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1 Stakeholder Event 2015 BASYS Presentation


3 BASYS Presentation Summary Background Principals of design Access to BASYS Moratorium Common Financial Tool Creditor Petition Debtor Application Daily Schedule / Awards / ROS Provider Cases Trustee Accounts Reviews / BRO Discharge / ROI Next Steps

4 Background Part of a wider Programme of Change covering 2013 -2016. Work packages to support new legislation - April 15. Will deliver a number of new web based systems including BASYS. Interface with third party suppliers. Interface with other interested organisations.

5 Server Layout

6 Principal of Design Allow stakeholder access. Simple to use. Collect key information once only. Wide engagement. Interface to be developed. All tasks permission based. AiB involved in exceptions only.

7 Access to BASYS Designed to allow key stakeholders access. Money Advisers / AiB / Debtors / Creditors (phase 2) / Trustees / Providers. Log-ins and passwords. Super users to control own staff permissions. Debtors able to access their cases.

8 Moratorium Covers all debt relief products. Replaces DAS Intimations. Application made on ROI. Stored for 12 months - will prevent an application. Records moratoriums on ROI. Remains on ROI for 6 weeks.

9 Common Financial Statement Should be completed before applying for any AiB product. Available on BASYS. Provides unique CFS reference. Populates bankruptcy application form. Guidance stored on website. Ensures standard information collected. Removed after 30 days if not proceeding.

10 Creditor Petitions No change from 01 April 2015. All cases received through BASYS. Existing creditor petitions will migrate. Courts developing their IT system. Enable automatic transfer of information.

11 Debtor Application Completed by Money Adviser. Help Facility. Not awarded without payment. Rules driven. Upload evidence facility. Automatic credit reference check.

12 Daily Schedule / Awards / ROS Award – notifications issued & ROI updated. Information forwarded to ROS. ROS update the Register of Inhibition and complete the date field on BASYS. BASYS updates the ROI. Next phase – web-based interface.

13 Provider Cases BASYS used from 01 April 2015. Post April 2015: functionality to administer provider cases. Migrate provider cases into BASYS. Manage cases and migrate the current in- house caseload.

14 Trustee Accounts / Reviews Mini system for trustee cases. Account workbook. Prevention of manual errors. Messaging service between AiB and Trustees. Separate Review Team. All forms and review applications (inc debtor) through BASYS.

15 Discharge / ROI Automatic discharge of MAP. Application to discharge/defer required at 10 months for full bankruptcy. Automatic issue of discharge cert to debtor. New ROI. Real time upload to ROI. Single search of all insolvency products. Creditor claim forms available in phase 2.

16 Next Steps Short Presentation. Training Events. Glasgow 3 February 2015. (Full) Edinburgh 11 February 2015. (Full) Kilwinning 19 February 2015. Aberdeen 23 February 2015. Inverness 24 February 2015. Glasgow 4 March 2015. (Full) Edinburgh 11 March 2015 WWW.SCOTLANDSFINANCIALHEALTHSERVICE.GOV.UK

17 Steve McGhee, Head of Efficiencies and Technology 0300 200 2682, 1 Pennyburn Road, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, KA13 6SA T 0300 200 2600 F 0300 200 2601 W THANK YOU

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