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NATO and Southeast Europe Lidija Čehulić-Vukadinović.

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1 NATO and Southeast Europe Lidija Čehulić-Vukadinović

2 Bipolar System Two members of NATO (Greece and Turkey) Two members of “Warsaw Pact” (Romania and Bulgaria) Two members of Non-Aligned Movement (SFRJ and Albania) status quo

3 New world order Region is being redefined Romania, Bulgaria – towards Euro - Atlantic integration (NATO, EU) SFRJ – brakedown - war -Slovenia towards EA integration

4 During the war on the territory of former Yugoslavia, this area of the world is the most isolated part of Europe

5 The Western Balkan Year 2000. Former Yugoslavia, minus Slovenia, plus Albania Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania working on they acceptance in NATO and EU

6 Croatia Invited into NATO membership Most probably in 2009., SAD and Hungary ratified counteract

7 Bosnia-Herzegovina Unsolved question of the state sovereignty Revision of Dayton counteract

8 Serbia PfP → after fall of Milosevic Main problem political instability

9 Montenegro Riga 2006., → PfP Intensive individual dialogue with NATO Public opinion: Russia or NATO?

10 Albania Invited in the NATO 95% of population: YES to NATO

11 Macedonia Member of the Atlantic charter Was not invited because its name, exclusive

12 Conclusions Region is approaching to NATO “First step” for EU Region is not any more “black hole” Still – the most turbulent part of Europe

13 Unresolved questions Territorial (Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina) Political (Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina) Corruption The role of low

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