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Beth Kelley-Snoke and Phil Smith Think Before You Pay-N-Display.

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1 Beth Kelley-Snoke and Phil Smith Think Before You Pay-N-Display

2 Several Factors Institutional Requirements Identity and Recognition Paint Schemes Signage Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Machine Locations Policy and Enforcement Marketing

3 Institutional Requirements PCI Compliance –Secured credit card option Data Communications –Hardwire Is there an existing infrastructure or do you have to build it? –Cellular Does your institution already have a contract with a vendor for cellular service?

4 Identity and Recognition Visual Continuity –Visual parking standards –Creating consistent visitor parking identity –Vinyl wrap Less expensive than customization Standard color choice limitations Ability to change wrap when needed Reflective

5 Identity & Recognition - Wraps

6 Identity and Recognition - Signage

7 Paint Scheme – Consultant’s Suggestion Blue and Green?!!!

8 Standard Paint Scheme Maize and Blue?!!!

9 Preferred Paint Scheme This is what we wanted…

10 What Works Best for Your Customers We Came To A Compromise

11 New Installation Existing Lighting

12 Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Requirements Vertical Clearance, Line of Site/Reach

13 Pressure Sensitive Keypads (ADA) Requirements

14 Installation Surface Area Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Requirements



17 Machine Locations Special Events –Enforce machines during special events? Visitors –Proximity to Facilities Consider revenue generating locations Medical Center –Revenue capture from new groups –Does machine technology suit your audience? Frequent Turnover Locations –Classes, Load Zones, Short-Term Public Event Parking

18 Machine Locations General Customer Accessibility –Visible to visitors at parking lot entrance –Proximity of machine to building or parking space –Proximity of available lighting –Geography of desired pad location Solar Powered Machines –Location with consistent direct sunlight –Monitor location throughout day/evening Building shadow –Current and future plantings that may block sunlight at different times of year

19 Policies, Rules and Enforcement Prevent policy and procedure loopholes Take staff to visit and use machines –What questions do your staff have? –Remember, they will be receiving the questions. Citations –Avoiding Citations - 100% visible, current date, not expired –Citations treated equal to meter violations or similar to “no valid permit” –Parking in permit spaces is allowed, parking in designated visitor spaces is encouraged –Disability Policy

20 Policies, Rules and Enforcement Display 1 ticket only – no multiples on dashboard If parked in student/staff space with expired ticket – considered “unregistered vehicle out of zone” citation - $50 If parked in meter/visitor space with expired ticket – considered “failure to pay meter or Pay- N-Display machine” - $25 If ticket is unreadable – considered “improper display” and photo must be taken of ticket - $20

21 Marketing Understand Customer Group –Students, Faculty/Staff, Patients Meet With Stakeholders –Those that would be heavily affected in area Pilot Program –3 Machines Installed in Highly Visible Locations Machines were utilized before signage –“Soft” Roll-Out – Issue courtesy warnings –Request Feedback Create Flyers & Additional “How to Use” Signage Pay-N-Display Parking Machine



24 Posters Hand-outs

25 Student, Faculty, & Staff Newspaper Recreational Facility Annual Publication for Facility Members

26 Instruction Sheets Outdoor Signage

27 Meter vs. Pay-N-Display Machines 4 Machines 1 Month Lapse $3,013.60 Revenue Increase!

28 What Are Customers Using to Pay? Payment Method

29 Where Does The Revenue Come From? Revenue Source

30 Estimated v. Actual Revenues Estimated Revenue - $640/month/machine

31 Questions to Ask Beforehand Pay-N-Display v. Pay-By-Space Considerations What DOES NOT come “standard” with the units (panels, electric, modems, coin, credit, cash, etc.)? Other Decisions –Modem Type –Power Source –What type of currency will you accept? –Dispense Change? –Do you need shelter enclosure? Do you have staffing trained and dedicated to servicing the units?

32 Questions to Ask Beforehand What spare parts are needed? –Batteries/chargers –Printers –Credit card reader –Ticket stock What are parts ordering lead times? –If they’re coming from Canada, expect delays…ehh

33 Things You NEED to Know Use only services that are needed – Using PIN adds 3 screens Make sure the units generate clear and concise daily reporting Understand ALL monthly fees incurred –Credit Card Clearinghouse –Cellular Modem Charge Set up alarm emails for troubleshooting –Low Battery/Ticket Stock

34 Feedback – Positive Reviews “I am very pleased with the functionality of the new Pay-N-Display Machines on the OSU Campus. They are not only innovative but very practical and easy to use. I have traveled to different states and used similar systems and appreciated the convenience of having a system that made parking a breeze…” - Von Cason Office of the Treasurer

35 Others….

36 Not So Much… “Hey O.S.U… What happened to the tax dollars I paid to maintain this parking lot? It’s BS that I have to pay 2 park!” - Cranky Customer La La Land

37 Looking Back… Determine institution requirements Understand customers groups Develop policy that fits into parking strategy Ask for feedback –Your own staff –Customers Plan, plan, plan!

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