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CAREER PLANNING FOR YOUR FINAL YEAR Jenny Keaveney Careers Advisory Service 2nd June 2011 Onwards and upwards – and then?

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1 CAREER PLANNING FOR YOUR FINAL YEAR Jenny Keaveney Careers Advisory Service 2nd June 2011 Onwards and upwards – and then?

2 WHAT THIS TALK WILL COVER Why start planning now? Opportunities for graduates Choosing a career Graduate employers The selection process Finding out more

3 WHY START PLANNING NOW? Choosing the right career takes time and thought Your academic workload will increase during your final year! Many popular graduate recruiters have early deadlines for graduate jobs and undergraduate internships The job market is tough at the moment – and may still be tough at this time next year

4 Just some of the options open to graduates in any subject Advertising Arts administration Broadcasting Computing/IT Finance Guidance/Counselling Heritage Work Information Management Journalism Management Consultancy Personnel Public Sector Management Public Relations Publishing Purchasing Retail Sales & Marketing Social Work TEFL Teaching Transport and Tourism

5 The Graduate Job Market in 2011 Final year students are applying for jobs earlier - 37% made at least one application in September/ October 2010 They are making more job applications – the number of applications to “top” recruiters increased by 33% in 2010-11 Over half of graduate recruiters anticipate taking on more graduates than last year

6 Graduate opportunities – what’s up and what’s down Investment banking “Green” energy Computing/IT Human resources Accountancy Risk management Telecommunications Fast food Public Sector Police Armed Forces Teaching Pharmaceuticals Law

7 Which employers recruit graduates? Large commercial organisations: –Manufacturing companies –Service sector: financial, legal, IT etc Public sector organisations Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

8 Just a few of the employers who recruited a 2010 Kent graduate Royal National Theatre Lloyds Banking Group European Commission JET Programme Tate Britain Pricewaterhousecoopers Morgan Stanley IBM Logica Full details of Kent graduates’ destinations at

9 When do they recruit? Large commercial organisations: –begin recruiting at the start of the academic year – or even earlier! –may have closing dates in Nov/Dec Public sector organisations –Those still recruiting do so early, as above, e.g. the Civil Service Fast Stream or the ngdp Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) –When they need somebody! May not advertise.

10 How do they recruit? Large commercial organisations: –advertise through graduate websites and directories –Usually have their own application forms Public sector organisations –Major schemes, e.g. the Civil Service Fast Stream or the ngdp recruit as above –other positions advertised on specialist websites eg or their own site –Application usually by application form - online, downloadable or paper

11 How do they recruit? SMEs and media-related organisations: –Only rarely have a “graduate recruitment scheme” –Some exceptions: Reuters; Financial Times; Macmillan; Pearson Publishing –You will need to network and make speculative applications by letter and CV –Will look for relevant experience and a commitment to their area of work

12 The Selection Process Application Form or Curriculum Vitae + Covering Letter then Interview(s) perhaps Selection Centre

13 So where do you start? Think about yourself –your subject –your skills –your interests –your strengths and weaknesses –your personal circumstances –your likes and dislikes

14 WHAT NOW? 1)Think about yourself, what you want from a career and which careers might offer this, using: –Prospects Planner –Choosing a Career booklet or website

15 WHAT NOW? 2) Research careers and employers - who offers the jobs you are looking for? - what are they looking for? - how and when do they recruit? - can you get any relevant work experience with them? How to get to the top of the pile in a very competitive market place? Do your homework. Research, Research, Research. (Carl Gilleard, AGR)

16 WHAT NOW? 3) Use your vacation: get experience to help your application stand out: - paid or voluntary - does not have to be relevant to your preferred career or employer - anything that shows your skills or has something original about it will help your applications

17 USEFUL INFORMATION SOURCES Finding out about employers: Prospects GET TARGET guides Inside Careers All available in Careers Advisory Service or on the web See also

18 OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION SOURCES Working in Kent Specific areas of work – from Accountancy to Youth & Community Work Postgraduate Study Alternatives

19 THE CAREERS ADVISORY SERVICE ….. is open throughout the vacation Careers Information Room Careers Advisers – book an appointment or just drop in Networked PCs and IT resources Open 9-5, Monday-Friday or email us: – or phone 01227 823480/1

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