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Omni Introduction Page All About Omni and our Products.

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1 Omni Introduction Page All About Omni and our Products

2  Helping customers increase their return on Novell eDirectory, GroupWise and NetMail investments since 1999.  Portfolio of software products that deliver tangible business benefits to enterprise network users of Novell, GroupWise, SUSE Linux and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks.  Client-focused company able to create functional customized software.  Our staff is committed to ensuring that the solutions and products you implement are the right choice for your business  "Just the Right Parts" for organizations to help leverage existing Novell technology investments. OurCompanyOurBrandOurPromise

3  Our products are built for and integrate tightly to Novell eDirectory, GroupWise, NetMail, SUSE Linux and Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier – Just the Right Parts!  Our customers have been using Omni solutions to relieve pain in their environments since 1999 - "Time tested and proven”.  Our technology solutions are powerful, innovative and easy to use. "They just work the way people need them to.”  We actually make a point of creating software solutions that take into account what customers are telling us about their needs. "We listen, the customer wins!”  "I was actually able to talk to a real person when I needed help. Imagine that!" Real Reasons to Believe

4 Our Product Portfolio

5 Omni Product Map

6  GEE Whiz - Protect your GroupWise and NetMail system from SPAM and Viruses with GEE Whiz from GWAVA. Runs directly on NetWare, Linux and Windows – your choice. Email Security

7  Manage mixed network operating and messaging systems from a single browser interface. Get the power of eControl's "ZERO Rights", Web-based Help Desk User Management for GroupWise, eDirectory, Active Directory and Exchange. Use EMU to leverage bulk account management in your enterprise or education network. Management Products

8  Omni products allow you to leverage your investment in Novell GroupWise and NetMail. For everything from simple pain relief to being able to automate enterprise messaging requirements. Interested in publishing calendar information from your GroupWise or Outlook accounts to your web site? How about distributing common calendar entries or common rules to your users? We have the solution. Messaging Products

9  Harness the power of GroupWise for your mobile needs. GroupWise on the Go for People on the Go! Wireless connectivity from any device, any time. Install Omni Mobile on your Palm, PocketPC PDAs/Phones or Symbian Smart Phones. Mobility Products

10  Novell Linux Desktop is the future of affordable desktop computing and Omni's NLD Multiplier will help you get there even faster. Get the 10– to–1 NLD advantage working for you! Omni NLD Multiplier allows you to use standard hardware to create 10 independent desktops – powered by one NLD computer. Save up to 80% on the cost of deploying your desktops. Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier

11 Omni Mobile

12 Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier 10 to 1 Advantage

13  Omni NLD Multiplier accelerates the "FUTURE OF AFFORDABLE DESKTOP COMPUTING" by helping you get there faster – 10 times faster! Omni NLD Multiplier lets you use one standard computer to create 10 independent user stations – leveraging the power of Novell Linux Desktop.  NLD Multiplier delivers a simple and reliable multi-user desktop computing platform that can be used to address a wide variety of needs:  Public Computers for Health Care  E-Government and Job Bank Kiosks  Community Access Centers and Telecenters  Academic Applications  Computer Based Training and Testing Labs  Other Opportunities Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier Advantage

14 The Right Partnership

15 Thank you

16 Linux Desktop offers a full-featured and easy-to use environment. Linux has become a strategic platform that's fully integrated and supported. Secure, affordable, reliable, flexible Secure and Reliable – Built on NLD for the most secure and trusted computing environment. Affordable and Flexible – Works with standard Intel and AMD-based computers; dual-head monitor cards; and USB keyboards and mice. No proprietary hardware to be concerned about! Easy to Install – Omni NLDx10 installs directly on the Novell Linux Desktop. No kernel compiling, no complex configuration. Simply install it and you're on your way to superior computing. Highly Scalable System – NLDx10 uses inexpensive dual-head video cards to allow from two to 10 monitors to be simultaneously attached to a single low-cost computer to create indendent user desktops. NLD Multiplier Advantage

17 Every once in a while a product comes along that makes you go "WOW"! The Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier is one of those products. Think about it. How cool would it be to turn one Novell Linux Desktop computer into TEN independent desktops. Omni NLD Multiplier allows you to do exactly that. Just add up to five dual-head video cards, monitors, USB keyboards and mice to a standard computer and you have instant workstations for your users. Provide access to GroupWise, Open Office, the Internet and any other application your users need from a single physical computer! Now, that's a Cool Solution "WOW". Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier

18 The NLD Multiplier is the most robust and cost effective platform where Internet, email, and office suite access needs to be provided in a simple, secure and worry-free solution. Other Opportunities Tradeshows, Meetings & Conferences Government & NGO Connectivity Projects Building Lobbies & Lunch Rooms Internet Cafés Cruise Ships Retirement Homes Airport Lounges Job Banks Remote Communities Oil Field Well Sites Tele-centers Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier

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