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ENGLISH WITH MR. G Getting Started….

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1 ENGLISH WITH MR. G Getting Started…

2 What are my Responsibilities?
Come to class prepared What does prepared mean? You must arrive on time You must bring your supplies (notebook, paper, current text, writing utensil, a book of your choosing) for next week You must be responsible for what you say and do in this space

3 What do I do when the bell rings?
Get your journal/quotation log from the bucket (when required) Open your books and make sure you have all necessary supplies for class. Get your homework out (if applicable) Read the board to see if we are reading or writing today

4 Class Schedule: Minds ON
The first 5 minutes will always be independent reading / writing. You can socialize until the bell has gone, but that is your indication that class has started and you should be working silently. This is your opportunity to get focused and ready for the lesson. A seating plan will be implemented for students who cannot follow these instructions.

5 Class Schedule: Lesson
The lesson time in every class will vary, but there are some important rules that everyone will follow. There is no use of cell phones during a lesson. Period. They will adopted by my desk until the end of class. You must have your eyes on the speaker and indicate that you are actively listening to what they are saying. You must have out paper and a pen to record important notes / quotes in your log THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS! Always feel welcome to ask for clarification, but be respectful and raise your hand.

6 Class Schedule: Collaborative Work
Our working groups will change and so will your seats in the classroom. You may only use your cell phones when I have indicated that they are allowed in support of our learning. You will respect everyone’s ideas and opinions. You will develop your voice and opinions

7 Lesson Schedule: Consolidation
The last five minutes will be used to consolidate our lesson, clarify terms or ideas, ask questions and review homework expectations BELL to BELL Focus must be used to get through our course and stay on track in our calendar. This way we will have additional days for games, movies, and activities before holidays.

8 Classroom Policy As previously stated, we will devise a classroom policy together. What environment do you need to learn? Think about space, environment and support. I.e.: “I’m an athlete who has practice nearly every day before and after school, it would help me to be able to eat in class.” Or “I think best when I can listen to music while I’m working independently”

9 Getting to Know You We are all going to be working together this year from September through January. That is close to 100 hours! Let’s start on a positive note and begin with mutual respect in this space. I look forward to getting to know each of you this year! You will be expected to bring the same attitude.

10 My Main Policies You must respect our space. This includes: teachers, peers, and the classroom itself. You must be responsible. You must be honest. You must do what you are capable of. I will not accept anything less than your best work.

11 Finally… I am here to support your learning. Please always feel welcome to approach me for extra help, a deadline extension, or support. I fully understand that you each have different schedules, commitments and personal lives. I will be either in our class, the Drama Room, Room 264 during Period B MSIP, or the English office. You will be able to contact me by , on our class website, or connect with me before or after class to set up a meeting for after school.

12 Create Your Policy! Get into groups of 4-5 to come up with a list of rules you would like to see enforced in this classroom We will all agree upon our class rules and commit to upholding them Consequences will be decided upon and strictly reinforced

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