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CoreTalk in Business Examples of CoreTalk usage in Business.

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1 CoreTalk in Business Examples of CoreTalk usage in Business

2 CoreTalk a Business Management Tool A Business management Tool which utilize SMS and Internet (GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA) to deliver information. CoreTalk is a platform that allows you to: “Gather, Manage and Analyze Information” for virtually any business as well as providing other services

3 Agriculture (Small Agriculture) Agriculture is a growing business in “emerging world countries” with emerging bio-industries and food production being high requirements. The Need: – To register farmers – To assist them in growing the right crops – To manage the allocations of fertilizers & seed – To obtain early crop predictions so that marketing can “gear up” to correct levels – To provide produce pricing to farmers – To liaise with markets and coordinate requirements with farmers

4 CoreTalk and managing the small agriculture business A CoreTalk report template loaded to a cellphone so that Field staff” can use their cellphone to capture Small Cocoa Growers information. Information is sent via SMS or GPRS to CoreTalk Information is received by CoreTalk Registration Information is exported to spreadsheet or database A template is drawn up so that Fertilizer and Fungicide/Pesticide sprays can be recorded against the small Growers account and databases updated so that accounts can be resolved when crop payments are made An incoming Fertilizer and Spray request from the field. This is recorded to a database and coordinated so that the small grower can receive fertilizer and chemicals. Costs are recorded against the Growers' account A delivery record is filled in and submitted to CoreTalk from the field. This is the exported to either an excel spreadsheet or a database CoreTalk can significantly improve the collection of data from field and thus improve the whole management process of the small agriculture grower. The information can be extended to support any number of additional processes required to assist in the agricultural environment. This is an example of an “A Daily Produce Pricing schedule” for Apples in the Kabul region of Afghanistan. In this instance the pricing was received to a CoreTalk BUT in the field it is delivered directly to the farmers cellphone/mobile. The system has been adjusted to deliver pricing in the Pashtu language

5 Sales Reporting Management Sales process management a key part of most business ventures. The Need: – To record every step of the sales process – pipeline management – To qualify every opportunity – To build a leads base – To close sales and take orders Generally well qualified leads require the following: – Ensure you're talking to a decision-maker or a key influencer, at minimum. – Identify the pain. What is the need? What type of "fix" are they looking for - product, solution, services? – Quantify the potential value of an initial sale. – When do they plan to buy? Too many good salespeople have only a short-term perspective. They are less interested in sustaining or nurturing long-term opportunities. – To manage the long term pipeline management is essential to ensure nurturing of the opportunity

6 Sales Pipeline Management A report template for Sales Pipeline management is easily configured in CoreTalk. And distributed to either a cellphone/mobile or another CoreTalk. Client details are captured and sales need is identified along with Service Need and Pipeline Status. This template can be received and completed from virtually any “java” enabled phone. A sales report is received from “Ian Rundle” on the 6 th December 2008 and a note is added by the Sales Manager. From here the Sales Manager can immediately contact the field sales person and assist with the sales process. The Sales Pipeline report is completed on the cellphone (OR another CoreTalk) and submitted directly to the Sales Manager for scrutiny on completion of the sales visit CoreTalk can considerably assists in managing the sales process all the way from Sales pipeline management through to acceptance of Product Orders or Product Enquiries. It essentially enables the cellphone/mobile as a business instrument with abilities to update databases and receive reports. CoreTalk can be integrated with virtually any existing sales management process or it can stand alone to provide valuable management and analysis benefits to a company.

7 Time sheet reporting The consulting fraternity need to report time spent on client projects. This applies to Accounting, Engineers, IT consultants, Project Management etc. The Need: – To record time spent on projects and report this back to head office. – To eliminate time wasted through travelling back to head office at frequent intervals – To assist management in managing cash flows

8 Time sheet management is a function that is carried out by virtually every consulting type business. Typical businesses are: – Project Management, – Construction, – IT Consulting, – Engineering, – Advisory and Audit Accounting and – a number of other professions Time Sheet Management A time management template is designed in CoreTalk and uploaded to the company employees mobile/cellphone. Here we have a completed times sheet which will be sent to a central receiving CoreTalk Timesheet information sent via SMS from cellphone/mobile and received by CoreTalk Time sheet information exported from CoreTalk to Excel spreadsheet for consolidation and management. This could equally be exported to a management database Receiving this information timeously is invaluable to the management of these businesses. It enables regular account management and early submission of invoices. Additionally, this process generally consumes 1-2 hours of an employees time if they are required to travel to head office to deliver the information The benefits are better control and more chargeable hours due to ability to remain active on client projects

9 Police Reporting SMS is becoming an integral part of the policing scenario – it allows for ease of reporting from distant locations, is discrete and can assist in profiling of criminals In South Africa SMS is used in a number of ways including “Crime Line” reporting to a centralised receiving station and this has proven to be very successful. Additionally several police stations have there own CoreTalk for receiving and SMS and this too is very effective. CoreTalks templates allow the police and all those assisting in that realm to download a reporting template to their phone which will ensure that consistent crime reporting takes place and that the results can be analysed and crime profiled. Police investigation in the field is often not comprehensive or adequately documented. Via CoreTalk and its reporting templates this can be extensively improved. ALL incoming information can be linked to a Database for profiling.

10 Reporting via CoreTalk ensures:  uniformity and completeness of information,  accountability as all incoming and outgoing messages are date and time stamped,  Ability to profile and extract valuable, repeatable information,  Convenience as reports can be submitted from afar. CoreTalk – assisting with Policing A report template is drawn up in CoreTalk and then distributed to Police stations, police force members and business in an effort to ensure consistent reporting A report template is loaded to a police members cellphone so that they can complete a report it in field and submit immediately to central Police station for analysis Reports are received from crime scenes with sufficient detail to allow the police to profile and manage crime

11 CoreTalk in Banking SMS has become an imperative part of the banking environment. CoreTalk is able to integrate into existing banking platforms and is able to run as a service to provide SMS based banking services CoreTalk has SMPP connectivity which allows for high volume transaction levels. CoreTalk provides both “push” and “pull” services - Push being where CoreTalk monitors a database/s looking for a defined transaction and Pull being a transaction request initiated from the cellphone/mobile

12 CoreTalk in Banking Typical Push Services would include: – Periodic account balance reporting (say at the end of month); – Reporting of salary and other credits to the bank account; – Successful or un-successful execution of a standing order;standing order – Successful payment of a cheque issued on the account;cheque – Insufficient funds; Insufficient funds – Large value withdrawals on an account; – Large value withdrawals on the ATM or EFTPOS on a debit card;EFTPOSdebit card – Large value payment on a credit card or out of country activity on a credit card – One-time password and authentication One-time password Typical database “push” transactions. CoreTalk monitors a database or databases looking for defined transactions, when these are found information is sent to the designated recipient/s – in this case the account holder. Typical Pull Services would include: Account balance enquiry; Mini statement request; Electronic bill paymentElectronic bill payment; Electronic bill payment Transfers between customer's own accounts, like moving money from a savings account to a current account to fund a cheque; Stop payment instruction on a cheque; Requesting for an ATM card or credit card to be suspended; ATM cardcredit cardATM cardcredit card De-activating a credit or debit card when it is lost or the PIN is known to be compromised; PIN Foreign currency exchange rates enquiry; Fixed deposit interest rates enquiry. CoreTalk can be integrated with any banking system to deliver these services.

13 CoreTalk Services The End.

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