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CITY OF IOWA CITY DOWNTOWN PARKING. GENERAL INFORMATION Presenters:Geoff Fruin – City Manager’s Office Chris O’Brien – Transportation Services Sessions:Monday,

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2 GENERAL INFORMATION Presenters:Geoff Fruin – City Manager’s Office Chris O’Brien – Transportation Services Sessions:Monday, December 10, 2012, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm Location:Iowa City Public Library – Meeting Room A Geoff Fruin356-5013 Chris O’Brien356-5156

3 AGENDA 1.Background 2.Parking System Overview 3.Improving Access to Parking 4.Enhance Convenience for Users 5.Encourage Turnover of On-street Spaces 6.Entice Customers into Parking Structures 7.Additional Changes 8.Summation 9.Timeline Moving Forward 10.Questions and Discussion

4 PARKING SYSTEM OVERVIEW 5 parking structures, 7 surface lots, 1150 parking meters Over 4300 spaces 1974 parking permits 115,000 citations issued annually 75,000 expired meter citations 45,000 warning citations 1,500 citation appeals (46% are overturned )

5 PARKING SYSTEM OVERVIEW Parking system is a business enterprise fund Self-supporting, revenues are used to cover parking expenses No property taxes are used to support parking operations Parking revenues are not used to contribute to the General Fund Total Revenues = $5,350,000 Total Expenses = $5,135,000 Changes in the system must be revenue neutral

6 BACKGROUND Approached by Iowa City Downtown District (ICDD) about parking in downtown Iowa City Multiple meetings with ICDD members to present the parking system overview Ongoing discussions about ways to improve the system Established list of priorities for the ICDD Improved access ( Better information for users ) Enhanced convenience ( More convenient payment options ) Encourage turnover of on-street spaces ( Enforcement practices ) Entice customers into facilities ( Rate structure ) Establish mechanism to promote parking ( Improved marketing efforts ) City developed plan to address priorities Maintain solvency of parking system Utilize best practices and research other parking models

7 PROBLEM: ACCESS TO PARKING Information about parking difficult to obtain Customers circling block “hunting” for a parking space Lack of sufficient way-finding signage No permit access if structure is “FULL”

8 IMPROVE ACCESS TO PARKING Don’t make people work for parking… Push “real-time” parking information to the customer Rates, occupancies, locations Provide parking system information in the structures Way-finding Marketing materials

9 IMPROVE ACCESS TO PARKING Permit only lanes Allow access to permit holders…even when signs say “FULL” …make parking work for downtown

10 PROBLEM: INCONVENIENT FOR CUSTOMERS Coins only…really?? No one carries change Do you take…plastic?? Credit cards not accepted on-street Is there an app for that?? Mobile technologies for payments and parking info. Merchants end up “feeding” meters for customers

11 ENHANCE CONVENIENCE FOR CUSTOMERS Allow variety of payment options Cash Coin Credit Card And…

12 ENHANCE CONVENIENCE FOR CUSTOMERS Mobile Applications Where can I park? Pay by cell – on-street Coming soon to a parking structure near you… Pay by cell – off-street “Starbucks” app

13 PROBLEM: LACK OF TURNOVER ON-STREET Citation structure promotes lack of turnover Multiple warnings Three citations for $5…could happen Parking grid-lock after 5:00pm Limits business activity Frustrating to short term visitors Leads to “hunting”

14 ENCOURAGE TURNOVER Keep it moving Enforcement policies Hours of enforcement Expand to 9:00pm in downtown core Citation fines CurrentProposed$0 $5$7 $10(2)$12 $15(2)$15 $20(2)$20$25 *Reset every 6 months*Reset every 12 months

15 PROBLEM: NO INCENTIVE TO PARK IN STRUCTURES Aesthetics Structures need a facelift Potential spaces for marketing Walls, parking booths, elevators, etc. Rate Structure Same rates on-street ($.75/hr.) as off-street ($.75/hr.) After 5:00 pm, on-street parking is free and not enforced

16 ENTICE CUSTOMERS INTO PARKING STRUCTURES Improved aesthetics Better lighting Enhanced appearance Marketing opportunities Public art opportunities

17 ENTICE CUSTOMERS INTO PARKING STRUCTURES Differentiate rates on-street vs. off-street Downtown core $1.50/hr. from $.75/hr. High demand, non-core $1.00/hr. from $.75/hr. Non-core $.75/hr. from $.50/hr.

18 ENTICE CUSTOMERS INTO PARKING STRUCTURES FIRST HOUR FREE Applies to parking structures Capitol Street, Dubuque Street, Tower Place, Court Street Trans. Center Hour one…$0 Hours 2+…$1 per hour Replaces Park-n-Shop Program Everyone gets the benefit that parks in structures, less confusing to customers Lower cost for the average stay Average stay in parking structures is three hours Cost for 3 hour stay would be $2.00 vs. $2.25(current rates)

19 ADDITIONAL CHANGES Increase contractor hood rates from $12 to $20 and limit the number of contractor vehicles allowed per block Increase annual moped/scooter/motorcycle permit rates Install access and revenue control equipment for Court Street Transportation Center Structures to be access and revenue controlled 24/7 Expand parking meter zones

20 SUMMATION FIRST HOUR FREE Technology, technology, technology Make parking simple

21 TIMELINE MOVING FORWARD Public input sessions on December 10 th and 12 th Accepting feedback at through December Budget public hearings will be held in early 2013 Capitol projects taking shape in Spring 2013 Smart meters Mobile applications System enhancements go live July, 2013


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