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Chapter 11 Notes The Jackson Era 1824-1845.

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1 Chapter 11 Notes The Jackson Era

2 Jacksonian Democracy Elections of 1824 & 1828
1) 4 candidates run for President in 1824 2) All from different regions A. Striking a Bargain 1) Jackson receives most of popular votes 2) But no one gets the Majority 3) Went to the House of Reps. (based on 12th Amendment) 4) John Quincy Adams & Henry Clay make a deal to defeat Jackson 5) Adams becomes Pres. & Clay becomes Sec. of State B. The Adams Presidency: 1) No proof of a deal ever surfaced 2) Did greatly diminish his presidency 3) Rejection of many of his proposals led to his defeat in 1828 Jackson Adams Clay Crawford

3 C. The Election of 1828 1) Republican party split into two groups: Democratic Rep. & National Rep. 2) Dem. Rep. support Jackson – support state rights & don’t trust central govt. 3) Nat. Rep – Adams – strong central govt. 4) Mudslinging was introduced in 1828 5) Other new campaign tactics that are still around today…slogans, rallies, buttons, etc. 6) Jackson easily wins election Jackson as President * Jackson was what most Americans admired: Patriot, farmer, self-made man, & war hero

4 Political Cartoons

5 A. “Old Hickory” 1) Seen as American success story 2) Got his nickname during the War of tough as a hickory stick B. New Voters 1) Voting rights were expanded to all white males 2) Women still couldn’t vote & Blacks & Native Americans had very few rights C. The Spoils System 1) Began replacing govt. workers with his supporters 2) One supporter – “to the victors belongs the spoils” 3) Became known as “spoil system”

6 Conflicts Over Land Moving Native Americans
1) West of Mississippi seen as a “wasteland” 2) White Am. felt Native Am. should be moved there & the conflict with them would end A. Indian Removal Act 1) Jackson forces this law through congress 2) Cherokee Nation refused to leave Georgia in the Supreme Court case (Worcester v. Georgia) 3) Won the case- Pres. Jackson ignores the courts ruling

7 B. Trail of Tears 1) 1834 – Congress creates “Indian Territory” – present day Oklahoma 2) 1838 – Govt. sends military to forcefully move Cherokee west * Gen. Winfield Scott & 7,000 troops 3) Trail of Tears - Nearly 4,000 Cherokee died from starvation, disease, & weather

8 Native American Resistance
1) 1832 Black Hawk led Sauk and Fox warriors back to Illinois. Federal troops slaughtered most of them 2) Seminole Chief Osceola led warriors, along with escaped slaves in fight (used guerilla tactics) to remain in Florida. After Dade Massacre they were allowed to stay 3) By 1842 – Native Am. had exchanged 100 million acres of land east of Mississippi, for 32 million acres and $68 million from fed. gov’t

9 Jackson & the Bank War Against the Bank
* Jackson saw National Bank as Bank of wealthy easterners * Controlled by Congress, but run by private bankers A. The Bank as an Election Issue 1) Becomes an election issue between Jackson & Henry Clay B. Election of 1832 1) Most citizens supported Jackson & closing National Bank 2) He is re-elected President 3) Withdraws all govt. deposits & causes National Bank to close

10 C. The Panic of 1837 1) Van Buren elected President 2) Economic Depression occurs 1) Land values drop 2) Investments decline 3) Banks fail & businesses close 3) Van Buren supports laissez-fair (govt. “hand-off” the economy) 4) Opens federal treasury – unpopular decision & leads to loss of presidency in 1840

11 A. The Log Cabin Campaign
William Henry Harrison – 9th President The Whigs Take Power A. The Log Cabin Campaign 1) William Henry Harrison runs for pres. with John Tyler as running mate 2) Becomes known as Tippecanoe & Tyler Too 3) Use log cabin as their symbol to gain support from “common man” 4) Harrison dies of Pneumonia 32 days after he becomes Pres. (shortest term of any Pres.) B. Tyler’s Presidency 1) Tyler showed a lot of disloyalty to his party & was voted out after only one term – Whigs lose power John Tyler – 10th President

12 CH. 11 Vocab Majority- More than half
Spoils System- Practice of replacing gov’t. employees with winning candidate’s supporters Nominating Convention- System in which delegates from the states selected the party’s presidential candidate Nullify- To cancel or make ineffective

13 Vocab Quiz Majority Nominating Conventions Nullify Spoils System

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