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Webmaster User Group July 16, 2014 Session 10:00am – 11:45am.

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1 Webmaster User Group July 16, 2014 Session 10:00am – 11:45am

2 Webmaster User Group Facilitator: Michael Chen Web Policy Coordinator July 16, 2014 Welcome Back!

3 Agenda TopicPresenter / FacilitatorTimeframe  Opening Michael Chen5 min.  Overview of Offerings David Escobar10 min.  CA Web Publishing Alicia Johnson15 min.  Google Analytics Richard Lehman15 min.  Break - 10 min.  Accessibility Barbara Haven15 min.  State Template Richard Lehman15 min.  Q & A Michael Chen et al.10 min.  Closing Michael Chen5 min.

4 Web Roadmap Where We’ve Been Where We’re At Where We’re Going

5 Overview of Offerings Presenter: David Escobar

6 CA Web Publishing Presenter: Alicia Johnson

7 CA Web Publishing URSUS Web Content Management System Released in Winter 2009 Custom-built, interim solution Does not meet the needs of all customers Lacking modern WCMS features

8 CA Web Publishing Formal evaluation of WCMS products completed SiteCore selected as foundation of CA Web Publishing Service Highly customizable Enterprise grade solution Feature rich Currently in Implementation Phase

9 CA Web Publishing Initial release will provide features equivalent to current URSUS functionality PLUS… Configurable approval workflow Improved WYSIWYG editor for non-technical content editors Site Dashboard Content classification for improved SEO Better management of content (scheduling & versioning) Content reuse Responsive design template Easy integration with 3 rd party applications

10 CA Web Publishing Future Releases will include Additional social integration Content personalization based on user behavior or locality Advanced analytics and the ability to create marketing campaigns Features based on user feedback

11 CA Web Publishing Advantages of CA Web Publishing Service Enterprise features Painless template updates Scalable, redundant architecture OTech provided training Economy of scale

12 Google Analytics Presenter: Richard Lehman

13 Google Analytics (GA) 2010 – GA: New Shared Service

14 Google Analytics (GA) 2011 – Urchin customers migrated to GA

15 Google Analytics (GA) 2012 – State-wide GA Dashboard

16 Google Analytics (GA) Google has extended the product

17 Google Analytics (GA) Track how users flow through your site

18 Google Analytics (GA) View visitor location by map or city list

19 Google Analytics (GA) Watch traffic in real time!

20 Google Analytics (GA) 127+ State Agencies using GA Exploring options for further utilization Increasing “executive level” requests for GA reports – especially in the area of mobile

21 Google Analytics (GA) Note: mobile is over 30% of all traffic on State sites and is still growing!

22 Google Analytics (GA) Development of a standard GA embed script that addresses: – Your website analytics – State-wide analytics – Tracking file downloads (PDFs, etc.) – Filtering out last 3 digits of IP address

23 Google Analytics (GA) Encourage further State Agency adoption Encourage more use by mobile applications

24 Google Analytics (GA) Future upgrade to Universal Analytics (for IoT) includes physical world: field offices, business processes, meters, traffic counters, etc. compare

25 Google Analytics (GA) Future presentations on GA usage? Willing to present at WUG? How about: – BOE: 5 dashboards – DIR: 2 dashboards – EDD: 10 dashboards – SCO: 8 dashboards – SPB: 3 dashboards WUG would love to hear your lessons learned!

26 Google Analytics (GA) Questions ?

27 10 Minute break

28 Accessibility Presenter: Barbara Haven

29 Accessibility Legislation Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973 CA Govt. Code § 11135 2010 - 21 st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA)

30 Accessibility Standards 1997 - W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) 1999 WCAG 1.0

31 Accessibility We’re in Good Shape… WCAG 1.0 transitions to WCAG 2.0 2010 - IT Policy Letter 10-10 2011 - IT Accessibility Resource Guide as State Information Mgmt. Manual (SIMM) 25

32 Accessibility Testing and Assistive Technology Better browsers and browser extensions Screen Readers Other Assistive Technology

33 Accessibility Screen Readers Example Job Access With Speech (JAWS) started in 1989 for MS-DOS WebAIM Survey of Screen Readers, most used in 2012

34 Accessibility Screen Reader DEMO m16s m16s Excerpt to be shown (less than 2 minutes)

35 Accessibility Greater understandings of people with disabilities Improved assistive technology and testing Litigation trending up Section 508 Refresh Standards

36 Accessibility Section 508 refresh and WCAG 2.0, which the state will legally follow when adopted soon

37 State Template Presenter: Richard Lehman

38 State Template 2000 HTML tables design - Ex: 2007 Fluid Design (our first CSS based design) – Ex: 2010 Large Banner, Fixed Design – Ex: 2013 A Responsive Design - Ex:

39 State Template

40 Mobile is over 30% of State Web traffic Pew Research Internet Project:  90% American Adults have cell phone  58% a Smartphone (83% age 18-29)  32% an e-reader, 42% a tablet  Siri, Google Now, MS Cortana, etc.

41 State Template  Siri, Google Now, MS Cortana, etc.  Do State websites provide answers here? watchphone later… Glasses Rings Ear buds Cars Robots Etc.

42 State Template A search result is NOT an “answer”. It is not specific and therefore the answer also cannot be “spoken”. You must go to the page and read until you hopefully find the answer.

43 State Template Here’s an answer that is “spoken”. But who actually provided the answer? Note: I could not find any “spoken” answers from State websites!

44 State Template So what websites provide exact answers to Siri, Google Now, and Cortana? Semantically designed sites do!

45 State Template – Mobile! 1. Mobile Demands a “Re-Architecting” of the State Template:  – schemas recognized by search providers. Example template elements:  NewsArticle, Event, Map, AboutPage, ContactPage, ProfilePage, Person, JobPosting, GovernmentOrganization, GovernmentOffice, GovernmentPermit, GovernmentService, ServiceChannel, PostalAddress, OpeningHoursSpecification, etc.

46 State Template – Mobile! Note: a quality content management system (CMS) can further augment the new State Template with even more specific “business language” oriented semantics:  Technical Reference:  Linked Data in HTML, RDFa –

47 State Template – Mobile! 2. Semantic Design Aspects (look & feel & layout):  Bootstrap – industry “mobile first” framework for faster and easier web development. ( The “scaffolding” elements of the site. Ex:  Dropdown-menu, button, checkbox, radio, navbar, container, breadcrumb, pagination, label, badge, page- header, thumbnail, alert, progress-bar, media, list-group, panel, viewport, blockquote, table-responsive, form, etc.

48 State Template – Mobile! 3. Minimize Future State Site Migration Efforts!  Because of a template with a stable, semantically designed architecture

49 State Template – Mobile! 4. A New Responsive Menu (Ex:

50 State Template – Mobile! New “Semantically” Designed State Template  Anticipated delivery to State Webmasters: 6 months

51 Questions ?

52 Contact: Thank you!

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