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Vaccinations for Kids.

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1 Vaccinations for Kids

2 By: Jacklyn Crews, Clara Henderson, Adin Monroe, Marty Higgins, Ellie Sims, and Keenan Hays

3 Home Page Chickenpox Flu Measles Polio Shingles Tetanus Directions: Choose which vaccine you would like to know more about. Click on the button or icon. Credits

4 Meet Caleb Chickenpox He’s a common virus in the USA
You get it from direct contact from somebody that already has it. It enters through your veins and takes over the blood cells. Your immune system fights Caleb but doesn’t always win.

5 Chicken pox vaccine The ingredients of his vaccine are gelatin, monosodium, glutamate, neomycin, sucrose, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dibasic dodecah hydrate, bovine (cow), potassium phosphate chloride, human diploid cells ethylenedia minetetraacetric acid, and glutamate. You get the vaccine In first months of age , 4-6 years of age, last two shots with 4-8 weeks between each shot.

6 Good things about the vaccine-Reasons you should get the Chicken Pox shot
The vaccine stays in your body for 20 days. It fights the virus and makes sure it doesn’t get to any important places in your body, including the Nervous System.

7 Bad things about the vaccine and virus – Reasons you might not get the Chicken Pox shot
The side affects are redness, pain, swelling, fever, bumps, and very rarely seizure. If not treated you could be severely damaged in and outside of your body.

8 Meet Fred Flu Meet Fred Flu, he is a common virus in the USA. Fred’s virus makes you sick and you have headaches. Symptoms are headache, runny nose, fever, and cramps. Experts think that flu viruses are spread mainly when people cough, sneeze or talk on other people. It can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby could inhale it into their lungs. Sometimes a person might also get flu by touching an object that has flu virus on it and then touching their own mouth or nose.

9 Flu vaccine: Fred has a main enemy : the flu vaccination. The FDA or government provide you with this vaccine and also decide whether to make it at factories. Here are some ingredients to the vaccination: Beta, propiolactone, neomycin, polymyxin B, sucrose, thimerosal, mercury, sodium, phosphate monobasic, and chick embryo. As soon as the flu vaccine is available people can get it and it takes two weeks for the vaccine to get into the body once a year.

10 Pros…Reasons you should get the Flu shot
The pros of having this vaccination are: It stays in you for up to 12 months It can reduce visits to the doctors by 60% You don’t have as many times getting the flu or missed work or school As well as dying and going to the hospital.

11 Cons…Reasons you should not get the flu shot
The side effects of taking this vaccination are, runny nose, wheezing, vomiting, muscle aches, and fever.

12 Measles Meet Max Measles.
It is spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or shares food or drinks.

13 Measles Vaccine The ingredients in the vaccine ingredients are sorbitol sodium phosphate, sucrose, sodium, chloride, hydrolyzed gelatin, human albumin, fetdl bouine serum, neomycin, other buffer + media ingredients, other: vaccine/medicines can damage or harm people’s life and health.

14 Pros: Reasons you should get the measles vaccine
The Measles vaccine stays in you for ten years

15 Cons- Reasons you should not get the Measles vaccine
The side effects of Max Measles vaccine is… Difficulty in breathing and swallowing Hives Itch mostly in hands and in the feet Redness in skin mostly around the ears Swelling around eye, face, or inside nose Unusual tired and sleepy

16 Meet Polly Polio Polio can cause paralysis and death, most of people who are infected with the poliovirus don't become sick and never know they've been infected with polio. Poliovirus can be spread through dirty water and food or through direct contact with someone infected with the virus. Symptoms of polio are: Fever, Sore throat, Headache, Vomiting, Fatigue, Back pain, Neck pain or stiffness in the arms or legs, Muscle weakness or tenderness, and Meningitis

17 Between ages 4 & 6 when children are entering school
Polio Vaccine: To make the vaccine to keep you safe from Polly Polio you will need phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde neomycin, streptomycin, polymyxin B, and residual calf serum. Most children get four doses at: 4 months Between 6 & 18 months Between ages 4 & 6 when children are entering school The people who decide you get Polly Polio is the government and the FDA.

18 Pros…Reasons you should get the Polio shot:
Polly Polio vaccine stays in your body for at least 2-4 months. If you are an adult that has had the polio vaccine and you are planning to travel to an area where polio is occurring, you should receive a booster dose of inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV). Immunity after a booster dose lasts a lifetime.

19 Cons…Reasons you might not get the Polio shot.
The side affects for Polly Polio vaccine are hives, itching especially of feet or hands, reddening of skin especially around ears, swelling of eyes, face, or inside of the nose, unusual tiredness or weakness, fever over 102 degrees Fahrenheit, irritability, loss of appetite, itching of skin, rashes, soreness, hard lump, tenderness, or pain at the place of the shot.

20 She is a virus that can be found in the USA.
Meet Sally Shingles, She is a virus that can be found in the USA. The symptoms for Sally Shingles are: Redness Pain Tenderness Swelling Itching Rash

21 Shingles Vaccine: What it’s made of, who controls it, and when to get it…
To make the vaccine to keep you safe from Sally Shingles you will need, Sucrose, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, sodium chloride, monosodium L. glutamate, sodium, phosphate dibasic, potassium, phosphate, monobasic, potassium chloride, residual components of MRC cells ( DNA protein) neomycin, and bovine calf syrup. The people that decide if you get the vaccine are the FDA and the Government to make sure you do not get Sally Shingles. For the Shingles, you need to get vaccinated at the age of 60. Children do not get the vaccine.

22 Pros: Reasons you should get the Shingles shot…
When you get Sally Shingles, she will stay inside your body for the rest of your life. You should get the Shingles vaccine so then, you will be safer from getting Sally Shingles.

23 Cons: Reasons you might not get the Shingles shot
The side effects for Sally Shingles are Redness Swelling Rash Fever Nausea Depressed Headache Hard time Swallowing To develop the Shingles, you first have to get the Chickenpox. You can not get the Shingles without first develop the chickenpox. One in three people will end up getting Sally Shingles in their entire lifetime.

24 Meet Ted Tetanus Meet Ted Tetanus also called Larry Lockjaw , when you get a cut or wound there is a chance you could get him. Meet Ted Tetanus the deadly virus.

25 Tetanus vaccine: To make the vaccine to keep you safe from Ted Tetanus you need Aluminum , Hydroxicells, Potassium, Chloride, Neomycin, Polysorbate, Sulphate, Calcium Chloride, Sodium 80m, Sodium Chloride, Deoxycholate, Neomycin Solphate, Formaldehyde, Beta, Propiolocation. The Government/FDA decides you get the vaccination for Ted Tetanus.

26 Pros: Reason you should get the tetanus shot…
To get rid of Ted Tetanus you need you get a shot or nasal spray so it will kill Ted Tetanus. The vaccine to kill Ted Tetanus stay in you for up to 10 years and protect you from getting the virus.

27 Cons: Reasons you should not get the Tetanus shot…
Here are the side effects for Larry Lockjaw, Redness Swelling Rash Fever Nausea Depressed Headache Hard time Swallowing Meet Ted Tetanus, when you get a cut or wound there is a chance you could get him. You need to get vaccinated every ten years so you don’t get the common disease Ted Tetanus.

28 Credits... www.Worldbookonline
Books Cramer, Ann. The random House Children’s Encylopedia,

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