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The Powder Keg of Europe

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1 The Powder Keg of Europe
The Balkans The Powder Keg of Europe

2 The Balkan Peninsula

3 The Balkans/Former Yugoslavia

4 History (500s) 500s-South Slavs migrate down the Balkan Peninsula
They each set up their own Kingdom South Slavs Bulgarians Macedonians Croats Montenegrins Slovenians Serbs

5 History ( ) Ottoman Empire (Muslims) take over much of the Balkan states Austria and Hungary ALSO take over some Balkan states MAIN POINT: The balkan cultures change every time becoming more and more different with every change of power

6 Main point The balkan cultures change every time becoming more and more different with every change of power Examples: Under Muslim (Ottoman) rule, many Serbs clung to Christianity while many Bosnians converted to Islam. The

7 History (1878) Serbia breaks free from the Ottoman Empire

8 On the Eve of WW I (1914)

9 What was the spark that started WW I
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Invasion of France by Austria Hungary Assassination of the President of the US Invasion of England by France

10 The Black Hand Serbian group VERY Nationalistic
A secret society with the intent of reuniting all South Slavs territories and populations RESPONSIBLE FOR STARTING WW I WITH THE ASSASSINATION OF ARCHDUKE FERDINAND

11 After WW I With the fall of the Austro Hungarian Empire at the end of WW I (1918)the kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes is formed In 1929, renamed Yugoslavia

12 Read Communist Rule on page 320

13 During WW II, who invaded Yugoslavia
Germany Russia US Great Britain

14 The Croats cooperated with the Nazis ordering the massacre of who?
Russians Polacks Serbs Jews

15 After the war a communist leader named Josef Stalin gained control.
True False

16 Tito was a dictator who encouraged the Serbs to kill the Croats.
True False

17 After WW II was over (1946), Yugoslavia was split into 6 republics
After WW II was over (1946), Yugoslavia was split into 6 republics. Which one of the following was NOT a republic of Yugoslavia? Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Macedonia Kosovo Serbia Slovenia Montenegro

18 Look at the map on page 322

19 Bosnia and Herzegovina contains Muslims, Croats and Serbs
True False

20 Croatia only really has Croats living there.
True False

21 There were Six republics in Yugoslavia, how many major culture groups are found there?
3 4 5 6 7 8 9

22 JOSIP TITO DIES Tito dies in 1980
The Presidency starts to rotate among members from all over Yugoslavia

23 Slobodan Milosevic Milosevic begins to propose the creation of a Greater Serbia including all Serbian territories (see page 322)

24 Who do you think would object to this idea?
Macedonians Slovenia and Montenegro Croatia and Bosnia/Herzegovina Serbia

25 1991…All hell starts to break loose

26 1991…What happened??? Serbia blocked a Croat from becoming President
Croatia and Slovenia declare their independence and Serbia invades both republics UN helps reach a cease fire in June 1992 (Both Croatia and Slovenia remain free)

27 March 1992 Bosnia and Herzegovina declare independence
Bosnian Muslims and Croats back the move but the Bosnian Serbs launched a war to stop it. The Serbs attempted to destroy all Bosnian Muslims and Croats (Ethnic Cleansing)…more than 200,000 died

28 1995 US sponsors peace negotiations and a peace treaty is signed…Bosnia Remains independent United Streaming- Commander in Chief: Bill Clinton- July 1995, 700,000 killed in Balkan Massacre.

29 Also…in the 1990s Milosevic wants to wipe out the Albanian Muslims in Kosovo because of historical ties to that land (Kosovo was a self-governing province) The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is formed to fight for the independence of Kosovo. Milosevic begins campaign of ethnic cleansing against Albanians.

30 1999 NATO starts to bomb Serbia to force them to stop fighting in Kosovo. Milosevic withdraws and international officials find horrifying evidence that the Serbs had carried out tortures/massacres.

31 Fighting eventually stops
Vojislav Kostunica is elected to reform and rebuild Serbia and Montenegro (what was left of Yugoslavia) Ethnic tensions still uneasy

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