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DEVELOPMENT OF THE GIURGIULESTI PORT COMPLEX. Giurgiulesti International Free Port - 120 ha, - has the status of a free economic zone - the oil terminal.

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2 Giurgiulesti International Free Port ha, - has the status of a free economic zone - the oil terminal - is operational - the general goods terminal – construction will be finished in September the grain terminal - is operational - the container terminal – construction will be finished in September the industrial zone. - Giurgiulesti Passenger Port– 0,5 ha

3 Technical specifications: A multimodal infrastructure consisting of a quay, railroad and highway, intended for connections with the Giurgiulesti International Free Port. The oil products processing capacity is 2 mil. tones per annum.

4 The oil terminal consists of a quay and 8 tanks for stocking the oil products. The quay can receive river barges and maritime vessels with a draft of up to 7,2 m.

5 The oil product terminal


7 The grain terminal The grain terminal may receive, via railway and automotive transport, up to 3000 tons of grains per day and load vessels with a capacity of holds of up to 7000 tons with a loading speed of 300 tones per hour. The terminal is endowed with modern laboratory equipment from the leading Swiss companies, that allow the exact evaluation of the quality grade of the stored commodity.

8 The grain terminal

9 Giurgiuleti International Free Port Master Plan

10 4 level Administrative Building Waste water treatment station Parking lot Boarding/Debarkation station for passengers to and from buses. Access Road Passage to Giurgiulesti Railroad Station

11 The passenger port consists of the following main facilities: Quay for berthing passenger vessels of maritime, river and mixed sea-river types, with a length of 120 m, width of 16 m, draft of 4,5 m and a passenger transportation capacity of up to 300 persons. The quay has 2 levels which are being used depending on the vessels height and the water depth level in the Prut River Cargo-passenger line Giurgiuleşti – Istanbul – Giurgiuleşti is currently operating.


13 The administrative building includes the waiting room, the room for the registration of customs and border procedures, the permanent offices of the Customs and Border Protection services, Health Service, the Department of Exceptional Status service, which are specialized in performing duty service in river-maritime ports, as well as the offices of the Port Authority and Naval and Maritime Administration of the Republic of Moldova.

14 The centre for pilot and traffic monitoring on the Moldovan sector of the Danube River and mouth of Prut River (According to the A.578 (14) and A.857(20) IMO Resolutions, requirements of the Danube Commission)

15 Under the provisions of the ISPS Code, for the Giurgiulesti International Free Port, the plan for vessels and port facilities security has been elaborated, as further approved by the empowered body – the Public Institution “Harbour Master Giurgiulesti”. As well had been elaborated and approved the Obligatory Rules within the Giurgiulesti International Free Port and the Actions Plan regarding the liquidation of accidents (the spill of oil products and conflagrations).

16 By signing, on 26 March 1998 Additional Protocol to the Convention on the regime of navigation on the Danube, the Republic of Moldova became a full member of the Danube Commission. Becoming a member of the Danube Commission, the Republic of Moldova is promoting its interests in inland waterway transport in the Danube Basin. Shipping experts from Moldova participates in meetings of the Standing Working Group on technical issues, hydro, etc. Inland waterways transport policy developments in view of Moldova’s membership of the Danube Commission

17 Danube Basin map

18 For the development of inland waterway transport in Moldova have been designed regulations governing activities in inland waterway transport; All vessels flying flag of the Republic of Moldova that navigate on the River Danube corresponding to provisions of the recommendations of the Danube Commission; Membership of the Danube Commission has allowed Moldova to revitalize the branch transport ship. Inland waterway transport in Moldova

19 Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure Republic of Moldova

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