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SECTION: 1 CHAPTER 12: THE ________________ ERA A New ______ in __________.

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1 SECTION: 1 CHAPTER 12: THE ________________ ERA A New ______ in __________

2 American ___________ Alexis de _______________  Visited _______ in _______, admiring The American __________ spirit and its goals of _________ and ______________.  Author wrote: _______________ in America. __________: Right to _______  More _______ men were eligible to __________  ____________ qualifications for __________ ended.  _______ turnout is nearly 80% by _________

3 Election of ___________ 1. ____________________ (Mass.)- Son of John ________, the ________ President of the _______ Graduate of __________ University. Served as _________ of _______ _____________ /_________ morals. ___________________ in front of __________, seemed _______.

4 Election ___________ 2._____________ (Kentucky) Shrewd ___________. ______________ of the House of _____________________. Not as _______________ as the other ______________.

5 Election of __________ 3. ____________________ (West) Known for his ____________ victories during the _________ of ___________. Very ___________ /known for ________________. __________________ and slave owner Born in a ______________, parents were__________ _______________. “________ ____________”

6 Election of _________ 4.______________ _____________(Sou th) Too _______ to ________________.

7 __________________ ________________ won ___________ vote, but _____ candidate won the __________, or more than _________, of the ________________ votes. The ________ of ______ had to choose from the top _________ candidates _______ was out of the running since he came in _______ place.

8 The __________ _____________ Last ____________ decided by the __________ of ____________________ Each _______ had _____ vote John Q. Adams= ___ votes Andrew Jackson= ___ votes William Crawford= ___ votes

9 The Corrupt Bargain Henry Clay was the Speaker of the House and able to influence others to vote for John Adams. John Adams was very unpopular with the American people.

10 An Unpopular President Plan for Economic Growth: 1. Called for government to pay for new roads and canals 2. Created projects to support the arts and sciences The Government turned down many of his programs.

11 Election of 1828 John Adams vs. Andrew Jackson It was not an election based on issues, but personalities of the candidates. Jackson won easily! Supporters saw it as a victory for the common people (farmers/city workers).

12 Jacksonian Democracy Major spread of political power. First Westerner to occupy the White House. Thousands came to his inauguration. Common people loved him!

13 New Political Parties National Republicans (Whigs)- Supporters of Adams and his programs for national growth. Wanted federal government to spur the economy. Supporters were eastern business people and southern planters. Many were Federalists.

14 New Political Parties Democrats: Supporters of Jackson were frontier farmers and workers in eastern cities

15 New Ways to Choose Candidates Caucus- Private meeting. Powerful party leaders held a caucus and then choose a candidate for President. Critics felt it was undemocratic--only a few powerful people could take part in it.

16 Nominating Convention Delegates from all states chose the party's candidate for President. Encouraged citizen participation in the nominating process. Citizens were encouraged to learn about the convention events and actively participate.

17 SECTION 2 CHAPTER 12 Jackson in the White House

18 Andrew Jackson Grew up in N. Carolina. Parents died before he was 15 yrs. Old. Joined the Patriots during the Rev.War at the age of 13. Became a successful lawyer. Led many victories for Americans in War of 1812. Involved in many Duels. Known for having a short temper. Enemy to the Creek Indians.

19 Spoils Systems The practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs. Jackson fired over 200 presidential employees and replaced them with his friends and supporters. Many of his supporters were rewarded with Cabinet positions, even though they were not qualified for the job!

20 Kitchen Cabinet Group of unofficial advisers). Jackson met with those close to him rather than the official Cabinet to discuss important issues.

21 Mr. Biddle’s Bank Jackson wanted to limit the power of the Bank of the United States. Nicholas Biddle-- President of the Bank of the U.S.---was a bit corrupt. Congress tries to have the charter for bank approved early. But, Jackson vetoed the bank bill!

22 Two Reasons for Veto 1. Felt the bank was unconstitutional--too much power over people. 2. Thought it only helped the rich and hurt the common people in the country. This became the major issue in the election of 1832: Jackson still beat the Whig candidate, Henry Clay. Bank of the United States closes in 1836 creating an economic crisis!!!

23 SECTION 3 CHAPTER 12 A New Crisis

24 A Crisis Over Tariffs States' rights- The right of states to limit the power of the federal government. 1828: Tariff of Abomination- highest tariff ever passed in history of Congress. Protected manufacturers from foreign competition. Good for the North(factories). Bad for the South(depended on imports).

25 Calhoun v. Webster Vice President John C. Calhoun was against this tariff! Resigned from office. Nullification- cancel a federal law that is considered to be unconstitutional. Daniel Webster- supported tariff and felt that states should not be able to nullify laws passed by Congress.

26 The Nullification Crisis Congress passed the Tariff of 1832- slightly lowered rate South Carolina- Passed the Nullification Act--declared the 1832 tariff illegal. Threatened to secede from the Union if challenged. No support--had to repeal the act.

27 Tragedy for Native Americans Indian Removal Act- law passed in 1830 that forced Native Americans to move west of the Mississippi River. Jackson actually backed the states in dealing with the Indians and their land! Trail of Tears- forced journey of the Cherokee Indians(15,000) from Georgia to a region west of the Mississippi Thousands of Cherokees died

28 The Seminoles Resist Seminole War- Conflict that began in Florida in 1817 when the Seminoles resisted removal. Led by Chief Osceola. Three Seminole Wars: Ended in 1858: Seminoles finally forced to leave Florida.

29 Martin Van Buren Becomes President after Jackson completes his two terms Panic of 1837: Economic Crisis Bank of U.S. is closed. State banks were lending $$ without limits. State banks printed more and more money not backed by gold/silver. Before Jackson left office, he ordered that anyone buying land had to pay in gold or silver. Speculators rushed to banks to exchange $$ for gold. Banks did not have enough gold/silver and were forced to close.

30 Economic Depression A period when business decline and many people lose their jobs. Depression lasted 3 years: 90% of banks closed Thousands out of work Many Blamed Martin Van Buren for depression!

31 Campaigns of 1840 (Democrat) Martin Van Buren vs. (Whig) William Henry Harrison Both traveled around land making speeches. Mudslinging- the use of insults to attack an opponent's reputation. (name-calling, half- truths, lies) William Henry Harrison wins election! 1. Created a new Bank of the United States 2. Improved roads and canals 3. demanded a high tariff

32 Death in the White House Harrison died of pneumonia. John Tyler(Vice President) becomes new President Tyler went against many Whig plans. He vetoed the new Bank of the U.S. The majority of his cabinet resigned and Tyler was thrown out of their party.

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