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TransNEW Project - Bucharest, 23 September 2011 Cooperation opportunities in the South Balkans & Mediterranean Region O. Gürcan Ozan TÜBİTAK

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1 TransNEW Project - Bucharest, 23 September 2011 Cooperation opportunities in the South Balkans & Mediterranean Region O. Gürcan Ozan TÜBİTAK ASSESSING, ANALYSING AND DEFINING STRATEGIES FOR REALISING NEW MEMBER STATES’ POTENTIALS IN TRANSPORT RESEARCH

2 The TransNEW South Balkans and Mediterrenean Region: - Albania - Bulgaria - Cyprus - Malta - Moldova - Romania - Turkey

3 % of Transport in GDP Country% of Transport in GDP Albania5,4 Bulgaria6,2 Cyprus9,2 Malta5,0 Moldova13,3 Romania9,8 Turkey14,1

4 Transport Industries CountryMajor Transport Industries Motor VehicleRomania, Turkey Rolling StockBulgaria, Romania, Turkey Shipbuilding, Ship Repair, Dismantling Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Turkey AeronauticsMalta, Romania, Turkey LogisticsAlbania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Moldova, Romania, Turkey Transport Infrastructure Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Moldova, Romania, Turkey

5 Research Highlights - Road 1. Albania - Road Networks and Transport Corridors - Traffic Planning, traffic flows and congestion - Control systems for road transport 2. Bulgaria - Green road transport - Eco-Driving - Urban Transport - Safety in road transport 3. Cyprus - Traffic Congestion - Enhancement of Public Transport - Road Safety

6 Research Highlights - Road 4. Malta - Sustainable urban transport - Accessibility of public transport systems - Road Safety -Road Transport Planning 5. Moldova - Road network recovery - Congestion - Road infrastructure

7 Research Highlights - Road 6. Romania - New & Advanced Materials for Motor Vehicles - Intelligent Transport Systems - Traffic management - Alternative energy technologies for urban transport systems - Advancement of freight transport and logistics 7. Turkey - Engine Technologies, including CO 2 reduction and energy efficiency - Materials for road infrastructure - Advanced Materials for motor vehicles - Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing Technologies - Safety in Road Transport - Logistics

8 Research Highlights - Rail 1. Albania - Signalling of the railways -Logistics capacity 2. Bulgaria - Safety of Railway Infrastructure, - Rail freight 3. Cyprus -Feasibility Studies for Light Rail Systems 4. Malta - N/A

9 Research Highlights - Rail 5. Moldova - New technologies and equipment for rolling stock maintenance and repairs - Railway track construction 6. Romania - Energy management in railway systems - Control systems of rail systems and vehicles - Power systems for urban electrical vehicles 7. Turkey - Railway Brake systems - Electrification of the railways - Signalisation - Low cost high performance materials

10 Research Highlights - Waterborne 1. Albania - Logistics capacity in ports -Environmental impacts of ports 2. Bulgaria -Noise & Vibration 3. Cyprus - Emission reduction - Port management 4. Malta - Advanced materials for waterborne applications - Manufacturing technologies for waterborne applications - Maritime information systems

11 Research Highlights - Waterborne 5. Moldova - N/A 6. Romania - Propulsion and stability - River navigation information systems - Capacity of the harbours on the Danube 7. Turkey - Advanced boat and yacht design concepts - Ballast Water management & Oil Spill - Environmentally friendly dismantling of vessels - Safe Transportation of Hazardous Goods - Optimal methods for hull design - Fuel cell and battery powered boats

12 Research Highlights – Aeronautics 1. Albania - Airport feasibility, - Logistics capacity of airports - Airspace management 2. Bulgaria - Contractual Relationships - Noise 3. Cyprus - Extreme weather impacts

13 Research Highlights – Aeronautics 4. Malta - Clean Flight Operations - Optimisation of flight trajectories - New Vehicles for improving passenger choice - Avionics - Cockpit applications - Aircraft Electromagnetic Environment 5. Moldova - Safety and security - New technologies and materials for the modernisation of the infrastructure and fleet - Air navigation systems

14 Research Highlights – Aeronautics 6. Romania - Aeromechanics - Aerospatial management - Noise - Advanced materials - Navigation systems and equipment - Cost efficiency 7. Turkey - Aircraft design, - Aircraft fuels, test and performance - Air transport safety - Aircraft instrumentation, - Unmanned air transport vehicles - Aerodynamics

15 Examples of the Active RTD Performers from the Region

16 Albania The Institute of Transport (ITAL) Central repository of transport sector information Transport sector policies, Urban traffic evaluation and management Road network signalling Logistics Clean urban mobility Human Resources in transport sectors

17 Bulgaria Railway Infrastructure - Holding Corp. and National Research Transport Institute (NRTI) The locomotives and wagons, Electrification of the railways, Operation of railways, Mechanization of loading - unloading operations and economics of rail transport Organization and operation of road transport, factory service and repair Organization and operation of inland waterway transport in Varna BALKAN-SAST Ltd. Train control systems Signalling systems Level crossing systems Interlocking systems

18 Cyprus The Networks Research Laboratory (NetRL) of the University of Cyprus Resource allocation and radio resource management Flow and congestion control Intelligent road transportation Traffic engineering TranSim Research Transportation Systems Planning Software development Dynamical and control systems Traffic modelling and simulation Intelligent transportation systems Logistics; Traffic and vehicle safety

19 Malta The University of Malta The Faculty of Engineering: Electronic Systems, Industrial and Manufacturing, Industrial Electrical Power Conversion, Mechanical, Metallurgy and Materials, Systems and Control The faculty of Information and Communication Technology: Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Intelligent Computer Systems, Communications and Computer Engineering, Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics Institute for Sustainable Development: Interdisciplinary research, Information Technology, GIS, enhance infrastructures, productivity and entrepreneurship.

20 Moldova Technical University of Moldova Design, investigation and repair of construction machinery Structures and methods for design and construction of roads High precision planetary transmissions Renewable energy conversion systems State Agrarian University of Moldova (UASM) New technologies and equipment in agricultural engineering Bioenergetics, maintenance of agricultural equipment

21 Romania Aeronautics and Space Research Centre Aerodynamic propulsion, control systems Flow simulation Thermo – hydraulic systems Aerospace propelling Aircraft dynamics, flight simulation and control Avionics, aviation sensors and actuators The National Institute of Aerospace Research "ELIE CARAFOLI" - INCAS Aerodynamics, Flight and Systems Dynamics, Aerospace Structures, Aero elasticity, Aerospace propelling systems, materials

22 Turkey TUBITAK MAM Energy Institute Vehicle Technologies Fuel Technologies Battery Technologies Combustion and Gasification Technologies Power Electronics Gas Technologies Automotive Technology R&D Center Vehicle performance Minimization of exhaust emission and fuel consumption Noise Chassis-body deformation

23 Overall Strenghts Experienced researchers in international collaboration There exists major challenges in transport systems: opportunities for research Strong manufacturing base: An opportunity for applied R&D - Motor Vehicle Production, Shipbuilding, Ship repair, Dismantling, Aviation companies and Aircraft suppliers, Rolling Stock Manufacturing) Large logistics hubs Diverse driver and user behaviours: an opportunity for demonstration of robustness of the transport systems. Up-to-date research infrastructe in some countries Enthusiasm of the researchers

24 South Balkans and Mediterranean Region: Ready for Cooperation!

25 Thank you for your attention !

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