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2 WIPO EDMS Installation
Installation of base software Postgresql OpenOffice Nuxeo GhostScript Tiff-lib WIPO SCAN Configuring Nuxeo Configuring PostgreSQL Launching WIPO EDMS installers Configuring the life-cycle of the documents.

Definitions What is an eFolder What is an eDoc Back-file? Front-file? Cut-off date? Setting up the cut-off date Starting the link launching the “eDoc module update” procedure. Normal error messages and how to deal with them.

4 WIPO EDMS: Launching Nuxeo for first time
First start (take a coffee….while Nuxeo creates the eFolders) Nuxeo dashboard, how to personalize the environment, review configuration, etc Giving writing rights to users. Stopping nuxeo Setting up automatic backups.

5 WIPO SCAN Configuring WIPO SCAN connection to WIPO IPAS and WIPO EDMS
Setting up the connection Possible source of errors (OS Firewall, missing life-cycle file, etc.) Launching WIPO SCAN, the interfaces: SCAN interface EDIT interface VIEW interface Admin interface

6 User docs and Office docs, what and when to scan…
Reviewing IPAS workflow configuration, defining triggers for scanning, automatic PDF storage and electronic signature of images. Receiving a document in IPAS. Paper documents, how to prepare the file for scanning, the use of separator sheets. How to scan the document(specifications for setting up scanners) Using WIPO SCAN in WIPO IPAS linked mode Editing a document in WIPO SCAN. Viewing a document in WIPO SCAN.

7 Accessing WIPO EDMS from WIPO IPAS
Accessing eDocs and eFolders Accessing the document via the Workflow view.

8 Managing files in Nuxeo
Deleting and other file operation in Nuxeo’s dashboard

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