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A Taste of Cositutti Selected Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oils From Italy Bring New Meaning To What You Eat

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1 A Taste of Cositutti Selected Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oils From Italy Bring New Meaning To What You Eat

2 Bring New Meaning To What You Eat

3 This presentation is designed to help you learn more about Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and in particular the oils that are available through The extra virgin olive oils selected by Cosituttti represent 10,000 miles and 10 years eating, traveling, shopping and cooking in Italy with our Italian family and friends

4 “ Older than meat, older than wine, a taste as old as cold water” Lawrence Durrell, Travel Writer Despite its ancient origins less than 30 years ago olive oil was relatively unheard of in the US Barely mentioned in the early editions of the Betty Crocker Cookbook Wasn’t until 1973 when Marcella Hazan published her Classic Italian Cookbook that olive oil was looked on as an ingredient in cooking

5 “can’t skimp on olive oil” Mario Batali Tenuta di Capezzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is favored by Batali and site taste tested by Cositutti during our recent September buying trip

6 “ olive oil is nothing more than an ingredient in a recipe” “The Italians approach to food is more than utilitarian. They value their food and the traditions that surround it. They feel it enhances their lives” “I just buy my oil off the shelf at the grocery store” “Not all oil is created equal. Oil off the shelf is often exposed to light, heat and changes in humidity and temperature that adversely effect the quality of the oil. So the money that you spend may be wasted” “these oils are too expensive” “A good quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil costs 40 cents a tablespoon and is high in polyphenols and heart healthy compounds” “what’s the difference where I buy my oil” “When you buy an artisan italian oil your purchase helps to ensure that the traditional flavors of Italy are protected. When you buy a knock off product, it undercuts the ability to produce a genuine product and soon the product is eliminated because there is no market” “Is being Extra Virgin really better”? “ YES, artisan extra virgin olive oil tends to be higher in heart healthy compounds with high levels of monunsaturated fats and low levels of polyunsaturated fats, high in antioxidants, vitamins and with as much Calcium as milk” Misconceptions About Extra Virgin Olive Oil

7 Food Piracy Made in Italy Made in “the hills of Tuscany” does not always mean a true Italian oil. It may refer to where the olives were pressed not necessarily where grown. Unscrupulous producers buy cheap foreign oil and blend it with local oil and label it Made in Italy.

8 Know Your Distributor Cositutti Researches and Personally Hand Selects All Olive Oils

9 So What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Highest quality olive oil you can buy Freshest oil you can buy from Tree > Milling (24 hours or less) First Pressing Never subjected to heat (cold pressed) to extract the oil No chemicals solvents used to treat or rectify the oil Mechanically not chemically produced Samples are subjected to panels of tasters to ensure standards have been met Benchmark of EVOO is low level of acidity (measure of oleic acid in oil) not more than 0.8% - a higher level of acidity indicates an oil of lesser quality (virgin olive oil has an oleic acid level of 2%, some over 3%) Less than 5% of all the oils in the world are extra virgin

10 Olive Oil is a Natural Product Variables that effect flavor and quality Oil like wine is influenced by the character of the land Choice of the cultivar (olives), ripeness of the olive at the time of picking and region all result in different flavor profiles cultivar ripeness region Climate

11 good olives make good olive oil Leccino Frantoio Olives harvested in the Fall produce a peppery, pungent oil – Tuscan Oil – higher in polyphenols with a longer shelf life Olives harvested in December-February – ripe – more mellow flavor Tuscans like a more slightly bitter finish

12 Olive Growing Regions of Italy There are over 2,830,000 acres of land dedicated to growing olives in Italy However not every region grows olives 14 different olive growing regions Each has it’s own unique oils

13 Unfiltered vs. Filtered Olive oil may be filtered or unfiltered Oil that is unfiltered looks a bit "cloudy“ and may contain a sediment This is not a defect, and is preferred by many. In Italy, this oil is described as "mosto“ Cositutti’s San Damiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an example of an unfiltered oil

14 Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Az. Ag. SAN DAMIANO di Francesca Barnato An estate bottled extra virgin unfiltered olive oil with Slow Food recognition and organic certification. TRADITIONAL, COLD PRESSED, EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL From the Northern Italian region of LIGURIA Estate Bottled Single Varietal Oil

15 Tasting Notes - Az. Agr. San Damiano Characteristics, Flavor and Taste Sweet, delicate, fruity Aromatic Cloudy, creamy Thick and velvety Taggiasca

16 DeMedici Gastronomia Extra Virgin Olive Oil A delicate, fruity and versatile oil, from Liguria, prized by chefs. Single Varietal Oil

17 Tasting Notes – DeMedici Gastronomia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Characteristics, Flavor and Taste Delicate Fruity

18 Tenuta di Capezzano Many layers of flavor describe this classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany. A light, smooth textured oil with that classic Tuscan "zing”...a near perfect balance Estate Bottled

19 Tasting Notes -Tenuta di Capezzano Characteristics, Flavor and Taste Piccante Peppery Fruttato Tuscan “zing”

20 Colli Etruschi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hand harvested by the Colli Etruschi Cooperative in the Etruscan town of Blera, this oil has a fine yet intense flavor with a clean fruity aroma. With several regional and national awards to it's credit, this oil has been described as "liquid olives"!

21 White Truffle Oil From the heart of Italy's most celebrated truffle zone in the magical woods of the Piemonte, a delicious pleasure is found, the rare white truffles of Alba. Milder than the black truffle yet reminiscent of the earth, white truffles are rich and intense with a taste of honey and garlic. A perfect combination to infuse with Umbrian Olive Oil!

22 Lake Garda Rosemary Infused Oil The mild Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the eastern shores of Lake Garda in Northern Italy make a perfect base to showcase the savory and aromatic flavors of rosemary. The essence from pressing organic rosemary creates an infused oil of exceptional quality.

23 How to Store Olive Oil Heat Light Air Store in a cool place (57 -61°F) Store in dark place (cupboard) Keep in a closed container (the bottle cap tightly screwed on

24 Looking for that One Good Olive Oil Dated Buy Extra Virgin Know Your Distributor Armonico “Gusto netto dell’oliva” Pungent Peppery Fruity Herbal Grassy Light Delicate

25 Italian Olive Oils available at Az. Ag. San Damiano di Francesca Barnato Extra Virgin Olive Oil DeMedici Gastronomia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tenuta di Capezzano Extra Virgin Olive Oil Colli Etruschi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lake Garda Rosemary Olive Oil Appenino White Truffle Oil


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