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Omni Reseller / Partner Guide. Why and How to Resell Omni Products.

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1 Omni Reseller / Partner Guide

2 Why and How to Resell Omni Products

3 Just the Right Parts review (5 min) Our company Real reasons to believe Product model Omni Products and Why Customers Buy Them (40 min) Top ten reasons to resell NLD, eControl, EMU, CCU Web, Omni Mobile, GeeWHIZ Omni Unique Selling Advantage (10 min) More Opportunity – “All the Best Parts” Better Value Proposition Maximize Shared Revenues Get Started Tool Kit (5 min) Overview Just the Right Parts Overview

4 Just the Right Parts

5  Helping customers increase their return on Novell eDirectory, GroupWise and NetMail investments since 1999.  Portfolio of software products that deliver tangible business benefits to enterprise network users of Novell, GroupWise, SUSE Linux and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks.  Client-focused company able to create functional customized software.  Our staff is committed to ensuring that the solutions and products you implement are the right choice for your business  "Just the Right Parts" for organizations to help leverage existing Novell technology investments. OurCompanyOurBrandOurPromise

6  Our products are built for and integrate tightly to Novell eDirectory, GroupWise, NetMail, SUSE Linux and Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier – Just the Right Parts!  Our customers have been using Omni solutions to relieve pain in their environments since 1999 - "Time tested and proven”.  Our technology solutions are powerful, innovative and easy to use. "They just work the way people need them to.”  We actually make a point of creating software solutions that take into account what customers are telling us about their needs. "We listen, the customer wins!”  "I was actually able to talk to a real person when I needed help. Imagine that!" Real Reasons to Believe

7 Our Product Portfolio

8 Omni Products Diagram

9  GEE Whiz - Protect your GroupWise and NetMail system from SPAM and Viruses with GEE Whiz from GWAVA. Runs directly on NetWare, Linux and Windows – your choice. Email Security

10  Manage mixed network operating and messaging systems from a single browser interface. Get the power of eControl's "ZERO Rights", Web-based Help Desk User Management for GroupWise, eDirectory, Active Directory and Exchange. Use EMU to leverage bulk account management in your enterprise or education network. Management Products

11  Omni products allow you to leverage your investment in Novell GroupWise and NetMail. For everything from simple pain relief to being able to automate enterprise messaging requirements. Interested in publishing calendar information from your GroupWise or Outlook accounts to your web site? How about distributing common calendar entries or common rules to your users? We have the solution. Messaging

12  Harness the power of GroupWise for your mobile needs. GroupWise on the Go for People on the Go! Wireless connectivity from any device, any time. Install Omni Mobile on your Palm, PocketPC PDAs/Phones or Symbian Smart Phones. Mobility

13  Novell Linux Desktop is the future of affordable desktop computing and Omni's NLD Multiplier will help you get there even faster. Get the 10– to–1 NLD advantage working for you! Omni NLD Multiplier allows you to use standard hardware to create 10 independent desktops – powered by one NLD computer. Save up to 90% on the cost of deploying your desktops. NLD Multiplier

14 Omni Products and Why Customers Buy Them

15 1.Six years successful track record developing Novell and GroupWise solutions 2.Two years proven success in mobile market 3.Responsive to customer input in product design and development 4.Vertical price differentiation for Corporate, Government / Non- Profit, Post Secondary, K-12 5.Flexible site licensing and payment options available Reasons to Resell Omni Products

16 6.Generous Commissions 7. Co-branded marketing collateral support your own initiatives 8.On going promotional and cross-promotional opportunities 9.Dedicated channel manager helping drive sales to you 10.Reseller program with flexible reseller and customer support options Reasons to Resell Omni Products

17 eControl What it is. Why customers need it. The best way to sell eControl. eControl Overview

18 Web based secure “ZERO-rights” user management tool Fully LDAP compliant allowing management of heterogeneous “Directory enabled” collaborative environments “Manage GroupWise and Exchange together” What is eControl? What is eControl

19 Save time when you work with eDirectory and GroupWise seamlessly performing the top 12 most common administrative tasks from any web browser within the organization. Eliminate inefficient use of administrator time and talent freeing time to focus on profit or revenue generating opportunities Add easy web-based user management to any LDAP enabled, directory based network and collaboration enabled environments. Increase company record accuracy and data value. Control Multi-tree environments. Allow GroupWise to be used as a list serve by allowing users to self-sub/unsubscribe to distribution lists. Why customers need eControl? Why Customers Need eControl

20 SHOW Customers: Full on-line test drive available 24/7/365 for you and your customers. To CIO’s: There is DRAMATIC security enhancement with only top level administrators requiring “supervisor” rights anywhere in the system. To Security and HR: can have complete logging of every aspect of user interaction with eControl, right down to “view” level. Record every manipulation of every record with the addition of email notification if desired. To Front line Security Managers : being able to assign users to groups with pre- assigned “authorities” making the issue of “who can do what” easy to manage. This is all done through an intuitive “point and click” server back-end. To Department Mangers: efficiently create new accounts from templates with none of the short comings associated with regular eDirectory templates. The best way to sell eControl The Best Way to Sell eControl

21 Easy for administrators and end-users alike, to learn and use with familiar “point, click and type” user interface No desktop software required almost every desktop has a browser Authority for tasks can be delegated as far down as the end user. This saves administrators time and energy and increases record accuracy. Side benefits of this feature alone include increased user and administrator satisfaction. Users feel more in control and administrators are freed from mundane tasks with more time to focus on profit or revenue generating opportunities Multi-tree awareness increases value of eDirectory as a company “Phone Book” 30-day trial installation with full installation, training and support References from real customers who have experienced the benefits of eControl How to sell eControl to end users How to Sell eControl to End Users

22 1.30-day trial, 90% of customers purchased after using eControl 2.References from real customers who have experienced the benefits of eControl 3.Online demo Completely functional system available 24/7/365 to show customers how it works Top Three Tools for helping close sales Top Three Tools for Helping Close Sales

23 Free up high level administrator time for other duties related to their skills Allow users to focus on revenue generating opportunities instead of administrative functions Tie together disparate systems after Mergers & Acquisitions Support for LDAP enabled AD and Exchange environments Easy to learn and use with intuitive “point and click” interface Customer Benefits of using eControl Customers Benefits of Using eControl

24 Enterprise Management Utility What it is. Why customers need it. The best way to sell EMU. Enterprise Management Utility

25 Workstation based Bulk User Management utility “ConsoleONE” or “ICE” on steroids analogy User management work process streamlining tool GroupWise and NetMail management tool What is EMU? What is EMU

26 Increase record accuracy within organizations Work with any text based user management system Eliminate inefficient use of administrator time and talent freeing time to focus on profit or revenue generating opportunities Save money by doing in hours what used to take months Use to move GroupWise and other user data during server or hardware change out for any organization Well suited to Education and large user environments or organizations with high turn-over. Make global changes to users or their accounts with a few key strokes Why Customers need EMU? Why Customers Need EMU

27 The best way to sell EMU To School Principals: Time saving and increased accuracy in record handling within organizations like schools with large user account turn over. To Executives: Time equals money one way or another. Show the money savings and point out how this can free up talented technical staff to focus on revenue generating or cost saving projects. To Accountants: EMU allows for more efficient use of administrator time and talent freeing them to focus on other opportunities within the organization. The Best Way to Sell EMU

28 Eliminates errors: Increased record accuracy reducing opportunity for human error Ease of use: Handles CSV files distributed by most District or State student management systems Increased depth of access to user information: Show granularity of record management available highlighting the ability to perform all tasks in “bulk mode” Saves massive amounts of time: Common tasks like new student intake or account expiration, archiving or deletion can be saved to a profile for reuse, multiplying time savings. Show customers it works: Offer trial version with full functionality against five records How to sell EMU to Administrators How to Sell EMU to Adminstrators

29 Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier What it is. Why customers need it. The best way to sell NLD Multiplier What is the Linux Desktop Multiplier?

30 NLD Multiplier is a software solution that turns one ordinary PC equipped with extra video cards into as many as ten fully independent workstations, allowing up to ten people to work simultaneously off the same individual computer hardware. NLD Multiplier allows for multiple instances of the same applications and programs to run simultaneously. Multiple users each have access to their designated applications installed on the hardware, through their individual monitors and keyboard “workstations”. What is the Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier? What is the Linux Desktop Multiplier?

31 Why Customers Need the Linux Desktop Multiplier? The “Ten to One” advantage works both ways when it comes to savings. Divide the cost of operating ONE computer between TEN users and you reap substantial benefits to budgets and the environment. Schools built before 1990 did not plan for the electrical needs of modern computer labs with dozens of individual workstations. Security and access control instantly increases tenfold Stable reliable open source foundation designed to work with the biggest name in open source computing, Novell Why Customers Need the Linux Desktop Multiplier?

32 The Best Way to Sell Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier Uses Novell Linux Desktop NLD Multiplier leverages the power of Novell Linux Desktop 9, a proven reliable, stable and cost-effective desktop provided by Novell. Cost-Effective NLD Multiplier is a cost-effective method to provide up to 10 individual desktops using a single desktop computer. Keep hardware, user management and operating costs down. Save Compared to a standard desktop computer, NLD Multiplier can save you up to: 80% on initial hardware and software acquisition costs 90% long-term management savings per user The Best Way to Sell Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier

33 Fast deployment Great for outfitting computer labs and small offices where users work in close proximity to one another. NLD Multiplier is faster to deploy then ten individual desktop computers. Plug in the hardware, install NLD Multiplier - 10 minutes and you're done! Users have access to the applications that ship with NLD like OpenOffice and Evolution. Additional application software like Novell Messenger and GroupWise can be installed once and made available to all hosted individual desktops. Easier Maintenance Upgrades and maintenance are streamlined. Normal users do not have the ability to make system level changes. The Best Way to Sell Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier

34 Create Calendar Utility Web (CCUWeb) What it is. Why customers need it. The best way to sell CCUWeb What it CCUWeb?

35 What is CCUWeb? A powerful tool to build and automatically regenerate calendar websites based on content from GroupWise and Outlook accounts. What is CCUWeb?

36 Why customers need CCUWeb? Compatible with GroupWise and Outlook Compatible with all web servers Creates linked or single calendars with customizable headers Includes or filters Appointments, Tasks, Notes Multi-language, multi-format features Allow users to download events to GroupWise or Outlook Include Meeting Minutes or Agenda as attachments to events Automate the entire process Why Customers Need CCUWeb?

37 The best way to sell CCUWeb Easy to download, trial and purchase online Can do the work of dedicated webmaster in minutes Only product on the market that works with both GroupWise and Outlook that can automatically create such content rich calendars Efficiently share information with an audience by linking to documents and websites from within calendar entries for immediate access Allow your audience to import dates into their own GroupWise or Outlook account through a browser Share only the information you wish using filters Licensing model allows for flexibility to meet budgets The Best Way to Sell CCUWeb

38 Omni Mobile What it is. Why customers need it. The best way to sell Omni Mobile What is Omni Mobile?

39 The most advanced mobile application currently in development in the entire GroupWise world that can deliver virtually everything that a WebAccess What is Omni Mobile?

40 Why Customers Need Omni Mobile? Not Required: - Additional Server Hardware: None! - Additional Software Licenses: None! - Additional Microsoft Windows Server/Desktop: None! - Infrastructure Changes: None! - 32-bit GroupWise Client: None! - External Database Daemons: None! - Third-party Gateway Dependency: None! - Single Platform Dependency: None! - Limited-function Generic Protocols (POP3/IMAP): None! - Open Ports through the firewall to the POA: None! - Security hole via Trusted API Access: None! - Security hole via Proxy Access: None! Required: - GroupWise 6.5 SP3! - Time to install server software: 30 seconds - Time to install device software: 30 seconds Why Customers Need Omni Mobile?

41 The Best Way Sell Omni Mobile Built on the reliable foundation of GroupWise WebAccess for your back end mobile server Extremely fast and easy installation, setup and configuration Enterprise Management Module available to control all mobile accounts Works with GroupWise running on Windows, Linux, NetWare and OES Why Customers Need Omni Mobile?

42 GEE Whiz SPAM and VIRUS filter for GroupWise® and NetMail® What it is. Why customers need it. The best way to sell GEE Whiz GEE Whiz SPAM and VIRUS Filter for GroupWise® and NetMail®

43 What is GEE Whiz? Software application designed to help administrators filter SPAM and enhance VIRUS protection for GroupWise and NetMail systems thereby securing and enhancing the end user experience. What is GEE Whiz?

44 Two versions available to meet customer needs: Version 1.4 for NetWare and Version 2.0 for NetWare / Windows / Linux Increased detection accuracy from improved “Textual Classifier” 4 layers of protection: GWIA, SMTP, MTA, Mailbox, Use GroupWise as a Quarantine for greater flexibility “Suite” approach to bundling layers of protection Three SPAM ID thresholds makes for ultimate flexibility Why Customers need GEE Whiz? Why Customers Need GEE Whiz?

45 High performance running directly on GWIA or as SMTP stand-alone Low acquisition cost leads to fast ROI Will work with all major AV software to enhance AV detection Matches competition feature for feature in core functionality (White lists to/from, Blacklists to/from, Apply/Do Not Apply lists, attachment recognition and filtering, works with existing AV software) Additional hardware is NOT required Very fast and easy installation and updating process both now and V2.0 Easy browser based administration The Best Way to Sell GEE Whiz

46 Internal scripting language for customized mail handling within GEE Whiz. Users can define their rule processing order Statistics reporting Rules and the application now Auto-update Use GroupWise as a Quarantine for maximum search ability and ease of use Ongoing development at the leading edge includes working closely with open source AV vendors 5-user NSBS version is FREE to help smaller customers grow The Best Way to Sell GEE Whiz

47 Omni Unique Selling Advantage

48 Partner Value Proposition More Opportunity – “All the Best Parts” Better Value Proposition Maximize Shared Revenues Omni’s Unique Selling Advantage

49 Customers are looking for solution providers who offer “single point of contact” solutions that satisfy a broader range of needs in their mixed network environments. Our dedicated resources work with yours to ensure that every one of our “shared” customers receives the very best support and service. Partner Value Proposition

50 Typical 3000 User Corporate Customer Sale eControl/EMU: $ 15,000.00 GEE Whiz: $ 48,000.00 CCUWeb: $ 1,000.00 GWMerge: $ 500.00 Total: $ 64,500.00 20% Commission: $ 12,900.00 Reseller Typical Sale Summary

51 Offer a breadth of products that are strategically complementary and leverage and extend the life of your customers’ existing infrastructure and software investments. Maximize Shared Revenues channel partners can generate significant revenue Maximizing Shared Revenue

52 At the same time, Omni products lend themselves to getting “deep” into customer environments by servicing the larger and more profitable niche market of “mixed Network Operating\ Systems and Messaging”. Maximize Shared Revenues channel partners can generate significant revenue Maximizing Shared Revenue



55 85% of North America economy is made up of Small Business. Novell recognizes this and provides Maximizing Shared Revenue

56 Typical 100 User Small Business Customer Sale GEE Whiz: $ 1,800.00 CCUWeb: $ 500.00 GWMerge: $ 500.00 Omni Mobile: $ 3,800.00 Total: $ 6,600.00 20% Commission: $ 1,320.00 Typical Small Business Sale

57 Omni products are strategically complementary to allow partners “deep environment” penetration potential within their target customer base. Omni offers is Channel Partners an opportunity to generate significantly more revenue than single solution sales. Maximize your revenue potential by increasing the value you deliver to satisfy the needs of their customers. Competitive Advantages leveraging this impressive combination of products Competitive Advantages

58 Omni products leverage and extend the life of your customer’s existing infrastructure and software investments Omni is quick to market in high-growth business need areas for commercial, government and education-based customers Customers are willing to pay for Omni products to relieve pain Competitive Advantages leveraging this impressive combination of products Competitive Advantages

59 Lets Get Started!

60 Trial software for customer NFR software for reseller Reseller support website including access to product collateral Customer tech support: Phone, Forum, email Extensive ongoing market development by Omni, Trade Shows, industry magazine advertising, list sponsorship, customer promotions and give-aways. Dedicated training seminars for customer and reseller Co-presentation to customer on reseller behalf AND….. How Omni works to help you sell How Omni Works to Help you Sell!

61 Download and Print: pdf’s and ppt’s from our Website Print Collateral Starter Package: 10 copies of our 32 page Omni Guide / NLD guide Qualified Regional Leads: Brainshare2005 / Survey Customers / Downloads Omni Channel Partner Toolkit

62 Strengthen relationship by offering value – Just the Right Parts! We deliver a rewarding customer experience with amazing consistency. Dedicated to your success – tool kit is now available – including a copy of this PowerPoint. Lets get it started in here! Lets Get it Started in Here!

63 Thank you

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