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The Horticulture Industry

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1 The Horticulture Industry
Introduction to Horticulture Georgia MSAGED6-5: Express knowledge of the area of horticulture.

2 Horticulture - not a new concept
began in B.C. when Greek horticulturalist Theophrastus speculated that the roots of plants absorb nutrients In the 1700s, Swedish Botanist C.V. Linnaeus developed a system for naming plants Beginning in 1843, Gregor Mendel started the basis for genetics with his pea plant experiments.

3 Horticulture Is... ...the culture of plants for food, comfort, and beauty The latin meaning of Hort- is “garden” and culture is “to grow”. It is a broad and diverse science that is divided into three areas.

4 Three Areas of Horticulture:
Ornamental Horticulture Olericulture Pomology

5 Ornamental Horticulture
the growing and using of plants for their beauty Divided into two areas: Floriculture and Landscape Horticulture

6 Floriculture the production, transportation, and use of flowers and foliage plants cut flowers, flowering potted plants, foliage plants, and bedding plants are produced by greenhouse growers

7 What is a foliage plant? plants grown mostly for their beautiful colored leaves and stems offices and businesses uses these plants to create an attractive interior environment

8 What is the difference between a cut flower and a flowering potted plant?
Cut flowers are sold to florists who arrange them into beautiful bouquets and sell them to the public Flowering potted plants are sold in the containers in which they grow and are used to plant in yards or as decorations in the home.

9 Landscape Horticulture
It is producing and using plants to make outdoor environments more appealing. Shrubs and ornamental trees are grown in nurseries before being transplanted. A landscaper designs, plans, installs plants, and maintains plants in the outdoor environment.

10 Olericulture the growing, harvesting, storing, processing, and marketing of vegetables.

11 Pomology the growing, harvesting, storing, processing, and marketing of fruits and nuts.

12 Is horticulture for you?
Horticulture can impact your life as a hobby, seasonal interest, or even a career. The horticulture industry is continuing to grow and develop as food production and ornamentals.

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