and change NAMVBC-2013

6 Dealer Net (C urrent Scanning System) NAMVBC-2013

7 Learning Curves and Process Improvements – It takes Time Staffing needs – who’s responsibility to scan and instructions Setting up simple workflows works best at first  Batch Log  Pickup work  Do not over categorize (create the Templates that you must need) Decide on when to toss! Your office culture NAMVBC-2013

8 Batch Log (Test for Backup) NAMVBC-2013

9 Now that we are Experts Before you scan and toss- check your with your State Archivist and Library requirements for electronic documents vs. paper documents Our agency received formal approval from the State of Virginia Library that our electronic documents meets the guidelines and destruction timeframes. Also the scanning system (Dealer Net) was approved. 2011 NAMVBC-2013

10 Records Schedule NAMVBC-2013

11 On the Horizon Recognizing New Technologies searchable PDFS vs. tif format which allowed for enhanced search capability (indexed –metadata with tags) it was apparent the agency needed to explore other opportunities in the Electronic Content Management Software Another major reason was Windows7 migration and database enhancements as well as other statewide network and system requirements also led to this change We started the research in 2012- NAMVBC-2013

12 Smart Search Data Migration and Implementation Mid October 2013 Enterprise Content Management Software Company: Square9 Allows full scanning capabilities in addition to work flow X change (optional) to automate routing, notification, escalation and approval of documents Global Search – this feature will enable our remote tele workers – Field Reps to retrieve and view documents NAMVBC-2013

13 Smart Search Data and Form Migration NAMVBC-2013

14 Smart Search Data Migration NAMVBC-2013

15 Smart Search Data Migration NAMVBC-2013

16 Smart Search Form Capture NAMVBC-2013

17 Smart Search Form Capture – Page 2 NAMVBC-2013

18 Moving Forward Questions? NAMVBC-2013

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