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SWAN Committee of the Whole Meeting Presented by Aaron Skog, SWAN Executive Director RAILS Burr Ridge January 13, 2015.

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1 SWAN Committee of the Whole Meeting Presented by Aaron Skog, SWAN Executive Director RAILS Burr Ridge January 13, 2015

2 GO LIVE 4/14 Start Wed 6/11/14 Finish Wed 4/15/15 Install Workflows Implementation Team 9/1 Suspend Tech Services 4/4 Start to Offline Circ 4/11 – 4/13 July 21September 11December 21February 11April 1 Project Prep SWAN Core Training 9/15 - 1/16 3rd Party Int. Enterprise Config. SVA In Person Library Staff Training 2/3 - 4/10 Install Symphony Production Environment 7/16 Load Policies 8/13 Unique Management Onsite 1/23 Library Staff Access Mentor 11/10 Symphony 3.5 Upgrade 12/23 Enterprise Stress Test All Library Staff 1/22 Final Data Call and Data Resolutions 3/23 Test Data Load Policy Profiling November 1 Member Libraries SWAN staff

3 Lending & Borrowing Patron Notification Security Profiling MARC & Item Patron fields Types/Groups Mapping Data Migration Acquisitions Cataloging Group Circulation Searching Training UX for Discovery/OPAC 77+ Profiles Enlist library grp Search eResource Central setup Collection mgmt E-books EBSCO Discovery Service Online Subscriptions Integration EDS Self-checks Peripheral hardware (spine labels, etc.) RFID, AMH 3 rd Party Integration Online patron payments Debt Collect RB Billing Credit Cards Financials Analytics Ad Hoc Rpts Reports Info for Patrons Enlist Library PR staff PR SD person on site 3 days (pre, during, post) Go Live Address issues 12 weeks of phone calls SWAN staff grp “Sure Start 12” BookMyne+ MobileCirc Mobile Facebook app Enlist library grp? Social Portfolio Conversion OMAI harvesting Digital Collections Before Go Live After Go Live

4  Patron Records  Checkout records  Holds  Bibliographic MARC  Item Records  Acquisition Order Records  Serial Records Process: Testing Data  Phase 1: SWAN staff confirm basics (records counts, etc.)  Phase 2: SWAN staff & 8 circulation trainers, 5 cataloging libraries, & 15 acq libraries examine records side- by-side Millennium to Symphony  Phase 3: test functionality (check out, holds, etc.) with libraries UNDERWAY

5  UX & Discovery team: 3 library staff & SWAN migration staff  Completed Enterprise Administration Training  Reviewed Options  Participated in Enterprise Consulting Calls  Proposed Enterprise Rooms training (see survey #4)  November 24 Meeting with 4 SirsiDynix Consortia  CCS, LINC, MAGIC, & RSA  Enterprise Q&A UNDERWAY

6  Coming in January  Staff Migration Newsletter  Talking points  Tools or graphics for library use  Content for a patron-facing support site ▪  Coming in February  Bookmark #1 for all libraries to give to patrons UNDERWAY

7 Purpose  EBSCO EDS = EBSCO Discovery Service “Application Programming Interface” (API)  Connects Library Subscription Databases with new OPAC Enterprise  Led by SWAN Special Projects Coordinator Rebecca Malinowski  Meetings with EBSCO Completed  SWAN Survey #2: Library Resources compiled and sent to SD & EBSCO Work Completed  EDS integration for 4 SWAN test libraries 1. Brookfield Zoo 2. Elmwood Park Publlic Library 3. Morton Arboretum 4. South Suburban College Underway  EBSCO is building EDS Profiles for each SWAN library  Configuring the patron sign- on authentication UNDERWAY

8  Cataloging  Demo and Q&A (3 sessions): starting on February 4th  Hands On (13 sessions): March 24-April 10  Circulation  Staff Training (3 programs/60 available sessions): February 23-March 6  Supervisor/Manager Training (4 available sessions): March 10 th & March 12th  Member Services Site Visits: March 24-April 10

9  Enterprise and Workflows Searching for Desk Staff (5 sessions) Feb. 23 rd & 25 th, March 3 rd & 5th  Serials (1 program/2 sessions) March 9 th & March 11th  Acquisitions (2 days hands on training) Jan. 12 th & 13 th or Jan. 14 th & 15th  BLUEcloud Analytics & Symphony Reports  (not scheduled yet)

10  104 Training Sessions  Sessions Repeat  In Person & Hands On  Acquisitions  Cataloging  Circulation  Circulation Managers  Enterprise OPAC  Serials  YouTube recordings will be made available Convenient Sites for Classes 1. Blue Island Public Library 2. Cicero Public Library 3. Downers Grove Public Library 4. Eisenhower Public Library District 5. Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library 6. Homewood Public Library 7. Indian Prairie Public Library District 8. Northlake Public Library 9. Oak Lawn Public Library 10. Prairie Trails Public Library 11. RAILS Burr Ridge 12. Tinley Park Public Library 13. Woodridge Public Library REGISTRATION OPEN Look for Migration Memo #4

11 1. Hardware & Peripherals Survey: Completed 2. Billing Survey: Completed 3. Resource Lists (Database Integration with EBSCO EDS): Completed 4. Enterprise Survey, including Pick Up Anywhere: Completed 5. Holds, Receipts: Coming Soon 6. Other Surveys: Possible, we are learning & building as we go

12 New for SWAN  Online credit card and debit card payments made by patrons in Enterprise OPAC will go directly to the SWAN library  No longer held by the SWAN organization  Scheduled at whatever frequency the library sets (daily, monthly, etc.)  Each SWAN library is required to sign up for a credit card merchant account with ProPay  Starting at April go-live, all online Enterprise payments funds made by patrons will go to the patron’s home library

13 Existing Process Patron Pays in OPAC PayPal (SWAN) Credit Card Merchant (SWAN) Bank Account (SWAN) SWAN Finance SWAN Creates Checks for 77 Libraries (4 x Year) Bank Account (Library) Credit Card Merchant (Library) Bank Account (Library) Patron Pays in Library Enterprise Profile Recommended Process ProPay Each Library’s Dedicated Profile Funds arrive on schedule library determines

14 CURRENT ARRANGEMENT PROS  Easy for library (no merchant account)  100% Library participation CURRENT ARRANGEMENT CONS  Library waits for check  Some libraries never cash the check (sad, but true)  Staff time on the quarterly reconciliation of funds received & amounts to be reimbursed  SWAN auditor raised concerns

15 Later in 2015 for SWAN  BLUEcloud Commerce with ProPay will provide libraries the opportunity to integrate card swipes with Symphony  SWAN Board approved $4,800 of the $500,000 migration funds be set aside to purchase 1 ProPay magnetic stripe reader for each of the 77 SWAN libraries for later post- go-live deployment

16 Next Steps  SWAN Board December 21 Meeting  Required each SWAN library have a ProPay account  Approved funds for 77 ProPay swipes  Review Migration Memo #5  Ecommerce Packet mailed to each library (or picked up at Jan. Committee of the Whole)  Return by Monday February 23 at 5pm

17  Remaining Tasks of Finances Team  Symphony Debt Collect Integration with Unique Management Services  RB & ILL Reimbursements: RAILS Finance & SWAN Member Services

18  January 22, 2015 10AM – 12Noon  GOAL  Give SWAN 77 Enterprise Profiles a workout  Enterprise hosted by SirsiDynix  Adjust hosting configuration based on test results  Instructions on test will be provided  Library staff perform searches, test logins  Look for Migration Memo!

19 Aaron Skog,

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