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OLIVE OIL Eric Decker. (olive oil) (olive #1) (olive #2)

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1 OLIVE OIL Eric Decker

2 (olive oil)

3 (olive #1)

4 (olive #2)

5 (olive #3)

6 History Native to Asia Minor and spread from Iran, Syria, and Palestine to the Mediterranean basin 6,000 years ago. Brought to America by the missionaries, and started in southern California.

7 (Asia Minor) Asia Minor

8 Growing Main types are Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, and Divastro. Tuscany: Sweet & Fruity Umbria: Hot & Sweet Sicily: Hot & Zesty

9 (Map of Italy)

10 Harvesting Early Harvest (Fall) –Less Oil, takes more olives –Bitter, peppery, leafy taste. Late Harvest (Winter) –More oil, but riskier due to frost –Mellow, sweet, floral taste

11 Picking Hand picked results in better quality control, but is slow Machine picked allows more olives to be pressed quicker, but quality is reduced.

12 Before Pressing… Cleaned Grinded into paste by mill Malaxation: Paste is slowly mixed to help remove oils from the paste.

13 Pressing Centrifuge, not vertical press Cold Press: Olives are not heated above 80º F. Heating degrades flavor but increases quantity.

14 (Press “Il Molinetto”)

15 Extra-Virgin Olive Oil First cold press No solvents or chemicals Low acidity (less than 0.8%-1%) Green to gold in color, but does not indicate quality. Low smoke point (~406º F) Best used cold

16 Virgin Olive Oil First cold press No solvents or chemicals Higher acidity than Extra, but must be under 2% Subtler flavor than Extra Virgin

17 Olive Oil Mixture of virgin and refined –Refined by chemical, heat, solvents, or excessive pressure Light in color and flavor Higher smoke point, use for cooking or light flavor. Acidity less than 1.5%

18 Light Olive Oil Lightest in color and flavor NOT lower in calories –Still 120 per Tablespoon High smoke point (~468º F)

19 Other Types Flavor / Blended –Blended for constancy –Mixed with other oils to decrease cost –When adding flavors like lemon, basil, etc, it’s technically “fruit juice” Lampante –Refined, for technical use only Olive Pomace Oil –Made from oil of the ground up pits, used mostly for soap.

20 Questions? The Joy of Cooking

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