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BAS RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS BAS, National Treasury | February/March 2013 SCOA Roadshow.

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1 BAS RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS BAS, National Treasury | February/March 2013 SCOA Roadshow

2 AGENDA Objective; BAS Re-implementation process; and Questions. 2

3 OBJECTIVE Provide departments with an overview of the BAS Re-implementation processes. 3

4 RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSES 1.New Database Creation: BAS Team completed the setup of the new databases. 4

5 2.IT Infrastructure Configuration: Departments’ IT section to set up BAS workstation access to SCOA V4 for System Controller in order to start capturing. 5 RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSES

6 3.Integration and Interfaces: Departments to inform other source systems of the changes to the BAS interface layout; Interfaces/Layout. Interfaces/Layout Testing with other source systems should be done on request before 1 April Update PERSAL central tables (069, 052, 805, 806) – to be in place by 1 April RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSES

7 7 4.Static Data Capturing: SYSCON to capture static data. The main tasks include:  Reinstate and/or capture the Standard Chart of Accounts for all segments.  Capture Security and Workflow i.e. user ids, groups and workflows.  Reinstate Transaction Processing Rules. Continued ……………..

8  Capture Departmental Parameters.  Capture Telkom Register.  Capture Budget.  Capture Printers. 8 RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSES

9 9 5.Entities: LOGIS/IFMS Procurement Management Module (PMM) entities will be automatically created on BAS once payments are sent through; Debtor entities will be converted once the debts are converted after the March 2013 force closure date; Continued ……………..

10 10 RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSES Only BAS entities that have been used in the last 12 months will be converted programatically; and PERSAL entities will be converted programmatically from PERSAL to BAS.

11 11 RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSES 6.Debt Conversion: The debt conversion will be done after the March 2013 force closure; and Debts with a status of “Fully Paid”, “Bad” and debts with zero balances will not be converted to BAS V4.

12 12 RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSES 7.Conversion of Balances: Department will have to capture the conversion mappings on BAS; The conversion will be done once the department has done their final audit closure for the 2012/2013 financial year; and Balance Conversion sign-off will have to be sent to LOGIK Contact Centre ( ).

13 13 RE-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSES 8.LOGIS: All LOGIS commitments not finalised on BAS V3 will have to be re-committed on BAS V4 (only the balance outstanding on the commitment); and All store numbers, LOGIS user id’s and LOGIS departmental parameters will remain the same and will have to be re-captured on BAS V4.


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