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CoreTalk Improving Communication and Business Processes for ALL Business.

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1 CoreTalk Improving Communication and Business Processes for ALL Business

2 What is CoreTalk A communication event manager that supports Customer Relationship Management Manages: – bi-directional person to person communication via text messaging –Mobile/Cellphone reporting –Database interrogation via a cellphone –Automated database message sending –Text to eMail, eMail to Text, SMS forwarding –SMS Promotions/Marketing And a lot more………..

3 CoreTalk – The Application

4 Who Uses CoreTalk? All Business: Finance, Schools, Agriculture, Hospitality, Municipalities, Police, Construction …… Business that wants to reach the mobile user Business that wants to utilize the mobile phone as a reporting and update tool Business that needs to communicate with non-desk bound people Business that wants to reach the widest audience Business that needs infield reporting Business that needs to promote itself All Business ……….

5 Some CoreTalk Functionality CoreTalk provides Customer Relationship Assisting abilities in that it retains a complete record of both inward and outward going Text messages; as well as database accesses made, reports received, promotions responded to etc. BUT essentially CoreTalk is a communication platform that allows a business to bring the all- pervading mobile/cellphone into the business cycle for communications, marketing and as a tool to interrogate and update business databases, complete business reporting and ensure that the business person is continually in contact with their customer base. It has benefit for all businesses as it integrates with spreadsheets, databases etc. CoreTalk integrates with spreadsheets and databases to extract information from these to include in personalised SMS messages. This is a feature used by most businesses. A personalised SMS message

6 How do they use CoreTalk Established business wanting to keep their existing systems integrate with CoreTalk in order to expand their services. Business wanting to provide mobile phones services integrate their systems with CoreTalk to provide database communication both push and pull Business that needs to update their databases from remote areas use mobile reporting (construction, Agriculture, sales….) use CoreTalk Business that just NEED to reach the broader community and manage there customer base use CoreTalk in stand alone mode. Business requiring a solution to assist with Customer Relationship Management use CoreTalk Business that needs to promote and market itself That is all business…….

7 More CoreTalk Functionality A CoreTalk report template – developed to manage oil spillage reporting Another report template that allows for ordering of product CoreTalk reporting enables every business through its ability to provide via a mobile/cellphone and another CoreTalk: financial reporting, time sheet reporting, market research, sales management, Etc. A completed Timesheet CoreTalk has an extremely versatile business reporting interface that makes use of SMS and GPRS/EDGE to deliver valuable business reporting. Report templates are wizard driven and are up loadable to mobiles/cellphones

8 How can CoreTalk be configured for Business? CoreTalk can operate in standalone mode with its own database CoreTalk can be used in a networked environment with a central database –Limitations 3-12 networked users Unable to determine who incoming text is intended for – so all users networked to THAT database are able to view As a standalone application contacts and communication can be merged with other users Can be used as a service that manages database transactions Good for Single Users, Departments and SMS/Text automated database interaction…….

9 More CoreTalk Functionality Initiating a Product Enquiry from a mobile/cellphone – A Pull transaction A response returned from the database. CoreTalk has the ability to integrate to databases in both push and pull modes. Push – when CoreTalk interrogates a database looking for a change and when this is found send a message. E.g. Bank Deposit or Withdrawal, Stock level reaches re-order level Pull being when a transaction is initiated from the mobile/cellphone. E.g. Banking Balance Enquiry, Stock Enquiry

10 How does CoreTalk Communicate? CoreTalk designed to utilize GSM network services Able to connect with networks via –GSM modems (3G, Edge, GPRS); can use multiple modems –SMPP connections which are direct links with the network –Aggregator services such as click-a-tell Utilises both Internet (GPRS/EDGE) and SMS services

11 More CoreTalk Functionality CoreTalk works for ALL BUSINESS. It brings the REACH of the GSM Network and the Mobile/Cellphone to every business.

12 Market Sectors in which CoreTalk is currently deployed.

13 What does CoreTalk do for the GSM Network

14 What CoreTalk does for the Network CoreTalk builds the Networks business base. CoreTalk increases data traffic through the Network channels CoreTalk builds Network ESTEEM with Business. CoreTalk Builds the NETWORK BRAND

15 What CoreTalk does for the Network One of the GSM Networks prime ambitions is to capture the Corporate Client. By just offering the traditional Internet based (GPRS/Edge) data services they do not differentiate them selves from other providers. CoreTalk enables the network to appeal directly to business with a multifunctional, business orientated, tool that utilises the network data services to deliver business orientated services CoreTalk has particular relevance in countries that are not well endowed with communication infrastructure as it will use the most basic messaging vehicle, the SMS/Text message, as well as the more elaborate Internet services

16 How CoreTalk assists with Network branding CoreTalk branded for one of South Africa's premier Networks. WE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU

17 Interested? Contact: Ian Rundle eMail: Mobile/Cellphone: +27 82 413 9448 OR Mark Whetton eMail: Mobile/Cellphone: +27 72 597 0573

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