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Data Storage Strategy Brian Boyle Network Services Manager HEAnet.

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1 Data Storage Strategy Brian Boyle Network Services Manager HEAnet

2 Introduction Context Data Storage services Centralising service The case for NREN involvement HEAnet’s activities

3 Context Client expectations International developments – TF-Storage Survey – Requirements gathering Lead to multiple strands – Quick, cheap / Expensive, hi-spec – Not homogeneous – Many users – Research, ICT, Students…

4 International context Terena TF-Storage Working Group – Open to all – Mainly NREN and IT Services – Appearances by Storage Vendors Cloud Providers, Hardware people, etc Many examples of: – National Data Storage – IaaS by NRENs for IT Services

5 International Summary: Data Storage: – Is very complex & expensive – Not usually a core activity …but could easily take up this role! – Needs a lot of work Procurement System Administration End user support …

6 Centralised service There is a market for Centralised Storage. Why? Economy of scale Elasticity of supply High end functionality Good hosting environment Better administration Lower risk for data

7 NREN Service Why would an NREN get involved? Excellent network Sustainable trust relationship Client has strong influence Similar funding environment Cheaper than commercial offering – Tailored SLA, lower power costs, no profit margin – Leverages existing assets – No surprises

8 Data Storage Services Tightly coupled – High speed disk, bus, fast CPU Loosely coupled – Client/Server, local network Very loosely coupled – Widely separated client/server

9 The Solution Spectrum

10 HEAnet’s Storage Services Data Centre Storage – Data Centre users – Very highly scaleable – High Functionality – High Quality Today: Applications – FileSender – Media Hosting Tomorrow: Storage as a Service

11 Future? HEAnet’s planned pipeline:  Data Storage as a service  Procurement framework – On behalf of clients – Goals: Enable equipment procurement Attract cloud vendors Simple best practice – Based on client survey

12 Service Overview

13 Client Motivation (recap) Client would like; – Lower cost, more flexibility – Eliminate capex, depreciation – Reduced administration cost – Lowering risk So the provider must: – Build costs into service charge But users are comparing to raw storage – Building good commercial relationship But procurement rules can be tricky

14 Provider motivation (recap) Why else is in NREN interested? – Stay close to client – Build services that use the network – Add extra value without inordinate increase in cost – Alignment with stakeholders/funding

15 Cloud Challenges Cloud storage & Procurement – “Round peg, square hole” – Definition of “Cloud” Business model? Another name for managed service? – Offerings are very different Comparisons are difficult – Ireland is a small market

16 Next Steps Agree procurement requirements RFT specification Outline vendor contract Framework model Publication, evaluation, award Ongoing framework model – Lasts for 4 years – Support starts from delivery date

17 Conclusions NREN Clients require storage – Huge variety to requirements They would like NREN’s involved NREN’s have a strategic role to play – Great use for excellent networks – Part of solution, not whole of solution Services will be long term – “sticky”

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