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Extended Parking Hours City of Austin Policy Proposal.

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1 Extended Parking Hours City of Austin Policy Proposal

2 The lack of on-street parking during the evening hours and Saturdays in downtown Austin has been a complaint by businesses, their patrons, and visitors to Austin for years. Whats the problem?

3 6 th St Austin Ex. Dir 2 nd St District Ex. Dir Original Austin Neighborhood Association, Board Members Austin Race and Event Directors Association representatives Texas Bar and Nightclub Alliance Director Hotel/Motel Association, President Greater Austin Chamber Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association President and board members Old West Austin Neighborhood Association, President West Austin Alliance, President CB Richard Ellis/AMPCO parking companies T. Stacy and Associates University of Texas Area Churches Austin Restaurant Association President Stakeholder Outreach : on extended parking management

4 Capacity Rate on-street parking capacity both in the day and evening. Valet Does valet use too many on-street parking spaces ? Day: 77% Evening: 91% say poor to fair 78 percent say YES, valet use too many on-street spaces Employees Is there enough on-street parking for employees and customers? Residents Do you have access to off-street parking for you & guests in the day & evening? 82 percent say NO Day: 43.5% Evening: 52% say not enough Stakeholder Survey

5 Increase turnover of on-street short-term parking in central Austin during active use times (evenings and Saturdays) Capture expanded revenue potential for transportation and parking initiatives Increase market viability for off-street public parking offered by private vendors Improve management and enforcement of on-street parking by funding additional parking officers into evenings, Saturdays Extend enforcement of regulations into non-metered areas with additional eyes for Austin Police Department Address valet parking issues in the downtown Policy Goals

6 Adjust parking management hours to an 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. time period city-wide (currently 8:30 to 5:30) –More consistent with State meters –Previous Austin operations (1955 to 1988) Extend management of on-street parking for Saturdays city-wide (creates turn-over in high demand locations and allows management of special events) Extend active parking management of on-street parking spaces in downtown area to 12 midnight, including Saturdays –Proposed evening and Saturday management area defined as IH-35 to Lamar Blvd. to Cesar Chavez to 10 th Street –No change in rate – still $1 per hour Expand enforcement capabilities to manage larger parking issues. Policy Proposal

7 Revenue increase (first 12 months) from meters –Extended M-F to 6pm$ 204,000 –Extended Sat. 8am to 6pm$ 808,000 –Extended DT M-S 6pm to Mid$2,125,000 Estimated revenue increase to General Fund (first 12 months) from citations –Extended to Sat. 8am-6pm:$ 295,000 –Extended DT meters 6pm-Midnight:$ 890,000 Total: $3,137,000* Total: $1,185,000 * Before expenses (first year expenses: $1,679,405) Estimated Revenue Increase

8 Revenue Allocation Downtown Reinvestment (40% of gross revenue) Way finding system Capital Projects (sidewalk replacement, street r econstruction, streetscape, etc. Increased downtown maintenance (sidewalks, streetscape) Transportation Management Association creation –in partnership with DAA, Travis County and CMTA Transit operations and transportation demand mgmt. initiatives First year implementation costs Parking Enterprise $ 680,000 –Additional parking enforcement, equipment upgrades, and maintenance Transportation Initiatives $ 190,000 –Circulation/mobility/signal timing Total Funding: $2,070,000 Total: $1,200,000

9 What have we heard so far? 4 Subcommittee meetings and a Public Hearing were facilitated by ATD staff between December and February. From these meetings, we have heard and responded to the following comments: –Concerns of increased drinking and driving related to Saturday hours –Parking options for downtown employees, musicians –Availability of downtown off-street parking facilities

10 Policy Considerations Employees To help accommodate evening employees currently utilizing free on-street parking, the Parking Enterprise is working with Downtown Austin Alliance, downtown employers, and parking garage owners to arrange options for safe off-street parking at a reasonable rate and centralized location. Music Venue Time Limits The enterprise supports the idea of creating viable parking options for performers, and will continue working actively with the Music Commission on this issue. Discouraging Impaired Drivers The enterprise will hold citations for vehicles left overnight with proof of receipt for use of alternate modes of transportation (taxi, bus, etc.). The enterprise will provide public education materials on responsible driving in conjunction with dismissals.

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