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Trevor Poapst Director of Global Marketing Omni Technology Solutions 1 780.423.4200 Ext 228 Press Briefing: Multiplied Linux Desktop.

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1 Trevor Poapst Director of Global Marketing Omni Technology Solutions 1 780.423.4200 Ext 228 Press Briefing: Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy Aldo Zanoni CEO and Managing Director Omni Technology Solutions 1 780.423.4200 Ext 232

2 Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy Compelling Value Proposition Deployment Examples 2 3 Perfect For… 1 4 5 Questions and Answers Press Briefing (30 min) Press Briefing Overview

3 Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy Developed by Userful, the Linux Desktop Multiplier software allows up to 10 independent workstations, consisting of only a monitor, USB keyboard and mouse, to work at the same time on a SINGLE, shared SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, open SUSE or other Linux desktop computer. The only additional requirements – inexpensive graphics cards and a powered USB hub. Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy

4 Significant hardware savings (up to 80%) Significant software savings (up to 90%) Decreased maintenance costs (up to 90%) Decreased electrical consumption (up to 70%) Decreased "evergreen" costs (up to 80%) Decreased recycling costs (up to 70%) Leverages Open Source software (10-to-1 advantage) Increased simplicity, management and control Why Multi-user Linux Desktops?

5 Ten-user Multiplied SLED system Optimal ten-user Multiplied SLED system SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 or openSUSE 10.1 Linux Desktop Multiplier Software Ten monitors, USB keyboards and mice Five dual-head video cards (PCI-X, PCI, AGP) Two powered USB hubs (external or internal) Regular desktop computer High-end Intel or AMD processor 4 GB of RAM 5 PCI slots Note: Seven-user systems provide best value for most multiplied systems (existing hardware).

6 Assigning Keyboards / Mice to Monitors Assigning Keyboards and Mice to Monitors

7 Ten Independent Workstations Ten Independent SLED 10 Workstations Perfect for any environment where there are users in close proximity (5-meter radius from host machine)

8 Key Points Thin layer of software that wraps around the Linux kernel Listens for: (1) keyboard input; (2) mouse input; and (3) monitor output Assigns these items to a unique user session Tracks up to 10 independent user sessions at the same time How Does the Desktop Multiplier Work?

9 Full client (transparent to kernel) with dedicated video, keyboard and mouse access Outperforms thin clients at a fraction of the cost Richer user experience Easier to set up and deploy No thin client server required Desktop Multiplier vs Thin Clients Note: The Linux Desktop Multiplier can be used to deploy thin clients cost effectively. Ten thin clients can be deployed on each multiplied system.

10 Section 2 Compelling Value Proposition Section 2: Compelling Value Proposition

11 TCO savings of 70-80% on deploying and managing Linux desktops (hardware and software) Leverages existing investments in hardware, Novell GroupWise, Messenger and ZENworks 10-to-1 advantage on hardware, software, management and infrastructure costs Benefit: Significant TCO Savings 1 Benefit 1: Significant TCO Savings

12 Multiplied Desktop TCO Calculator Source:

13 Performance and user experience on each of the multiplied sessions are similar to using a single-user computer Benefit: Excellent Performance 2 Benefit 2: Excellent Performance

14 Linux Internet Café, The Hague, Netherlands INTERNET CAFE: GroupWiseR European Summit

15 Single command installs software Intuitive wizard to assign keyboards and mice to monitors Detailed documentation and on-line FAQ available No proprietary hardware required Benefit: Easy to Use and Install 3 Benefit 3: Easy to Use and Install

16 Less vulnerable to viruses and security threats Unsurpassed computing power, portability, security and flexibility Leverages SLEDs advanced desktop interface and software bundle Easily networked to Novell and other network file servers Benefit: Leverages Benefits of Linux 4 Benefit 4: Leverages Benefits of Linux

17 Significantly decreased electrical consumption (up to 70%) One 10-user multiplied system saves 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year Decreased "evergreen" and recycling costs (up to 80%) Benefit: Environmentally Responsible 5 Benefit 5: Environmentally Responsible

18 Cost-effectively priced at $99 per seat. Optional annual software upgrade protection plan (30%) Benefit: Cost-Effective Pricing 6 Benefit 6: Cost-Effective Pricing

19 Novell BrainShare South Africa Keynote NOVELL CONFERENCE KEYNOTE: Compelling value for Novell customers.

20 Added Value for Novell Customers The Desktop Multiplier's ability to leverage the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop for up to 10 users on one standard computer presents a huge value proposition for our corporate, government, and educational clients. Not only does the Desktop Multiplier significantly reduce hardware and software costs, but it also results in a 10-to-1 savings on computer management, electricity, and infrastructure costs. This is very important to our customers. – Allison Singh, Senior Novell Systems Engineer, Novell South Africa Opportunity for Novell Customers

21 Section 3 Deployment Examples Section 3: Deployment Examples

22 Novell South Africa deploys 2,205 SUSE Linux desktops in 105 South African schools. SUCCESS: Students looking towards a bright future in South Africa.

23 Novell South Africa deploys 2,205 SUSE Linux desktops in 105 South African schools. SUCCESS: Low-cost, high-performance SUSE Linux desktops in 105 schools.

24 SUCCESS: Moodle Course Management System on Multiplied Linux Desktops at UPAEP in Mexico. Multiplied Moodle-based system at UPAEP, Campus Tehuacán, in Mexico.

25 SUCCESS: University of New Mexico pilots Multiplied SLED 10 desktops in computer lab. University of New Mexico Pilots Multiplied SLED 10 Computer Lab.

26 SUCCESS: Birchwood Art Gallery runs Windows-based POS and accounting software on Multiplied SLED 10 desktops. Birchwood Reduces Viruses and Costs with Multiplied SLED Desktops.

27 Linux Desktop Multiplier Featured at Education Conference in Dubai. SUCCESS: Multiplied SLED 10 strategy showcased in Dubai at COMEX 2006.

28 Section 4 Perfect For… Section 4: Perfect For…

29 Perfect For… The Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy is perfect for the following environments… Schools Call centers Healthcare Businesses Government Airports & hotels Perfect For…

30 Other Environments… Tradeshows, meetings and conferences Government and NGO connectivity projects Building lobbies and lunch rooms Internet cafés Cruise ships Retirement homes Job banks Remote communities Oilfield well sites Other Environments…

31 More Info: More Info:

32 Section 5 Questions and Answers Section 7: Questions and Answers

33 Trevor Poapst BCom Director, Global Marketing & Channel Strategy Omni Technology Solutions Inc. Tel. 1 780.423.4200 Ext 228 Contact Us

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