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Horticulture As A Career

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1 Horticulture As A Career

2 Horticulture As A Career
Objective: to obtain an overview of the Horticulture Industry and Jobs available in the field. The Word Horticulture derived from Greek Root Words: hortus cultiva Translate into English as: garden cultivation The industry has developed far beyond this simple definition. Today horticulture includes the cultivation, processing, and sale of fruits, nuts vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers. What did early “man” do to survive? How did they live?

3 The Horticulture Industry consists of 4 major divisions:
Pomology Olericulture Floriculture Landscape and Nursery Industry

4 Pomology the science and practice of growing, harvesting, handling, storing, processing and marketing tree fruits.

5 Olericulture The science and practice of growing, harvesting, handling, storing, processing, and marketing vegetables.

6 Floriculture The science and practice of growing, harvesting, storing, designing and marketing flowers.

7 Landscape and Nursery Industry
The science and practice of propagating, growing, installing, maintaining and using grasses, annual plants, shrubs and trees in the landscape.

8 The industry as a whole contributes over 50 billion dollars into the U
The industry as a whole contributes over 50 billion dollars into the U.S. economy each year. Locally: annual sales in greenhouse and nursery product in Mecklenburg County top $50 million. Across North Carolina $700 million

9 Popularity of Horticulture
Interest in plant life started on a rise in the mid-1960’s and is yet to reach its peak. A major cause for this “renewal” of interest is credited to the release of a book, “The Silent Spring”, by Rachel Carson Another contributor may have been the result of a youth rebellion to the “throw-away” world created by their elders.

10 It may have also stemmed from the development of improved plant species and better marketing from the industry’s horticultural, botanical and ecological professionals.

11 No matter the reason, there is a surge of young and old people putting a higher emphasis on the importance of the use of plant materials in their daily lives.

12 Careers in Horticulture There are various sources of employment for people trained in Horticultural Practices. High School Diploma Greenhouse Worker Nursery Worker Garden Center Employee Park Employee Golf Course Employee Floral Design Employee Lawn Maintenance Employee Irrigation Installer 2-Year Tech. School Landscape Foreman Golf Course Superintendant Groundskeeper Greenhouse Grower Tree Surgeon Propagator Irrigation Designer Nursery Manager Landscape Designer Landscape Contractor Sales

13 4-Year Degree/Higher Plant Pathologist Researcher Teacher
Landscape Architect Extension Agent Consultant Botanical Garden Education Specialist Botanical Garden Director Inspection Agent Arborist

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