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Downtown Parking Study City of Meriden Prepared by Fuss & O’Neill.

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1 Downtown Parking Study City of Meriden Prepared by Fuss & O’Neill

2 2006 Downtown Parking Study Study Area

3 Introduction Update to the 2006 Study based on: Current TOD opportunities Zoning changes Economic development conditions Report is separated into 2 main sections: Short-term improvements Long-term improvements Each section covers 3 areas: Infrastructure Policy Management

4 Short Term Recommendations Infrastructure Parking Lot on Hanover Street Scheduled for flood relief project = loss of parking spaces Recommendation - Restripe & revise islands to minimize loss of spaces Police Department utilizes lot for vehicle storage Recommendation – Remove non-essential police vehicles to make it clear this is a public lot Parking Lot on Church Street Currently 65 available parking spaces Recommendation – Formally designate it an MXCC lot College should pay to lease lot or spaces Provide students with parking tags Upgrade the lighting and install emergency call boxes

5 Short Term Recommendations Infrastructure Signing: Provide clear, consistent signs at each municipal lot – Free or Fee? Provide clear consistent way-finding signs to the lots Replace on-street parking signs spaces - 2 hour limit loading zones -15 minute limit

6 Short Term Recommendations Infrastructure Additional Recommendations: Continue to pursue bump-out removals to increase on-street parking Property acquisitions to provide interim parking lots Short-term parking agreements for under-utilized sites Study of the Church Street garage for possible added deck or demolition and rebuild Study of a possible new garage on the lot bordered by West Main, Butler, Hanover and South Grove Streets

7 Short Term Recommendations Policy The City has initiated 3 month trial of a shuttle bus around downtown area (updated) Success of trial may warrant additional lots outside the downtown area From Cross Street P P P P 3 7 1 2 6 4 P 5 P

8 Short Term Recommendations Policy MXCC: Address concerns about parking raised by students Determine where spaces are or will be designated Collect revenue from the college Promote alternate modes of transportation On-line Information: Clear, concise details about public parking should be on City’s website Easily accessed from City homepage Include shuttle bus route and schedule

9 Short Term Recommendations Policy Shared Parking & Access Management: Different uses of spaces at different times of day Outreach/public relations campaign Promote on City website Validation Program: Currently includes over two dozen businesses City is losing revenue, but program encourages visitors Recommendation: Charge nominal fee to participating businesses

10 Short Term Recommendations Management Parking Fees & Leases: Daily fee for parking $10 -> $7 Monthly lease of spaces varies = recommend $120/space/month Standardize lease agreements Maintenance & Capital Improvement Budget: Must be established Partially funded directly by parking revenues Public Works Department should be a part of approval process Include line items for existing and future needs

11 Short Term Recommendations Management Enforcement: Need to start consistent ticketing Revenue should go toward Maintenance budget Hire ticketing personnel Increase fines Upgrade system for paying fees Increase fees for delinquent tickets

12 Short Term Recommendations Management CT DOT Parking Garage: For the Hartford-New Haven-Springfield high speed rail station Corner of Colony St and Church St Eliminates 93 municipal spaces Current agreement for 25 spaces in garage Recommendation – negotiate for more spaces Can be temporary until ridership increases

13 Long Term Recommendations Infrastructure Parking Meters: Recommendation – On-street parking become metered parking Very successful in other CT cities Done correctly, do not discourage visitors Encourages turn-over, providing more parking Parking Structures: Two studies recommended under Short Term Infrastructure Investigations should lead to construction Each garage could add 300+ parking spaces

14 Long Term Recommendations Policy MXCC: Introduce TDM program Ride share, alternate modes, incentives & disincentives for parking Identify possible municipal satellite lots Results can be geared toward other stake holders Other Considerations: “Fee-In-Lieu” policies Create new or expand existing shared parking regulations “Live Where You Work” policies

15 Long Term Recommendations Management GIS Tools: New Parking Department will need organized structure Currently utilized by Public Works Department Expand for data storage, map interface, agreements & inventory Parking Commission: Should be provided tools to operate as an Authority Secure grants for larger scale projects

16 Conclusion

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